Confused Mind and Brain Chaos....

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Here we go with lover fantasy dream story

Submitted: July 24, 2019

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Submitted: July 24, 2019



Once I received a call from home, I was called home earlier. I asked the reason for calling home earlier but father denied and said "Come home earlier" that's it. I took half day and left the office earlier.

When I reached home, I was shocked. I saw a person I like sitting in hall and was staring at me continuously as I was also not able to make an eye contact. I just looked at her and ran towards my room. I changed and came downstairs and she was still looking at me and that melted my heart. My parents are also running over and there like they are busy with something big. I also noticed some of my friends were helping my parents and I was just only alone looking at others and wondering what the hell was happening. I just grabbed one of my friends hand, rushed him outside and asked "what's happening?" and he just smiled and said "nothing". His smile was like a sarcastic smile.

Then suddenly I asked my parents "what's going on?" Then I got a response like "You haven't done anything that's why we have to do it, Just go upstairs and be ready with new clothes". I was like what the hell is happening? Could somebody care to let me know what's going on? why all of sudden she is here? 

Suddenly, one of my friend came to me and said "Congratulations..!!! Finally you are going to engaged with person who you liked most and you are so lucky to have such great parents and this doesn't happen with everyone." I was stunned and I was thinking how in the world it's happening? Maybe someone close one told my family about my little crush secret that I never told her. I was so happy and I never felt so happy before.

I was just like a freak who never made eye contact with her even though I liked her from my heart. I always noticed her seeing me, staring at me, looking at me like she wants me to ask her for a date. I always felt that she wanted me to speak with her but I never did.

Well, I just sat down on the couch and she was still looking at me like it was terrifying and melting my heart. I was having heartache of mix feeling happy along with terrified feeling. 

Finaly, I made up my mind and decided to ask her. I went near her, looking in her eyes. I hold her hand and I was about to ask her "Will you.....?" In that moment I heard noise around me. I heard "wake up son, you will be late to office, that was my parent and I woke up and for a moment I was so happy that I was about to ask her finally but when I woke up I found myself on the bed and I was dreaming. I felt so sad and in my mind there was only one feeling that I can't even ask her in real life and I was also failed in my dream, though my day was so happy about the dream that I had about me and her. Mind and brain are like two sides of coin. Either they both come together and make you happy or they fear you at your worst fear ever.

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