Didrum The Ire Stone

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3

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“Quickly in here!” Adara shouted as they all carried Didrum who was now beginning to fade into unconsciousness, they carefully lay him on the bed and made sure he was sitting up , “come on bud, stay with me” Horris said moving Didrums head around with extreme panic in his voice, “watch out, move!” Andral, who had seen everything happen rushed into the room with a bucket of water, and started pouring it on the wounds, “We need to wash off the poison!” he shouted turning to Adara who ran off to grab another bucket of water, Didrum who was by now completely dilarious eventually passed out, the muffled sound of panicked voices the last thing he heard.

“Did you think u had killed me?” a evil voice taunted Didrum, who was standing on a tall mountain overlooking all of the towns, confused he realized this was a dream, “oh no...me and you we have only just begun” the voice came again as a dark shadow crept up behind him, “only now you have no precious gem to save you" Didrum looked down at the crumpled pendant That he kept around his neck still, “I will release my hands and you all will die" Didrum turned to see the shadow that quickly screamed past him in the shape of a face, knocking Didrum to the ground, as he pushed back up he was suddenly in a dark bush, surrounded by haunting whispers coming from the darkness, he began running through the bush, crashing through branches and jumping over bushes, tripping over a root he fell to the ground and scraped to a halt, as he pushed himself up again he found himself at the bottom of a very large mountain range, “my hands can kill, my hands can taunt, but from this day on your mind they will haunt" the evil voice taunted Didrum again, “go away!” Didrum shouted at him and began running away again when suddenly the earth disappeared from beneath him, and he fell into a deep black hole, crashing against the rocky sides as he went down.

“Grrn" Didrum grumbled as he slowly came to, he was alone on a bed in a small wooden room, “Hello?” he said as he looked at the open door at the end of his bed, hearing no response he pushed himself up , instantly grimacing from the pain in his chest, he looked down and saw the five very large scars across his chest, horrified he pushed on one with his finger, it was still very tender. “Didrum?....Didrum!” Adara shouted as she walked into the room, giving him a hug, “where am I?” he asked completely confused, “well...” Adara paused taking in a deep breathe, “Apostalin fetched Stork to help you, and he healed your wounds, it was a bit touch and go there for a while, and.. you might have died slightly” she said holding her finger and her thumb slightly apart, “but!...you pulled through” she added punching him on the arm, just as Apostalin, Horris, Andral, Gildrid and Stork all squeezed into the room, “Didrum” Horris said relieved and gave him a hug, “We thought we had lost you” Apostalin said a large smile on his face, “wh...what happened ? Where am I?” Didrum said still confused. “Well...as I was saying" Adara started again “We all went to get some food but when we got back you where gone"

“We thought someone had stolen you” Gildrid said butting in, “stolen me?” Didrum replied bemused, “well we weren’t hardly to think you had just got up and walked off into the bush" Gildrid added fluttering his hand, “I what?” Didrum laughed thinking he was joking, “We’ve been tracking you for two days now, all the way to this old...hunters hut” Apostalin said looking around. Didrum moved to the side of the bed and grimaced again, “woah! Take it easy" Stork said gently pushing him back, “don’t want to aggravate the healing, it’s amazing you made it as far as you did” he added shaking his head, Didrum lay down on his back again and looked up at the ceiling, “righty-ho I’m going to set up camp outside, it’s best if we stay put tonight, and my stomachs a rumbling” Gildrid said seeing it was beginning to get dark outside, all of the others agreed to help while Adara stayed by Didrums side, “you know...your a pretty tough to kill" she said raising one eyebrow, Didrum just smiled, not sure if he should take it as a compliment. “ I don’t know what happened, I dreamed that I stood on a mountain, then somehow I was in the woods then at the bottom of a mountain range...and there was this voice...Valrons voice" Didrum said, his eyes widening, “it was like he was taunting Me, and he spoke strangely about his hands...that he was going to set them free” he added confused, Adara’s smile quickly quickly fell as she looked at him, “I need to tell the others...” she said urgently and rushed outside to tell them. Didrum turned his ear to the door trying to make out the mumbling voices, he painfully sat up, and managed to just make out what Apostalin was saying. “if it is true then we are all doomed, how is this even possible?” he asked, but no one responded, even Gildrid seemed on edge, Horris walked in with Didrum looking a little pale, “I’ve no idea what they are on about" which was probably true but Didrum could tell something was terribly wrong. Horris sat down on the bed with Didrum, neither of them really knew what to say, “How are ya feeling bud?” Horris turned to him with a smile, “I’ve been better” Didrum replied shuffling to a better position, “well I wouldn’t have bet on this a couple years ago, two adventurers from the quiet town of Drenchwood, mixed up in all kinds of trouble” Horris said with great pride, “I’m sorry you got dragged into all this again" Didrum said looking up at Horris sadly, “Hey...Don’t be...beats making boots anyday" Horris responded placing his hand on Didrum's shoulder, “I don’t know how we got mixed up in all this...We are only Drenchums” Didrum shook his head, “I fear the town of Drenchwood will not live in peace for much longer" Horris said looking downcast, “How can one man cause so much pain and suffering ?” Didrum said as they both shook their heads. As it begun to get dark Didrum could hear all of them outside by the fire laughing and telling stories, Stork walked into the room rummaging through his flasks, “Hey Stork" Didrum smiled, having not seen him in over a year, “oh...hello young Didrum, I have a vile here somewhere for you, will knock you right out” Stork replied with a crazy wink, “ah! Here you go “ he said pulling out a glass vile with bright green liquid in it, Didrum looked closely at it wondering what could be in it, but taking a deep breathe he pulled the cork and quickly drank it hoping he wouldn’t have to taste it, instantly his head dropped and he flopped back onto the pillow as he fell into a deep sleep, “ooh...was that the sleeping wallow or the deadly dune lily?” Stork stopped as he was walking out the door, and looked back at Didrum who appeared to be breathing, He nodded his head, smiled and walked out. The next morning Didrum woke up, slowly opening his eyes as sun beams shone straight through the entrance, He began to push himself up and to his surprise he wasn’t in agony, there was still a little pain but nothing compared to the night before, swiveling around he sat on the side of the bed and took a deep breathe, Stepping down he winced as the pain grew a little more intense. “Ah! Didrum you must be resting” Stork shouted in a high pitch voice, running over to him and grabbing him under the armpit, then began leading him back to the room. As they both walked through the entrance Stork stopped as if he was listening to something, Didrum looked at him and listened aswell, to what seemed to be shouting, coming from the distance but getting closer, Didrum couldn’t quite make out what the person was screaming, “Scaleroom?, Schoolram?” he whispered looking back at Stork, suddenly his eyes widened as the shouting became clear enough as they realized what the person was saying, “ Scalrum!” Apostalin screamed as he came sprinting into the camp. Everyone fell into instant panic as they all rushed around to pick up their things, “quick hide him!” Apostalin shouted at Stork who had completely frozen amongst all of the mayhem. He helped Didrum into the small hut and hid him around the corner, throwing a blanket over him, “stay very quiet" he said before he rushed out the door and joined the others, “quick into the trees” Apostalin shouted, just as a gurgling scream came from not far away. Didrum sat there shaking and trying to breathe as quiet as possible, as the voices of the others faded. The forest was in complete silence, every small noise made Didrum jump as he listened intently for the Scalrum, he had not heard it run through yet, and he wondered if it had not followed them, when a loud huff came from right beside him followed by a gargling noise, looking through the thin blanket Didrum could just make out the shape of the large Scalrums head. Sniffing the air, it turned towards him, taking a deep breath he sat as still as he could and closed his eyes tightly, “aye ya ugly hairturd!” what sounded like the voice of Horris shouted from outside, the Scalrum quickly pulled it’s head out, hitting it on the door frame as it did, “ there’s a lovely bit of meat over here for you!” he shouted again wiggling his hips around, the Scalrum roared as loud and as long as it could and leapt after him, Horris quickly ran towards the trees and joined the others as they continued running away. Didrum slowly lifted the blanket from on his head and scraped himself along the ground to see out the door, there was nothing in sight apart from the obvious signs of panic, and he could still hear the screams and breaking trees from the Scalrum. Rolling onto his front he slowly pushed himself up, and looked around the bush that surrounded him, everything was completely quiet, he looked over to the direction it had run off, it’s heavy feet leaving deep imprints in the ground, they led into the bush where there was a straight line of broken trees. Feeling a little out of place he walked back into the room and grabbed his sword and sheath, realizing that the Scalrum would likely be coming back this way once the others lost it through the bushes, he headed off into the thickest part of the bush thinking, at least that would protect him from the Scalrum. The bush was a much scarier place when you are by yourself, Didrum had his hands firmly grasped on his sword as he tried to walk as quietly as possible. Crack! Didrum froze up as a stick snapped from right behind him, reaching for his sword he slowly turned around, but there was nothing there, he looked around suspiciously, still feeling like he was being watched, “hello?” He said shakily, “hello" a response came back almost instantly, making him jump back, the voice sounded strange, almost inhuman somehow, “ is someone there?” Didrum queried, “someone there" it echoed back again, it’s voice was kind of shaky and sort of gurgled a little bit, Didrum turned towards where he heard it, and squinted at a bush, when two pointy and fluffy ears appeared from behind it, Didrum gripped his sword tightly as the creature lifted its head up, it had large, round black eyes and brown fluffy hair, with its top two sharp teeth poking out from it’s mouth. Surprised Didrum took is hand off his sword, seeing that it did not want to harm him, “what are you?” He said leaning his head forward, “whaaaat are you” it gurgled back to him, “ha!” Didrum shouted in amazement, and smiled at it, the creature tilted it’s head slightly and begun to move it’s mouth as if it was trying to mimic Didrums smile, “wow you are amazing” Didrum said, it slowly moved out from behind the bush, it had four feet and a long brown tail, it’s torso had amazing white patterns on it, and it’s head was much bigger than it’s body, “you’re a cute little fella” Didrum said kneeling down to it, and reached out his hand towards it, copying him exactly the creature reached out also, just as their hands were about to touch a gurgling roar came from not far away. The little creature let out a high pitch scream and quickly disappeared into the bush, Didrum also began walking further into the bush. After walking a while and once the screams of the Scalrum were in the distance, he decided to sit down on a log, as he was beginning to get sore again, “Hello" a voice came from right behind him, sending him off the log, he looked around and it was just the little creature that had now perched itself on top of the log, “oh... you again" Didrum said trying to catch his breath, “you again” it repeated again, followed by a creepy attempt at a smile, Looking closer Didrum saw that it had made a belt with a small wooden sword hanging off it, very similar to Didrums sword and sheath, seeing he was looking at it, it pulled the sword out and with a jump, held it forward, Didrum smiled and pushed himself to his feet, “Alvaron wouldn’t stand a chance against you" he said with a laugh, “Alvaron!” it screamed in a high pitched voice and quickly jumped behind the log, just it’s ears poking out above it quivering. “ oh...you know that name?” Didrum realized, “it’s ok he’s not here” he added putting his arms out, it slowly lifted it’s head, it’s eyes shifting from side to side, “I feel the same way don’t worry” Didrum reassured it. “Didrum!” a shout came from the distance, “it’s the others” he said excitedly, but when he looked down the creature was gone, he didn’t even hear it move, “over here" he shouted back, and begun walking to the shouts, “Didrum your alive!” Adara ran at him and crashed into him with a tight hug. “I’m so glad you’re all safe" Didrum said with a smile, “as we are you” Horris hugged him aswell, “thanks for distracting the Scalrum” Didrum said knowing it was a huge risk, “ugh...forget about it...I just thought...what would Ron do" Horris smiled back, Didrum laughed as it was probably true. “Come on let’s put some distance between us and this wretched bush” Gildrid belted out, so they all followed him as he had already charged off, still dragging a terrified looking prisoner on a rope. “Hey there was a small creature back there” Didrum said to Apostalin while looking back at the bush behind them for any sight of It, “it was small, furry with big black eyes and it could talk, it kept repeating everything I said" he added, getting a strange look from Apostalin, followed by a awkward pause, “uh...I think ya might have hit yer head on a branch back there” Gildrid said with a laugh, getting a very unimpressed look from Didrum, “I know it’s sounds crazy but it’s true" Didrum said looking at the others, hoping someone would believe him, “sounds like an interesting creature” Adara said as she hadn’t heard of anything like it either, “can’t say I’ve encountered a creature quite like that” Andral said to him sounding fascinated , “you say it repeated everything you said?” he added, his eyes wide open, writing in a book “yea and it imitated me" Didrum replied, “truly fascinating” Andral replied with a large smile on his face as he excitedly wrote it all down. Eventually they all came to the edge of the bush where they could see for miles on the ridge they were standing on. Not too far in the distance, they could see a entire city, Didrum and Horris looked in wonder at it as the settting sun shone down across the city, it was like nothing they had ever seen before, there were thousands of buildings built from stacked stones, surrounded by tall concrete walls. “This place is amazing” Didrum said with a huge smile, “not as amazing as it looks I’m afraid" Apostalin said, “aye...full of all sorts of miscreants and bottom feeders, not quite the great Greyhaven it used to be I’m araid" Gildrid added, “oh...why are we here then?” Didrum queried, “We will be safer inside it’s walls for now, so long as we stick together" Gildrid replied, and they all began descending the steep dirt slope. When they reached the bottom they followed a path all the way to the city gates, they were humongous, and had a steel sculpture of a black dragon on them, half of it on each gate. “Lodging or Trading" a voice thundered down from above them, where Didrum saw a man standing on the city wall wearing a steel helmet with two short horns on it, “We require lodging!” Gildrid shouted back in the deepest voice possible, clunk! The gates began to open and Apostalin leaned toward Didrum and Horris who where still in awe of the massive city, “watch your backs" he said to them and they all walked in. The streets were made of stone, and had bodies scattered throughout them, Didrum walked up to one of them and asked if he was alright, the man slowly turned and looked up at him, then launched his arm, grabbing his shirt collar, “very unfitting waking a man in a deep slumber, do we have a problem?” the man snarled, still lying on the ground holding a rusty dagger fashioned from a rugged bit of steel, his breath smelling like a rotting piece of meat, “no no... no problem” Didrum stuttered as he was pulled away by Apostalin, not stopping for a second, “stick together” he warned Didrum again. “Down here” Gildrid mumbled back to them, as he ducked under a stone archway that led through a small wall, they all followed him into a small courtyard that had a path leading through it to a building, it was very dark and gloomy, as Didrum followed he spotted two men sitting in dark leather hoods, each of them snarling at him as they peered under the hood. They opened the door and walked into the very dull lit foyer, “what do ya want" a old man who was wearing a rugged Straw hat, sitting in the darkest corner grumbled to them, not even looking up. “Just two rooms” Gildrid bluntly replied, “that’s eleven pieces of silver" the man replied, and Gildrid threw him a sack of coins, much more than eleven pieces, “make sure no one knows we are here” Gildrid said peering down at him, getting a nod from the man. They all walked up the stairs that had missing stones all the way up and split up into two groups, Apostalin, Didrum, Horris and Stork all took the first room and the others the second. “Happy folk around here aye?” Horris joked looking at Apostalin who smiled back, “they were before Valron corrupted it" he replied in a much more somber tone, “I was raised within these walls” he added running his hands along the stone, “this is where you are from?” Didrum said surprised, “a long time ago...yes...but there is nothing left here that I loved" he responded looking Down, “I’m sorry” Didrum looked at him sadly, “no matter...we must get some sleep, tomorrow is a new day and the sun will shine again" Apostalin smiled lying down on his bed which were just flat stone beds, “How do they sleep on this?” Didrum said trying to get comfortable, putting his bag under his head, “well it’s better than sleeping on the street" Apostalin mentioned, Didrum agreed, thinking of the man that launched at him.

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