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What did Roger do?

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Mistrust in relationships

Submitted: July 19, 2019

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Submitted: July 19, 2019



What did Roger do?


 He couldn’t move, his feet were stuck, like a magnetic field force to the cold flagstones in the hallway.  His eyes fixated on the strong sweet-smelling perfumed card, he held in his ageing hand.  The words swam around in front of his eyes………

“Roses are red
Violets are blue
Do you know 
What your wife has been up to?”

“Who sent this? Why would someone send this?”  Roger was fighting hard with the little devil on his shoulder who was desperate to be heard.

“What if this is true?  What has my wife been up to? What shall I do?”
“Confront her, confront her, confront her.  Ask her, watch her eyes, focus on her mouth and listen carefully to what she doesn’t say” chortled the little devil.

Roger was more than concerned already.  He knew he could lose his wife quicker than losing at a game of poker.  Abigail was almost twenty years younger, blonde and fairly attractive; Roger had always dreaded the arrival of this fated day.  

Still standing in the same spot, which he found himself in, some 10 minutes previous, Roger’s brain was under attack from a wave of thoughts, not yet confirmed to be true.  He didn’t know what to do, confront or ignore.  He weighed up the pros and the cons.  Two hours passed by Roger had decided to say nothing to his wife.  Instead he would be more vigilant by turning detective, gather his evidence and then…………. then confront her?  He hoped that wouldn’t be necessary!  Just then the phone rang, Roger answered, it was his wife:

“Roger darling, I’m afraid I have to work late tonight.  Don’t wait up for me. See you tomorrow darling, love you.” 

Putting the phone down, Roger ……………Well what do you think Roger did?

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