Less Than Human

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - 4/ The Infected

Submitted: July 20, 2019

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Submitted: July 20, 2019



4/ The Infected

What’s happening? I do not understand. One minute I am rushing from one sick person to another, trying to ease their suffering and the next minute there’s an explosion.

Not just a bang. A bang has happened here before, when someone has left fuel on to leak and then a tiny spark ignites it. We’ve had plenty of those. No, this one has made the entire ground shudder.

And now there are flames! Roaring flames eating their way towards us. Still in the distance, perhaps we can flee to safety. No sooner has that idea popped up then I hear another bang and another. It’s not clear at first, what is going on, but then the flames appear in all directions.

They have surrounded us with fire when we have done nothing more than plead for aid. They sent medicine, said it would cure the sickness but it did nothing. They said those that were not sick would not get sick. They lied. Most are ill, many have died, but not all. I am alive and I am not sick, even though I have been tending them from the start.

The children have reached a new pitch in their screaming as I try to get them together. If we keep as far as possible from those flames maybe they will die out too.

From the way that they are spreading towards us that does not seem likely. I’ll pray. We’ll all pray, everyone that is capable.

The children won’t join in though. They are too scared to do anything other than cry, scream; one boy has run towards the fire and I had to cover my own ears to try to blot out his wails of agony.

There’s a new noise now, getting nearer and nearer. Not an explosion but a rumble. What is it? Are they coming to rescue us after all. There has been a mistake and we are going to be saved.

They’re coming,” I told the children. “We’ll be safe now, you’ll see. They will rescue us and make us all well again.”

And that is what I believed, until that thing came through the flames, the smoke. They were coming, that much was true, but they had no intention of rescuing us. Helpless, I close my eyes, grab as many of the children as I can to hold them close, and I pray for there is nothing more that I have left to do.

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