Starlio Stex:Hero of the Century

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Model XXIII:Gravity

Submitted: September 07, 2019

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Submitted: September 07, 2019



Model XXIII:Gravity


Starlio Stex.

The man who inspired the youth of tomorrow with his heroic deeds when he was fourteen.


The man with one of the greatest stories of success the world has ever known.

Raised by an abusive military general for a father,born into overwhelming poverty Starlio had been a dump diver for years,building his first machines at a young age until one day in school,an encounter with Shannon back then made up his mind.


Starlio decided to be a force of justice.

He spent his teenage years constructing his first armors.The armors were bulkier and slower,but for that time it was all he needed to take down his foes.


Starlio was the first superhero officially credited by the United States government.

Cleaning up a large majority of crime within Plex City and America,Starlio made a fortune with his inventions to help society and gaining so much wealth and power that without Shannon,Starlio knew that he would have gotten carried away with everything he had.


But despite his best efforts,Starlio eventually got too carried away,neglecting several parties in his life.


Now lying injured on his medical bed in his personal lab,Roy,Angie and Alan,three of his close friends entered the area as well,visiting him.

"I brought porridge with scallops.If you don't mind my cooking."Roy says as he set his homemade food down on the table beside Starlio.


"You won a Michelin Star Roy.Shut up."Starlio jokes,chuckling while trying to push himself up and Alan,walking over to carry him up.

"You're a tough man.Don't let some terrorist like Adrian destroy what you have built."Alan reminds the superhero who smiles.


"I don't think he should be estimated.I saw what he did earlier,your armor didn't have any counters to his abilities."Angie adds in.


"Who said i'm gonna face him using the same tools?"Starlio remarks,grabbing a spoon and began sipping on the porridge.

" will kill me if i let you do this."Roy tries.


"She ordered us to make you rest."Angie casually comments.

"I will rest.I built machines for a reason.I just need a mind to think."Starlio assures the three.

"What do you need?"asks Alan.


Starlio looks at them and smirks.

"A.I.Open up new file:Armor Model Twenty Three,XXIII:Gravity."



Plex City South



Adrian had a hoodie on,with a mask covering his face,walking down the streets trying to blend in with the rest of the civilians.


Rage was burning within him.Does Starlio think he is the only one with rage within him?Adrian was done,enraged with how society has treated him and his efforts.Starlio Stex must die for backstabbing him in front of Mary.


Ozmid,the Terror had embraced his role with his Iron Skeleton battle suit.

As Adrian was going to finish his old life,Ozmid and the Red Tigers,fifty of them well armed were ready to raid Plex City's parliament building,to kill the most important ministers and turn the entire country's political state upside down.


That is the plan.

This society cannot be allowed to continue.Where hard work is completely disregarded for the sake of wealth and personal gain.The higher ups must be eliminated for the first step of that plan.Starlio will show up then,but with the combined strength and firepower of him,Ozmid with his Terror armor and the Red Tigers,they will have the upper hand.


Adrian entered a quiet back alley behind his apartment as he disabled the gravity around him,making himself float up towards a familiar window,his own home.

The former businessman ripped the panel open and entered where his wife,Mary was sitting across the dining table with a man and woman,dressed in formal black clothes were talking.


"What the hell?Adrian?!"Mary exclaims.

The two formally dressed people turned to him:"This must be Mr Plate,you must be-"


Adrian marched towards the table and saw the file:Agreement of Divorce between Mary and Adrian Plate.

" knew what was about to happen."Mary whispers.


Adrian's blood boiled.The fire in his chest began blasting through his entire body as Adrian roared and with a simple flick of his wrist,everything within the house began floating,including Mary and the divorce lawyers.


Sofas,lamps,books and controllers began hitting the ceiling,the television and lights getting ripped out of the concrete as Mary began screaming:"ADRIAN!STOP WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

Adrian without a world simply pushed his hands down as the ceiling ripped itself down,collapsing on the two lawyers,instantly crushing them into pieces.


"ADRIAN!!!!"Mary screams as gravity went back to normal.Mary collapsed on the ground while Adrian simply floated,as if nothing just happened.

"I understand now.It's okay,i can make it right."Adrian smiles,his sanity slowly slipping away from his body.


Plex Enterprises

Starlio's apartment



Shannon launched three drones out as she took Starlio's laptop to help track down the Defyer and Terror both together.

"Do perimeter scan,narrow down with satellite view any disturbances with gravity,high energy outputs,ignore all nuclear power plants."Shannon voice commands the drones as they blasted off.


Shannon untied her blonde hair,trying to brace the heat as Silver the husky leapt onto her lap,cuddling with her with Shannon smiling and patting the dog,which began closing its eyes and laying on her.The private elevator opened as Angie and Roy came back up to the apartment.


"Did he rest?"Shannon asks.

"Kinda."Roy tried to lie with Angie elbowing him.


Roy made an awkward smile as Shannon sighed,lowering her head and smiling to herself.

"That's the thing about him ain't it,once he makes up his mind nothing can stop him from making things right.His greatest strength and weakness."Shannon says.


"Can't say you're wrong."Angie agrees.

Roy stood beside her as he looks at the monitor:"There must be some way we can help...right?"

"Do you think he'll borrow us his armors?Last time was just an emergency and knowing him,Starlio will never allow anyone but him to get in harm's way."Angie reminds them.


Shannon nods.

"Track them down first.I know how to help."Shannon tells the couple.


Starlio's Private Lab


Alan pushed a large machine over towards the workbench,with dozens of holograms displayed and spread out in a semi circle.Starlio sat in the middle as he stretched his arm.The pain was slowly fading away,the drug that he had invented years ago quickly accelerating his cell regeneration,making him heal his wounds at a way faster rate.


"Model XXIII construction.Begin."Starlio commands as machinery began moving all over the basement,wiring and clanking sounds echoing across the area.

Alan moved back towards Starlio:"You have everything automated already eh?"


"I built many spare parts for most of my armors.With a little modifications here and there,i can get a new piece out within a few hours if i wanted."Starlio replies.


Starlio went to work.

The same routine dozens of times,but this time with one opponent in mind.


He needed a way to counter the Defyer's gravitational pull on him.Adrian was a hard headed guy but very careful as well.Starlio went to his monitor,checking on his resources at his disposal.Anti Gravity.....


A thought came to Starlio's mind as he ordered several rubber tubes and vacuum seals.If his armor had the ability to travel in space,using that same system it can completely be unaffected by gravity when flying,allowing him to be in close quarters combat with Adrian,getting the upper hand.


Terror.Ozmid Tank is the second issue.

Ozmid's original blueprint for his armor is to have base superhuman abilities.Starlio can easily add that to his armor as well but what advantage can he gain?


Ozmid's armor has a base rifle installed so according to that,as long as he has physical attacks at his disposal,Starlio simply needed to invade their personal space and knock them out.

Starlio smirks as he begins the construction of his armor.


Alan smiles to himself as well.

Starlio finally got it.He finally set his mind and he will succeed as he did all the times before.





A drone had scanned the facial recognition on citizens all across Plex City and a Red Tiger,wanted by the law has been identified.Shannon pursed her lips as she got up,much to Roy's and Angie's surprise.

"You found them?"Angie asks.


Shannon nods as she summons the Model 16-[Agile] to her.

The light blue and silver armor got deployed at the launch platform,deconstructing itself as Shannon slid herself into the suit,which began wrapping its mechanical parts around her and quickly,Shannon found herself comfortably suited up.

"Turn off detection.Incognito."Shannon tells her armor.


"Is there anything we can do?"Roy asks.

"Monitor the base.Report to me."Shannon says,pushing herself off the penthouse and firing her boosters off,taking into the skies.


An hour later,Shannon arrived at the location where her satellite picked up the Red Tiger.

"Silent mode."Shannon tells the armor,which lowered the thruster power of the suit,allowing her to land softly.Shannon scanned the area as she found a small building which was fairly vacant.


Well this must be it.Shannon thinks to herself.

Entering the quiet brick building,most of her scans picked up almost nothing.No heat signatures or anything much.A stairs from the entrance lead her up to the second floor of the building,where other than concrete pillars is pretty much empty.


One singular heat signature popped up as Shannon walked over to see a young teenage boy,with a Red Tiger tattoo on his skinny forearm and armed with a pistol in his hand and sitting down on a chair with a book.


"You seem calm."Shannon noticed as the boy turned around.

 His mouth was tied.



Before Shannon could respond,a massive explosion struck her as she flew backwards into a wall,cracking the brick.

"Activate combat mode!"Shannon exclaims as two steel flaps popped out of her bag.Shannon squinted her eyes to spot her target among the smoke,spotting a bulky figure walking over to her.


The figure was massive,towering slightly over two meters in height.Shannon noticed that it was a massive armor,painted in grey and gold colors with hints of orange across it.The shoulder pads and forearm armor were bulkier than normal and its helmet,just a full gold mask.


It was Ozmid.

"Dr Tank.Let the boy go.You're better than this."Shannon begins.


"Starlio was better than this too Ms Ray.I was expecting him to show up instead you came,why do his dirty work for him?"Ozmid's voice was shrouded in fuzz,talking like he was an actual robot.

"With every successful man,a woman.Heard of that?"Shannon remarks as she fired off a volley of missiles at Ozmid,who began charging at her.



An hour later.

Starlio could see the armor coming into shape.


It's chest piece was ruby red with glowing purple lights acting as its energy readers.The chest was pointy with diamond shaped shoulder pads,containing plasma blasters.The exo skeleton of the suit was already fully constructed and now,all Starlio had to do was to fill in the pieces of armors and weaponize it.


The flight system was made to defy gravity itself,being able to fly in complete vacuum and zero gravity would ensure that the armor would be unaffected by the Defyer.

All the traditional weapons have also been replaced with plasma weaponry,non matter energy so that gravity cannot affect his attacks.


"Starlio,i'll head out first.Duty calls,says some explosion went off in the South District."Alan says as Starlio quickly waved goodbye.


Leg armor,flares,internal cooling and heating system,healing drugs and painkiller delivery system,oxygen,circuits and pistons all installed.Several drone arms begin assembling the suit as more and more pieces filled in,slowly completing the armor.


Internal impact cushion,strength enhancing skeleton,thruster cooler,helmet holograms,HUD,GPS system,wireless A.I connection installed.


"How's the rest doing?"Starlio asks his A.I.

"Model XI,Thunderstorm is fully repaired and operational.Model XXI will be undergoing repairs and armor part replacement in three hours once the Model XXIII is complete."


"Automate the installation system.Add an energy compartment on the lower rib.Make two more slots on part 45,wire 465 to connect with two energy wings.Estimate launch time."

"45 minutes until the assembly of the Gravity Armor."

"Notify me once its done."

"Of course."


Starlio stretched his arms as he felt the pain striking through his shoulder.The missile impact was still hurting him as Starlio grabbed another dose of painkiller,chugging the pill down with water.


Scratching his hair,Starlio yawns as a thought struck him.

How was Shannon doing?



Next Chapter- Major Upgrades

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