Magus Gals - Invitation to Nexus City

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In the rundown, dirty district of northern Nexus City lives Faye Fiammetta, the fire user. In an area infested with crime, drugs and good old prostitution, Faye survives all of this thanks to her
incredible fighting skills, but no matter how many victories she achieves, the control of Apathia will always find a way to bind her to this hellhole.

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Burning Determinator - Faye Fiammetta

Submitted: September 10, 2019

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Submitted: September 10, 2019



In the rundown, northern district of Nexus City. With the clouds covering the sky from all light and the evening twilight settling in, a rundown road, bathed in the glow of streetlights, was caught in the midst of a shootout between the police and the criminal organisation, Apathia.


The officers were only on evidence pick up, when they were suddenly ambushed. Once Apathia spotted law enforcement in their territory, they always took immediate action, to establish their dominance of the area.


Taking great joy in watching the officers desperately shoot blindly, from behind the cover of their vehicles, they took advantage of their dominion over the shadows to disorientate and terrify the feeble authorities for their own amusement. 


The leader of the pack of Dark Magus Users, an overweight, yet monstrous individual, called off his men and stood before the officers, issuing them the challenge to shoot him point blank, intentionally leaving himself open. Goading the incompetant law enforcers and laughing at their cowardice.


Agitated by the incessant mockery, the officers took their shots, but the bullets were snatched out of the air by dark, serpent like tendrils that shot out of the man’s chest, from pools of darkness, devouring the bullets. The shocked expressions on the officer’s faces only made the mobsters laugh harder. The rookie officers were clearly not trained to deal with Magus users of this aptitude. 


“What a fucking joke.” 


On the top floor of an apartment building, beside the road, a young woman looked out her bedroom window, offended. Both by the officer’s pitiful performance and by the Apathia members toying with them. 


“It’s always the same clueless dipshits. Never see any Magus Knights come here to clear out this anus infected pit. The city’s already stopped giving a shit about us, they don’t have to rub it in by sending these fucking losers.”


Ignoring their shameful display, the woman went back to reading her book, one of the few things that gave her pleasure in her dingy, depressing life. In all the years she lived in the Veritati District, she’d grown used to hearing gunshots and screams of terror from those dumb enough to enter unprepared. 


She glanced at her phone, realising what time it was. “Shit, I gotta go to work. Maybe someone worth a damn will show up this time.”


Leaving the safety of her locked bedroom and braving the wasteland that was the living room, she found her mother lying on the sofa with empty wine bottles clustered together on the floor.


As she reached for the door, she heard a voice, sloppily call out to her.




“What is it Mom?”


“Don’t… you… have school?” Her mother asked, barely conscious.


“No Mom. I’m nineteen.”


“Where are you going…? Are you leaving…? I didn’t… give you permission to… ”


The woman suddenly went quiet.


“Finally passed out? Thank Christ. Won’t have to put up with anymore of your bullshit, tonight.”


She headed down the steps of the apartment building and into the alleyways. Despite the shootout still in progress, she wasn’t concerned for her safety. Not out of personal neglect, but absolute confidence in her abilities. Without them she never would have survived this long.


“Fucking finally.” Her scantily dressed associate whined. “You must be Faye, right? The one with the crazy hair and ‘daddy never loved me’ makeup. What took you so long?”


“Don’t you have cocks that need sucking, you stupid slut.” Faye immediately responded, as the other girls giggled to themselves.


“So, the angsty emo bitch has a sense of humour?”


“I’ll dress however I want, you disease ridden, bimbo.”


“What, like a centuries old scene kid?”


“It’s called punk, with a hint of goth thrown in and it looks way better than that flimsy fucking g-string.”


“Goth, punk, emo, it’s all the same shit. All black and leathery.”


“You’d know all about taking black leather, cock sleeve.”


“Don’t talk back to me, you little piss stain! Why in the fuck does someone like you work for Crystal!? You’re just a foul mouthed, goth bitch, with no tits or ass! You’ll probably just scare the clients away with your gross fetish gear.”


Faye was offended by the ignorant slut’s comments. Her style was one of the only things she still put any care and effort into. A black leather jacket and biker gloves, with black t-shirt, pants and boots. Her black hair was long, wild and bushy, with fiery red highlights along the edges. She wore black lipstick and eye-liner, a difficult feat when most of the beauty stores in the area were just a front for Apathia.


“Are we gonna have a problem, dick gobbler?” Faye argued.


“You’re the problem. Once the boss realises none of his clients want to fuck a vampire, you’ll be tossed back onto the street like the dog you are.”


Faye suddenly burst into laughter. “Holy shit! Wait! You really think I’m here to get dicks slammed down my throat, like you!? You really are a dumb fucking slut!”


“Wh-what!? If you’re just here to laugh, then you can fuck off!”


“Calm down. I’d tell you not to get you panties in a twist, if you were wearing any.”


“Just what the hell are you even doing here!?”


A devilish smile crawled across Faye’s face. “Oh, you’ll see.”


One hour later and the group of street delinquents were joined by Crystal, their boss’ representative. She was well dressed and presentable. She was also a close friend of Faye’s, the only person she liked in this dirty den of a district.


“Yo, Crystal.” Faye called. “Is this dumb bimbo new, or just fucking stupid?”


“New and stupid. Why are you asking?”


“She keeps asking me retarded questions. Didn’t the boss fill her in on anything?”


“He’s been busy lately.”


“Yeah ‘busy’.” Faye mocked, miming a drinking and needle injection motion simultaneously.


“Come to think of it. I haven’t heard from him in the last few days.”

“So, he really is having one of his whiskey episodes again?”


“I hope not. We can’t afford to cover for any more of his episodes.”


“Excuse us! You ladies open?” A group of five men entered the alleyway, waiting to be served, with Crystal obliging. 


“Hello, gentlemen. Will you be requiring our services this evening?”


“We’re looking for the little firebrand who’s been making a big name for herself lately.” 


“I see. Are all five of you here for Faye?”


“Yeah. We wanna test her endurance.”


“Understood.” She called into the alleyway. “Faye! Clients!”


As Faye emerged from the shadows, the worker from earlier interjected. 


“Wait! You’re going to service all five of them at once!? And you had the nerve to call me a slut!”


“Shut the fuck up. I told you, I’m not here to suck dick, like you are!”


“So, what are you going to do? Bake them a cake?”


“No. I’m serving up a roast.”


“You mean… a spit-roast?”


“What…? Just sit back and watch… dumb whore.”


The clients took a moment to look Faye over.


“So, this is the firebrand we’ve heard so much about?” The man questioned. “You don’t look so special.”


“I assume you understand the rules.” Faye explained. 




“Fucking hell…” She pointed to a crate against a wall, with a bowl sitting on top. “The money we bet goes in the pot and whoever’s left standing takes the winnings.”


“But, there’s five of us. If you lose, you’ll have to pay us five times what we bet to make up for it.”


“I know. Put the money in the bowl. Cash only. No credit card bullshit.”


“Confident, huh? Okay, boys. What do you say we put in a thousand bucks each? If the girl wins, she gets five grand, but if she loses, she pays us five grand each.”


The men cheered at the idea. It was five against one, with a big payout as a reward. They boldly emptied their wallets into the bowl.


“Oh, one more thing.” The man explained. “Don’t worry if you can’t pay us all back at once. We’ll gladly accept free services from you as compensation.”


“When I’m through with you, the only services you’ll be needing are the emergency services.”


“Faye, you sure you got this?” Crystal asked. “I think these guys might be Apathia.”


“Don’t worry. These fuckers’ heads are so far up their own ass, the smell has distracted them from seeing the shit they just stepped in.”


“Alright. I’m up first.” The man held out his palm as it darkened with black energy. “Fair warning. I don’t fight fair.”


He fired the inky black shot at Faye, but at the last second, her arm lit up with a crimson light and in that brief flash, she batted the darkness aside, as it splattered onto the wall like paint.


“Shit, that was fast. I’m starting to see how you garnered your reputation.” 


The black smudge on the wall suddenly shot out dark tendrils that wrapped around Faye’s arm and pulled her into the wall. 


“But, it’s gonna take more than a few sparks to fend us off.”


“What is this weak shit?” Faye grunted. 


Her arm suddenly exploded into crimson flames that severed the tendrils from the wall, freeing her arm, as the remains of the dark tentacles incinerated in the blazing heat. 


“Ooh, so your Fire Magus is more than just a cheap lighter.”


Suddenly, Faye’s boots burst into flames, as she rocketed toward the man without warning. Before he knew what hit him, her flaming fist slammed into his stomach, followed by a rising uppercut, powered by the explosive burst of fire shooting out of her feet like jet boosters. 


The man was sent flying onto his back. If it weren’t for his Dark Magus, covering his face like armour, his jaw would have completely shattered.


“Dammit!” He cried. “Crazy bitch nearly killed me!”


“If I’m too rough, you’re free to quit any time.”


“Like hell I will! This ain’t over!”


The man charged at Faye, eager to crush her smug smirk. His hands, engulfed in darkness, locked into Faye’s, as they pushed against each other, wrestling for control. Despite his size advantage, he couldn’t overpower the young girl. Faye’s flames, quickly ate away at the darkness, searing the flesh underneath.


“Goddammit!” The man yelled, as he felt the heat draining his stamina. 


He lifted Faye into the air, over his head, hoping to slam her into the dirt, but Faye only took advantage of this new position. She fired flames from her boots like a rocket, propelling herself downward, forcing her weight upon the man, locking him down in another struggle.


“You… kidding me!?”


He tossed Faye away with the remainder of his strength, as she landed perfectly unharmed.


“Christ...! My spine nearly snapped! How did you learn to use Magus like that!? I’ve never seen anything like it!”


“Sheer determination.” She answered. “In the Veritati District, you either learn how to fight, or end up another whore on the street... or dead. 


It started with a few punch ups at school, but after getting expelled, I had more than enough time on my hands to hone my skills, and dumbasses like you made for the perfect punching bags. 


The harder I fought the stronger my flames burned. The stronger the flames, the more techniques I experimented with and developed. I had no help from anybody, just my burning desire to survive. Fighting is how I make money, it’s how I protect myself, it’s how I live and unlike you I don’t have the luxury of quitting.”


“Determination?” The man laughed. “God, I haven’t heard someone drone on about that since that Ardente guy.”


“What the fuck did you say!?” Faye’s attitude suddenly shifted from cocky to dead serious.


“Aww, did I upset the little baby? Still sad daddy left you?”


“W-why the fuck do you know about that!?”


“Oh, I’ve only heard stories from our boss. But, after finally meeting you, I think I’m starting to understand why he disappeared. Who’d want to look after an arrogant, little shit like you?”


Faye was paralysed by her anger, looking down at her feet, in a desperate attempt to control herself. The man’s emotional bullets seemed to have hit a bullseye. Faye had left herself wide open for an assault. 


“Grab her, boys!”


The group of men pinned Faye to the ground, holding her down, one man per limb, with the leader, stamping on her chest. 


“Not so tough now, are you!? Now, give up the money, kid or we start breaking bones!”


Just then, smoke rose from the man’s shoe, as his cohorts felt the stinging sensation of heat on their palms. Then without warning. Faye’s powers erupted.


An explosion of heat and fire consumed the men, as the force of the blast sent them all flying out of the alleyway. As the men desperately tried to put out the flames on their clothing, Faye marched toward them, her entire body bathed in a scarlet inferno, with only a shadow of her figure visible through the intense heat.




The men felt as if they had just awakened Satan himself and promptly got the hell out of there.


“That’s enough, Faye!” Crystal cried, throwing a bucket of water on her enraged friend, to cool her off, as her flames immediately died down. 


“What the hell, Crystal! You didn’t have to do that!” Faye yelled, having calmed down.


“Jesus Christ, Faye! What was that!?”


“I got a little upset.”


“A LITTLE!? I’ve never seen you that mad before!”


“Don’t worry about it.”


“But, you scared me… I knew your Dad disappeared, but I didn’t know it hurt you that badly. You can talk to me about these things, you know?”


“What’s to talk about? That asshole walked out on us ten years ago and never came back. He escaped this hellhole and left us behind to rot. He’s probably living it up somewhere with a new family, while I’ve been dumped with the insufferable drunk, still pretending to be my Mom. Fuck him. Piece of shit…”


“I had no idea you felt this way…”


“What pissed me off was that those pricks knew about it. I don’t like my shit family being advertised to the whole world, just let me be miserable in peace.” 


After giving Faye some space, the awkwardness of her outburst passed. Faye finished counting up the bills left behind in the bowl that miraculously survived the firestorm she conjured. She still felt slightly light-headed, not used to expending so much of her Magus all at once.


“Pardon the intrusion, ladies. Hope I’m not interrupting anything.”


A tall, pudgy man in a suit entered the alleyway, his confidence giving off a sickening vibe, as Crystal addressed him.


“Good evening, sir. Can I help you?”


“Yeah. I’m looking for the young lady who scared my men half to death.”


“Fucking hell... ” Faye sighed. “You looking for a fight too, fat boy?”


“Oh no. I’m looking for something else.”


Faye was disgusted by the arrogance of the man, leaning into her face. “Whatever it is, I’m not into it. If you’re looking for the sluts they’re round back.”


“Actually, I’m looking to make you an offer, Faye Fiammetta.”


“Why do you know my name?”


“Who hasn’t heard of Fiammetta? The man who abandoned his family.”


“You fat greasy, fuck!” 


Before Faye could do anything, Crystal immediately held her back. “Faye, please. He’s a client, just hear him out first.”


“That’s the kind of blind aggression I’m looking for.” He laughed. 


“Shut up.” Faye grunted. “What do you want?”


“I’m looking for someone to carry out a job for me.” He handed Faye a picture of an old black man, wearing a grey cap. “See, there’s this geezer that’s been poking around in our business lately and I was wondering if you could do something about him.”


“Define ‘something’.”


“Oh, I just need him removed. Permanently. With all the evidence burned with him.”


“This sounds like an Apathia job.”


“It is.”


“You fucking serious?”


“Is this a problem?”


“Yeah. You guys turned this district into a shithole. Apathia can go suck a fat one. I’m not doing it.”


“I’m afraid you have no choice.”


“Come again?”


“You see, last night, some drunken moron picked a fight with my boys and well, let’s just say the worms living six feet under, are having quite the feast. We soon learned the guy left a small business behind, full of poor innocent girls. So, like the gentleman I am, I have decided to take personal responsibility for my men’s actions and run his business myself.”


“Th-the boss is dead?” Crystal was shaken.


“As of now. You girls are under the employment of Apathia. A little side gig to generate some extra pocket money.”


“Fuck that noise.” Faye yelled. “Let’s ditch him, Crystal.”


Just as Faye grabbed her friend’s arm, black tendrils shot out of the ground, holding Crystal in place. Having no Magus, Crystal was defenseless.


“Let her go, you bastard!” Faye cried.


“I will, once you do this job for me.”


“How about I roast your fat ass, instead!?”


“You do that and you’ll have the whole of Apathia coming for you. They don’t take kindly to their men being disposed of without their permission. I believe The Hunter is their favourite tool to fix problems like you.”


“Is that supposed to scare me!?”


“It should. If The Hunter can’t find his prey, he’ll go after their family, their friends, everyone associated with them until their target finally shows themselves. He’s a true demon. One of Apathia’s finest.”


Faye had heard stories of The Hunter, she was confident in her skills, but risking her friend’s life on a wild gamble was far too reckless. For now, she decided to play along.


“F-fine. Where is this old dude?”


“Right now, he’s in a hotel at the edge of the district. He’s been snooping around Apathia’s business in the Veritati area, possibly gathering intel and handing it over to the authorities. We don’t like the attention, so please, do us a favour and get rid of him.”


“If I come back and you’ve done anything to Crystal. I’ll kill you.”




Heading to the hotel on foot, Faye had plenty of time to think to herself. She had five grand, plenty to escape the district with, at least for a short while, but she could never bring herself to stoop to the same level as her Dad and abandon the only friend she had in this depressing hole just to save herself. For now, she was trapped.


“This fucking sucks…”


At the entrance of the small hotel, stood a single guard outside the main doors. Dressed in a burgundy uniform with gold trimmings, this was no ordinary police officer. This was a Magus Knight.


“This old fuck must be pretty important to have someone like that as a guard. I could bribe him with some cash, but brute force is more my style.”


Faye marched up to the door, as the guard addressed her. 


“Halt. I’ll need to see your ID before you proceed.”


“Fuck off.”


She tried to push past, but was shoved back. 


“No ID. No entry.”


“What? I need ID just to enter a fucking hotel now?”

“For my client’s safety, the hotel will not be taking any more residents this evening.”


“Get out of my way.”


A sudden gust of wind blew Faye away and onto her butt.


“If you continue your blatant disregard for the law, I will use force.”


“Try me!”


The guard prepared himself and fired a blast of wind in Faye’s face, to throw her to the other side of the road, however, lifting the heels of her boots, her flames ignited like jets, pushing back against the force of the wind effortlessly. 


“My word! That is some powerful Fire Magus for a child!”


“I’m nineteen, asshole!”


“Regardless of age, I cannot let you pass, but I can’t risk whipping up a storm in a public area, either.”


“Too bad. Because I can.”


Faye’s entire body ignited, exponentially increasing the force of her jet flames. The added velocity broke through the guard’s wind as she flew into his face with a solid flaming punch. 


In that brief moment, where the guard put the people’s safety above winning the fight, Faye crashed into him, sending him flying inside the building and knocking him out. 


“Oh, goddammit.” She whined. “I forgot to ask him where the old man is. Whatever, this place isn’t too big. I’ll just look around.”


After what seemed like an eternity, Faye found a door guarded by two more Magus Knights. 


“Jackpot. Now, how do I get past these guys?”


Faye strolled up to the guards and politely asked. “Hey, I’m drunk as hell, can one of you guys show me where the bathroom is?”


“Your face wasn’t on the list of current occupants. You must be the one who caused all that commotion downstairs.” The guard immediately concluded.


“Oh, fuck this!”


Pillars of flame suddenly engulfed the guards, as Faye motioned her hands to push the pillars down either side of the halls until they crashed into the walls, taking the guards out. 


She paused to catch her breath. “Shit… okay… that was a bit much, but it got the job done.”


Holding out her palm, she blew the door open.


“Are you serious with this shit!?” The old man cried, cowering behind his desk. “I’m here for one day and I already got someone trying to kill me!”


“Hey! You the old man in this picture!?” 


The old man, looked up from his desk. “Nah! You looking for someone else! Go on, get outta here!”


Unfortunately his appearance matched the picture perfectly. 


“Fucking A. This was easier than I thought.” She threw the picture away as it burnt to ashes.


“Who are you!? Who sent you!? Was it Apathia!?”




“Those arrogant sons of bitches! I only came here to pick up some damn evidence! They don’t waste a second.”


“Yeah, I don’t get it either, but whatever.”


“What!? Do you even know who I am!?”


“Should I?”


“I’m Akachi Quaero! I helped make this city!”


“Well, you did a real bang-up job.”


“Don’t they teach you anything in school?”


“I was expelled.”


“Oh… I’m sorry to hear that.”


“Whatever.” Faye held out her hand, conjuring a fireball.


“Wait! You really here to kill me?”


“The sooner I do, the sooner I can get out of this shithole.”


Akachi paused for a moment, something about this girl didn’t seem right and if he was going to die anyway, then he may as well put his suspicions to the test.


“Alright then. Kill me.”




“Come on. Roast my ass.”


Faye hesitated. She never hesitated. Once she made up her mind and carved out her path, she followed it the very end, but her determination was suddenly wavering. All she had to do was kill this guy and she’d be one step closer to escaping her living nightmare, but something buried deep inside, hidden underneath all the cynicism, kept her finger off the trigger.


“Dammit!” She shot her fireball at the wall, frustrated.


“Yeah, I knew it.” Akachi explained. “You don’t have the eyes of a killer and trust me, I’ve seen plenty of them.”


“Wh-what the hell do you know?”


Akachi walked passed Faye, heading over to the door. “I know that you’re one hell of a Magus user. Just look at this, you completely blew the door’s lock open and yet, the door itself isn’t even charred.”


“I didn’t want the whole hotel going up in smoke.”


“Yeah, now look at the guards. You used Fire on them too, but they ain’t burnt to a crisp, either. You just put them to sleep. If you really were a killer, you wouldn’t bother sparing the lives of some guards.”


“I-it would just complicate things...”


“Fire Magus is second only to Darkness in terms of destructive power. Most people just use it to light cigarettes. It takes great skill and dedication to wield it with as much power as you do, even more so to prevent it from incinerating everything in the surrounding area. You’ve got quite the talent.”


“Hey, if you’re looking for a dick to suck, I’ve got a friend I can introduce you to.”


Akachi was amused by her vulgarity. “Well, ain’t you a hardass. I could definitely use a tough as nails girl like you on the squad.”


He handed her an employment slip, which she immediately rejected. 


“Sorry, not interested.”


“What? Why? That’s your ticket outta here.”


“I’m not leaving my friend behind.”


“Friend…? I see… hold on, you leaving already?”


“Yeah. You were right. I don’t have the stomach to kill anyone.”


“You gonna be okay?”


“Sure. I’ll find some other way to escape this shithole.” 


“He wasn’t there?” The Apathia member asked, once Faye returned to the alleyway.


“According to the guard, I just missed him.” Faye explained.


“Well, isn’t that a shame. I guess I’ll be keeping your friend with me for a little while longer.”


Faye glanced over to Crystal, wrapped in black tendrils, unable to move or speak. 


“Oh, come on. There’s gotta be something else I can do.”


“Something else?” The man had a sick grin on his face. “I suppose there is something you can do. Something personal, for me.”




“Why don’t we have the bimbos over there prepare you for a night of service.”


“Service!? With you!? Fuck no! You’re out of your fucking mind!”


“And what other choice do you have?”


“I’ll kill you!”


“Kill me? Go for it. The Hunter loves cutting down cocky prey like you. But, once he has you up against a wall, with his jaws crushing your neck like a vice, you won’t be singing pretty. The only way you’re leaving here without the fear of death stalking you, is after I’m finished with you.”


Faye was more than willing to take that risk, if she were alone, but putting Crystal in danger was out of the question. She nearly choked holding back her rage, but to guarantee her only friend’s safety, she begrudgingly agreed. 


She waited on the top floor of the apartment building, just outside the room with the man and Crystal inside. She assumed she could just get the whole ordeal over with as soon as possible and leave, but now that she was actually here, in her disgustingly revealing g-string, the weight of her decision was slowly crushing her resolve, as the realisation of what she was about to do finally set in. 


“What are you on edge for?” The slut from earlier asked.


“Shut up. I… I’ve never done this before…”


“Well, it’s about time someone broke you in.”


Faye ignored her, preoccupied with staring into the distance.


“What are you looking at?”

“Unity Tower…” Faye replied. 


In the distance, piercing the skyline, at the center of Nexus City was a tall, white tower, with a large disc shaped pod at the top, not unlike the fancy, spinning restaurants of Vegas. It was the centerpiece of the entire city, no other building came close to matching its height and it could be seen, lit up like a christmas tree, from all corners of Nexus. The sight of it triggered a distant memory in Faye’s mind.


“When I was nine, me and my family went to that tower. It was like a massive playground. There were shops, arcades, hotels, restaurants, everything you could need for an awesome vacation. It was the last time we were ever a family together. 


Dad was so cool and loving. He gave me piggybacks when I was tired, I’d sit on his lap at the bar and everyday we would play this shooting game at the arcade and I’d always beat him and… then, after coming home, he just ditched us… 


I don’t understand… how could he do that? Was it all a lie? Did he really love us? Seeing that tower now, just reminds me of how long ago those days were…”


There was a knock on the door. “I’m ready, Faye.”


“Well, this is it.”


Faye walked into the room and sitting by the window, with no shirt and his gut hanging out was the man she was supposed to ‘service’. On the bed, was Crystal, still constrained by black tendrils. 


The man got up and called Faye over. “Skimpy outfit you got there.”


“Shut up.” She replied.


“And you’ve still got that attitude. Very nice.”


“What the hell makes you think you can just waltz in here and treat us like slaves, anyway?”


“I’m Apathia. And as long you’re in Apathia territory, no one can stop me.”


Black tendrils shot from the ground, ripping off what little clothing Faye had. If it weren’t for her extremely long hair, she’d have nothing to cover herself with.


“Still playing coy? That’s fine. Breaking the newbies in is part of the fun.”


The man dropped his pants and there it was. Staring her in the face. It was sickening. 


Faye never imagined her first time would go like this. With a fat, sociopathic, mobster. She wanted to be with someone cool, someone she actually found attractive and respected. She wanted it to be fun and exciting, discovering herself with her partner, but the meat dangling in front of her didn’t look particularly fun, just revolting.


“You can’t hide from it forever. Now, get in there.”


As the man grabbed the back of her head. Faye’s mind raced to find any hope of escape from this horrifying situation, but there wasn’t any. Not unless she wanted to be hunted like a stray dog for the rest of her life. 


He pushed down harder, as she tried to fight back, but it kept drawing ever closer. She teared up, filled with deep regret for everything that lead up to this moment. Was it all worth it, for this?


“I don’t want this.” She thought. “I don’t want this. I don’t want this.”


Her breathing got heavier, her chest tightened, her stomach churned. “Make it stop. Please. Someone. Make it stop. I just want it to stop.”


The smell was nauseating, his self-satisfied chuckles were insulting and this torturous nightmare was beyond demeaning. 


And then, just as the tip touched her lips, she snapped.




With a roaring scream, Faye’s Magus exploded, engulfing herself and the man in a raging inferno. The force of the blast shattered the windows as the man was flung outside. He fell five storeys, from the top of the apartments, before slamming onto the concrete below.


The black tendrils holding Crystal hostage dissipated, as Faye’s anger quickly subsided. Upon realising what she had done, she ran over to the window in a panic. The man wasn’t moving, his limbs twisted unnaturally and once the other workers checked over the body, it was finally confirmed. He was dead.


All Faye could do was cry, until the police arrived.


At the station, Faye and Crystal were questioned on the events of that night, kept in separate cells, awaiting judgement. 


“Miss Fiammetta.” The officer called, opening the cell. “Come with me, please.”


Faye was escorted down the hall, holding the officer’s hand, still traumatised. She was lead into a small office where a familiar old man was sitting at a desk waiting for her, along with Crystal.


“Hey, kid. Remember me?”


“You’re the old man, from earlier.”


“Hard to believe we’d meet again like this, in just a few hours. Then again, when it comes to Apathia, we don’t like to waste time.”


“I’m fucked. Aren’t I?”


“Faye, I want you to look at this picture and tell me if you recognise this man.”


“That’s… my dad…”


“Thought so… now look at this picture. Who is this?”


“That fat fuck.”


“His name in Apathia was Ravage. A notorious, twisted son of a bitch, who murdered his way up the ranks, taking over his victims businesses like some sort of sick prize.”


“That’s what he did to us.”


“Yeah, but one day, around ten years ago, someone came into his territory to nip this problem in the bud. That man was Ardente Fiammetta. According to witnesses, he fought past his men with fists of flames until he faced Ravage himself and living up to his name, Ravage destroyed him. Ardente’s body was discovered in a ditch days later, but his death was kept quiet to avoid drawing Apathia’s attention to the investigation.”


Faye slammed on the desk in confused anger. “Fuck off! You’re lying! He didn’t die! He abandoned us! He ran away! He’s living it up somewhere with some whore!”


“No. He’s dead, Faye. I’m sorry we you were never informed, but he died, fighting to protect his family.”


“But… this isn’t… you can’t… FUCK!” She screamed, as her tears welled up. “That’s not fair! He was killed by that fat fuck!? And then… that fat fuck was killed by me!? I never wanted to kill anyone! I hated my Dad! But, he never abandoned us!? I hated him all this time, for no reason!? What the fuck!? Now it looks like I killed that guy out of revenge! This is fucked! I’m fucked! Everything’s fucked! I… I… don’t even know what to feel any more…”


“Everything isn’t fucked, Faye.” Crystal assured. “Akachi’s got a plan.”


The old man slipped a piece of paper onto the desk.


“The contract?” Faye asked.


“Yep.” Akachi replied. “Look, you can either spend years going through the legal process and hope for a self defence acquittal, or you can bypass all that bullshit and come work for me. Then you’ll be my problem to deal with. Think of it like community service.”


“What about Crystal!? I can’t leave her behind in that hellhole! She’s coming with us, right!?”


“Sorry, I’ve only got room for me and my employees.”




“Faye!” Crystal yelled. “Just go. You and I both know your talents are wasted in the Veritati District. Now, you finally have the opportunity to do something worthwhile with your life. You can fight to help people like us. Like your Dad. To put an end to all this suffering.”


“But, you’ll be all alone.”


“You have nothing to worry about, I’m being put under witness protection.”


“Well, you heard the lady, are we in agreement?” Akachi asked.


“Do I get to kick those Apathia guys right in the nuts?”




“Then, I’ll do it. I’ll clean out Apathia’s rotten stench, once and for all. 


For Crystal, the bimbos, the whole city… and for Dad.”


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