music and really short people

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Submitted: July 20, 2019

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Submitted: July 20, 2019



Hi this is Ruth Winkel. I moved here to Germany with my mom and dad. Leaving behind all my friends in America. I am 11 years old, just about ready to graduate grade school, and move on to middle school.

I have no friends and am out of place when I am with my school mates. I am taller than all of them, including the teacher. However I am the most successful at basketball. I look forward to the end of every day the most, because I have a group of friends in a music band, with which I love be with the old men, and listen to their music. I am the closest to one of those old men, and his name is ken.

Every Friday night the band has pop corn and juice. Holidays are extra special for our band. We have pot luck every holiday, and some of them like Christmas, our band has gift exchanges.

Kinda like the white elephant gift exchange back in America. Today is Wednesday. As usual I long for friday. I am just now walking over to where the band plays music, in our club house

I of course am very comfortable around Ken. One guy however, named Lucifer, looks at me in very strange ways, ever since I first met him. He is always sharpening his pocket knife, even in the middle of the crowd. Ken is a friend, but I keep a secret from everyone, including him.

I think Lucifer is going to try to kill me. Yes he is a very short man, but because of his pocket knife. He has all controlle over me. Ken is a friend.

I know that most of the time I am safe around him. Though Lucifer is another story. What is this friday night going to bring me? When tonight's band was over, ken pulled me aside and asked me, Ruth do you have something you need to talk to me about? 

It was almost as if Ken could read my mind, but what if he didn't believe me? I than said no I am good. Are you sure, because you know how much I care about you? 

Ken i trust you with most of my world. I really am okay. Ken than promised me that he won't let anything happen to me. I know Ken you are a good man.

All day Thursday, I had a really bad feeling. I knew something was about to happen. When friday came I had to drag myself out of bed. Even though I knew there was going to be pop corn and juice tonight. 

Something just wasn't right. After tonight's concert. Lucifer stuck his pocket knife behind my back, but not quite touching my back, he than told me to put my hands in the air, and do everything I say. As he had me walk out with my hands in the air, only Ken saw what was happening.

He quickly called 911, on his cell phone, and grabbed his gun out of his safe. Lucifer led me to the cliff of the holy ground. Just as he was about to push me in. Ken put his gun into Lucifers back, and told him to drop his pocket knife, and put his hands up in the air.

RUTH, RUN! When I got loose, I ran and found the police waiting for me. Lucifer was arrested,and sent to prison. Ken won a gold medal for saving my life, and no one died.

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music and really short people

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