The Last World With The Separating Crystal

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Juliet remembers something from earlier...

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Part Two

Submitted: July 20, 2019

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Submitted: July 20, 2019




It was dusk when Juliet regained consciousness and the blonde man that had been sitting by the bed was still there, he smiled when she opened her eyes. “Welcome back Juliet, my name is Gabriel. It appeared like you didn’t remember what happened, how are you feeling now?”, his voice was calm and friendly and Juliet shook her head, then she abruptly stopped. A vague memory of Gabriel and the other man seeped into her mind and suddenly she remembered. 


Hannah and Juliet had planned to meet up to go to a party, it would be her first, but since her parents had refused to let her go she had been pretending to sleep and then later snuck out. Juliet had only just moved in and knew no one, apart from Hannah, a little bit, they were neighbours, so the party was supposed to be her chance to get to know people. But the party had been a disaster, since they arrived late and people had been drinking it was a complete mess, people were breaking things and some of them had vomited. Juliet had been freaked out when some random drunk guy started groping her and just ran away on her own towards her house. 


A fair way away from where the party was she had started walking because she still had a long to go to get home, when she suddenly started to feel like someone was following her. She turned around but no one was there, still she started walking faster and kept looking behind her since the feeling wouldn’t go away, but she still couldn’t see anyone. All off a sudden they then appeared in front of her. A gang of people dressed in black grinned at her with an evil look in their eyes. A woman that appeared to be the leader took a step towards her. “So the halfblood is out on her own with no guards? What luck, for us!”, the woman’s voice was sarcastic and cruel and the others laughed, when Juliet instinctively tried to run away she suddenly noticed that she couldn’t move. “Oh you can’t move? Poor girl!”, the woman scoffed at her and scornfully laughed, then she was suddenly launched backwards by an invisible force. The gang immediately responded by launching attacks and Juliet felt sharp pains in her body, a black haired and a blonde man appeared beside her. “Make sure she survives, then I’ll need some help!”, the young man with black hair said, before he launched out towards the gang as a sword appeared in his hand, and the blonde man kneeled besides her but that’s where her memories ended.

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