Sunset Creek

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I was inspired to write this as I was out kayaking during the sunset on one of the creeks around Belle Isle State Park in Virginia. The scene enchanted me and made me want to stop time and not have to worry about things such as school, car payments and other things. I hope you enjoy!

Submitted: July 20, 2019

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Submitted: July 20, 2019



Your paddle breaks the smooth sun kissed water,

propelling your kayak gently a few feet forward as the day slowly fades away.

You hear the splash of a fish jumping behind you,

interrupting the stillness for a brief second.


You take another stroke of your paddle.

An osprey glides over the water;

its reflection disturbing the reds, oranges and yellows painted on the surface.

You can smell the salt of the sea coming in the distant breeze.

If you look closely you can see John Smith and his men floating by.

Mapping out a new, foreign land. 


You imagine watching the mighty Rappahannock for oyster pirates.

Your spotlight dispelling the darkness that hid them.

You can hear the engine of a crab boat coming to check the crab pots nearby.

You take another paddle as you spot a bald eagle nesting high in a tree.


The sun slowly sinks as the moon rises above the water.

You remember the park ranger telling tales of the stars in the light of a campfire.

You taste the chocolate and melted marshmallow of a smore,

as you hear frogs all around you.


Jelly fish floating along light your path back to the dock.

You wish you could stop time as it gets away from you.

That eternity in this place could last more than a second.

That you could call this place home.

This place called Belle Isle.

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