Memory Taker

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Submitted: July 18, 2019

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Submitted: July 18, 2019



Kali always enjoyed the feeling of when her prey stopped struggling, it meant that the memories would flow easily to her. Thankfully the pare was dark enough that she wouldn't be seen, and if anyone were to see her they would think that it was a couple enjoying their night out together. From the memories that Kali was taking she had all the information that she neeed to know about her prey, and it would really be a shame if Julian forgot his affair with Kendra. Kali thought of taking one more memory, but time was a factor right now and there was a feeling that Kali knew to well. Taking a step back from Julian, Kali saw the vacant expression was going away, and in a few minutes time Julian would be back responsive.

Julian felt a rush of adrenalin go though his body, it took some time for his eyes to adjust to his location, he could tell that he was at the park, but why was he at the park in the first place? "Oh!", you're awake that great I was worried that I was about to make an emergency call". Julian tried to look for who the voice belonged to, but whatever had happened to him was still having an affect, because his mind was still spinning. Keeping his face cardeled to his hands in hopes of some relief Julian asked "What happened, who are you?"

Julian heard a faint laugh it almost sounded sarcastic, and then he felt someone sit down beside him. So Julian had been sitting down this entire time, but wasn't he in the park for a reason? "Well I can't tell you what happened, because seeing a random man standing motionless in the middle of the park at night is worrying, also as for who I am, well I'm just a concerned citizen". Having finally gotten his bearings Julian had turned to look a who was seated next to him, and if Julian hadn't felt somewhat lethargic he would have been breathless. The woman sitting beside him was beautiful her facial features were sharp, and from the lights that were in the park her skin seemed to almost look like glass. 

But it was her eyes, it was as if they were glowing, but what Julian couldn't let go of was the feeling the woman was watching his every move, it was almost predatory. "So...can I ask what your name is?" And there it was again that predatory expression appearing on her face, almost as if Julian was going to be set up against a trap. "I'm sorry I should have introduced myself from the start, my name is Kali". And, as if they had just meet at some social gathering Kali extened her hand towards Julian.

Julian was hesitant at first, but slowly heald his hand out towards Kali, who was not letting it show that she was pleased with the outcome of her affect on Julian shook his hand. "So, Kali what exactly am I doing at the park and..." Before Julian said anything else he quickly took his phone outand saw that time, it was 10:30 pm he should have been home, Paige has to be worried by now. "If you're worried about Paige don't be, you already contacted her". Slowly glancing up from his phone Julian saw that Kali was still staring at him, and it was continuing to mke him uneasy.

Before Julian could say anything "Julian, why don't you just go home to Paige I'm sure she's worried about you, and you can explain everything to her". Julian wanted to know what was going on, because how could he explain to Paige something he didn't understand himself. "Y..yeah, I should" The strange thing was that Julian couldn't get up from the park bench, he just couldn't fidn the strength to do it. 

An amused Kali got up to help him, and while Julian struggled Kali did it with ease. While they walke towards the parking lot, which was dimliy lit  Julian couldn't shake the feeling that they were being watched, and the that Kali's grip was tightining on him she knew as well, or it could just be his nerves. From what seemed to be an eternity, they finally made it to Julian's car and thankfully during that time his nerves had started to calm down. Julian was thankful for that because he could for himself, and quitely go in the car without worrying if Kali was going to do anything else. Unfortantley that had been too much to ask for, because when Julian tried to close the door Kali was holding it open. 

"Now, remember what I said, when you get home explain everything to Paige". Julian could only stare straight ahead, but he could tell that Kali got the message, as soon as she shut the door Julian started the car, and as calmly as he could left the park. But what Julian noticed was that Kali was still watching him until he turned the corner.

As the car left her sight Kali finally acknowledged the presence that had been watching her the entire time. "So, I hope you know it's rude to spy on people". A figure had stepped out from behind a tree, it was a young girl maybe about 12 years old. "How long did you know that I was here?" Letting out a small chuckle Kali said "Your scent was picked up through the breeze, I knew ever since I go Julian, so tell me little one what do you want?"

"Well, first of all my name is Kendra and I want you to do something for me". Kali stared beamused at Kendra was this little girl really giving her orders? "And what makes you think that I want to help you...Kendra?" Kendra wanted to say something, but with Kali circling her it was really intimidating. "Because I know what you are and what you do, and you stalk your victims, but aren't you curious as to why I came to you willingly?" Kali heard the tremor in Kendra's voice, but the way that she was putting on a brave facade was amusing. 

"Okay, humor me Kendra waht is it exactly that I do?" Kendra heald her chest high, trying to make herself seem bigger, but if Kali was who Kendra though she was it wouldn't be much help. "You're a vampire and you can take away memories from people". Kali should say that she was impressed, but she had a feeling that Kendra had been following her for some time now. "So, you know what I am, the question is what are going to do about it?"

Kendra had let herself let go of some of the tension, but she was still aware of what could happen if she was not careful. "I'm not going to be doing anything, you are". Kali really had to give Kendra credit, she was the first human in Kali's 450 years of life that really tried to challenge her. "Again, Kendra what makes you think that I want to have anything to do with you, a simple human being, who from the looks of it is just putting up an act". Kendra knew that she couldn't hold out the truth for to long, also she was running on time, if they found her missing again who knows what the punishment would be this time.

Sighing Kendra said "Can you please turn me into a vampire?" Kali heared her right, but it was rare for an actual human being to want to become what she was, of course there are reasons but for humans it's always selfish reasons. "Can I ask why you want to be a vampire?" Kendra was prepared to answer that question, but why not let Kali see if for herself?

"Why don't you find out for yourself?" It didn't suprise Kali that Kendra gave her that offer, usually when it did happen a broken neck was the result, but Kendra was different, her scent was as well. "Okay, let's see if your offer is worth it". Kali leaned foward toward the curve of Kendra's neck, and extened her fangs that would pierce the skin. Kendra tried not to cry out when she felt the puncture from the fangs, but she had to wonder what Kali was seeing was worse as she thought it was.

Time must have gotten away from Kendra, or maybe it was Kali's doing whatever it was she was doing. "Kendra, why don't I take you up on your offer, and lets go visit your parents at home".


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