I've Seen That Face Before

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Song Lyrics  |  House: Booksie Classic

A crush, a dream, a longing, bordering on smutty.

I've seen that face before,
Alone, inside a dream.
Those eyes that widen to the world
That implore me right in.

Your laughter is genuine and contagious,
Wind whips thru your hair, tiny tickles slide across my face.
This moment is timeless, across worlds, in every place.
A meeting of gravitational serendipitous force where two charged masses align,
Sends a delightful jolt through my spine.

I think I'm lost I say...
Sigh..baring this burden of inescapable of personal hell in the form of feeling helpless, like all alone in an unwarranted, crippling cold hard jail cell..
Life happened, it happened hard.
But I soak you in, oh I soak you in with no disregard.
You are so so real, splendid, you don't even judge me or all the ways in which I am irrevocably jarred.

The first time I met you, I elicited an uncharacteristic kind of halting jolt.
Hadn't found myself even remotely  & quite tragically attracted to another in ohhh so long...
Then bam you sit there emanating this intoxicating, irrestible magical power 
Making my knees weak, a cascade of primitive hormones begins to shower.

I had never felt like that, that profoundly pulled to someone else.
But I must explore this heated insane yearning ,
My inner core pulsates, sends me into some type of feverish state of desire around you.
Crazy to me as it is wickedly anticipatory ..
One of those DEFINITE harequin romance novels in human form,
But also one with the potential of inducing some sliver of a life changing storm.

Dreams of us alone find their way in at night.
Try so hard not to think of you, then here we go, against all my might tonight I cannot win this fight.
My lips burn to taste yours.
To feel your breath on my skin,
Thread my fingers softly then haphazardly giving way to an insatiable searing all consuming throbbing need to feel you against my body,
Fingers shakily caress their way across your chest...
Itching for more, they explore.

Magic happens with an attraction of this magnitude,
One where senses with true unbridled build up of time elicited real and with the kind of wait transiting into the realm of deep seated rare pure desire and want,
A want with no plans of relinquishing this hunt.

Submitted: July 24, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Anonymous Doaner. All rights reserved.

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