guacamole rain

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a nighttime prank doesn't go as planned.

Submitted: July 20, 2019

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Submitted: July 20, 2019




The night was cold and dark, the moon was barely a fingernail of light in the velvety sky.We were little more than shadows, flitting beneath the avacado trees, making our way up from the stream.The crickets called and answered each other loudly, silencing only as we drew near.

“Quiet,” Stevie whispered, catching Pete as he tripped over a root.“We don’t wanna give ourselves away.”

“S-sorry Stevie.Can w-we take a r-rest?”

“I’m kinda tired, too.”


“Okay, we’ll rest here for a minute.”So saying, Stevie sat on the soft collection of moss and leaves that had collected beneath an avocado tree.The rest of us plopped down too, in various stages of exhaustion.

“How much farther is it?”

“Prob’ly just about two hundred yards, Charlie.Not too far.”

“Are you sure we should be doing this, Stevie?”

“We all agreed, Darryl.We’re gonna do this to get back at that old man for stealin’ our baseball.”


“Hey, guys.Wait for me!”

“Billie, can’t you do something about your kid brother?”

“Scotty, I told you to stay home.You’re not old enough to be here.Stop being such a pest!C’mon, guys, lets go.”

We turned our backs on Scotty and continued on through the darkness.He followed us anyway.Nine was not an age where Scotty was willing to listen to his older sister.


“Okay. It looks all clear.Lights’re out, and everyone’s in bed.We’ll do it just like we planned:Billie and Darryl, take these old avocadoes to the porch and make it rain guacamole.Charlie, you and Pete take the toilet paper to decorate the front, and me and Stevie'll make some more guacamole rain over there.”


“What do I do?”

“Scotty!I told you to go home.That’s what you do.”

“I don’t wanna. Gimme a job.I wanna help.”His voice rose to a high pitched whine, “pleeeaaaasse?”

Stevie clapped a hand over Scotty’s mouth and we all turned fearfully to the house. The lights stayed off; no one had heard my little brother. 

“Fine,” Stevie whispered.“You can be the look-out.Just shut up!”

Scotty smiled the satisfied smile of the cat that ate the canary and nodded. He knew that if he was loud enough we’d have to let him stay.I shot him a glance that told him he was in for it when we got home, and we all scampered off to do our jobs.


We moved quickly, “decorating” the house and yard, never making too much noise. Every now and then, we were startled by the somewhat muffled sound of an over-ripe avocado falling to the ground.


When we were out of ammunition and decorations, we met back at the tree at the edge of the orchard.

“Okay,” Stevie congratulated us, “good job, guys.We were plenty quiet and it looks great.”He looked around, a satisfied smile playing at his lips. “Let’s get out of here.”

We all turned and began to sneak back through the orchard, making our escape toward the stream.


“Hey, guuuuyyys,” a too-loud, whiney voice called from the side of the house. “Wait for meee!”

“Scotty!”We stopped in our tracks, turning to look for the brat as he made his way across the yard.

He was running along the side of the house.We watched as he neared the relative safety of the first row of trees. I was all set to scold the little monster, but stopped in fear.Suddenly, the porch light came on and a man in a red bathrobe stepped out.He was carrying a shotgun.

“Old Man Carlton,” Stevie breathed.“Run!”

As one, we all turned, high-tailing it for the stream.Each of us only had one thought on our minds:To get to the safety of the river before Old Man Carlton could identify us.We scattered, thinking only of our own hides as we heard the shotgun go off.

We met at the swimmin’ hole at the river, and Stevie counted heads.The whole gang was there, so we continued on home.


We sneaked into the back yard where our tent was set up.Our alibi of sleeping out had worked:We had been able to go on our late night adventure and return without anyone finding out.We began to relax and congratulate each other.

Then we noticed the lights.

“Cop cars.”Charlie didn’t need to tell us.We all recognized the flashing blue and red lights.

“What’re they doing here?The old man couldn’t have seen who we were.”

“Wait, guys....,” I was beginning to get a funny feeling deep in my guts, like something was about to go wrong, “...where’s Scotty?”

“He musta got caught and squealed,” Darryl voiced the thought that had entered all of our minds, and the sinking feeling in my guts got worse.“That’s why the cops are here.”

We had no choice:We went in to face the music.


We really caught it from our folks for our little midnight escapade.To make amends, we had to spend the rest of the weekend cleaning Old Man Carleton’s house and yard.As if the other events of that night weren’t punishment enough.... 

My mother didn’t even scold me; she was too much in shock.She hardly even noticed me for a long time:All she kept thinking about was her “baby;” my little brother.My father made me feel like it was entirely my fault.I told Scotty to go home; it wasn’t my fault that he didn’t listen.It wasn’t my fault, what happened that night.


On Monday after the weekend, it rained.It was the kind of rain that avocado fanatics everywhere hate:The kind that makes avocadoes rot.

I ran out of the house that day.I just couldn’t stay there any longer.There were too many people, and not enough noise.Everyone was talking in hushed voices, and I couldn’t stand it, so I fled out into the rain.

My friends followed me, just like I knew they would.

They finally caught up to me at the swimmin’ hole.By then, we were all soaked by the rain, but I didn’t care. Normally, I’d really catch it from my parents for getting my good black dress all wet, but recently they hadn’t been paying much attention to me.I didn’t figure that they’d even notice the state of my clothes.

I sat under an avocado tree, taking advantage of the natural umbrella shape of the foliage, and listened to the rain and the avocadoes fall.My friends hesitated a moment, then joined me, sitting on the cushion of rotting leaves.

Pete tried to break the silence.“I-I haven’t be-been here s-s-since--”Stevie cut him off with a quick elbow to the ribs, but the damage had been done.

They glanced nervously at me, sitting with my back against the tree trunk, hugging my knees to my chest.I pretended not to notice the sudden silence, or the furtive looks in my direction.I just gazed out over the stream, watching the rain fall as they fidgeted, trying to think of something to say that would make it all better.But nothing could do that.

“Y’know, Billie,” Darryl finally broke the silence, “our parents’ll be missing us soon.....Maybe we should start back....?”

I shook my head, resting it on my knees.“I can’t go back, not yet.It’s too quiet.But you guys go ahead:I don’t want you to get in any more trouble.”

“It’s okay, Billie,” Stevie said, taking my hand in his, “we’ll wait with you.”

“Y-yeah, w-we’ll wait.”

“Even if we do get in trouble,” Charlie agreed.

I smiled to myself and we sat in silence for awhile.Finally, the events of the past few days caught up with me: I began to cry.

“I-I can’t believe it,” I sobbed.“It’s all my fault...If only I’d tried harder to make him go back, or looked out more for him!”

My friends all gathered closer around, comforting me, soothing me as I continued, my body wracked by uncontrolled sobs.“God!He was so young!Why did it have to happen to him?Why did Old Man Carlton have to shoot that damn gun?!”

I cried for a long time, with my friends giving me their silent support. After all, what could they say? It hadn’t been their little brother, and no words would stop the hurting.Better to just let me get it all out.

After a time, I finally brought my crying under control, composing myself once again, and we made our way through the rain back to the house.I didn’t really mind the people any more, although the silence would take some getting used to.But I wouldn’t worry about that, I tried to help my parents instead. 


Things never were normal again with my friends and family.How could it be after the events of that night:The night that we had raided Old Man Carlton’s house?We never forgot, and we never made it rain guacamole again.

It was dangerous.Someone could get shot.



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