The Keeper of the Yellow Sign

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Mythos short story.

I am in jail, but I forgot for what reason, what I did? I know it isn't that worse 'cause I ain't sentenced to death, maybe a couple years; maybe this is for my own safety. However, I am not alone...


In my presence is Axn-Xcamr: The Keeper of the Yellow Sign! A Djinn beyond the known worlds and the unknown areas. He is my Father, my keeper, my guardian. All the time I was in prison I was with Axn-Xcamr. The Djinn's are known for their three wishes, but all magick has a backfire when used for personal gain, at least, that is what scholars say. I risked my chances and I had to ask for three wishes, in honor of the Keeper of the Yellow Sign. 'Cause when I believed in Axn-Xcamr, His power grows.


When I was in the big hall the other prisoners could see me and in great fury they came running towards me. Rapidly I asked for my first wish and that was that they couldn't harm me. The guards seized the prisoners and cudgeled them down towards the ground; after that the Gate closed with the magick of Axn-Xcamr and the way was closed between me and them. Fastly, I run off towards the apartments where the other prisoners stayed. This reminded me of youth-prison where I was in my childhood.


We continued our road towards the apartment, where a vagabond-prisoner came closer; he wanted to hurt me, he touched me and nobody is allowed to touch me without permission from Axn-Xcamr 'cause I belonged with Him. Born from the Yellow Sign, Axn-Xcamr forced me to wish; He took over my thoughts, corrupted them and spoke the wish over my mouth: "May this vagabond disappear and never return." A lightning-bolt stroke the vagabond and dead overcame him with the second wish.


We would never reach the apartments, I had already spoken my last wish: away from this prison... Away from this hell... But never alone... With Axn-Xcamr present...

Submitted: July 21, 2019

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