Melancholia #1: The Closet

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Mother Knows Best

Submitted: September 08, 2019

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Submitted: September 08, 2019



[Knocking sound]

The woman gently knocks on the door for awhile. It wasn’t necessary but it had become a habit for her.

[Sighing sound]

[Knocking sound]

She went on for another minute.

“Vicki? Are you awake?”

She puts her ear to the door before turning the handle and took with utmost care to make sure that she pushes it as gently as she can for she knew the current condition of the room. She looks down at a spot near the door before pushing the door all the way in.

“Vicki? Are you awake?”

She looks at the floor again, slowly making her way in as if she was afraid of tripping on something. Her hand finally went for the wall before the light in the room came on.

“Vicki? Oh, dear...”

The room was a mess. It was left exactly the way it was the day before and the day before that. The middle-aged woman then slowly makes her way towards the unmade bed that was right in front of her which was considered to be normal even for when her daughter was around. The pizza-patterned blanket crumpled on one side and the dent made by her body can still be seen on the brownish white bed sheet.

She turns her attention towards the computer nearby. If it weren’t for her, the screen would’ve been covered in dust and in spite cleaning the room on a daily basis, she never re-arranged anything. Things were left exactly how they were found before. The woman then looks at the floor near the door again. She hardly allows anyone else to enter the room for she knew they will upset the “balance” of its environment, especially if they didn’t look where they were going. She took a couple of steps towards the door and picked up something.

The woman held the empty green bottle in her hand before turning it around to read the label.


It was a generic brand for a type of anti-psychotic medication that her daughter was taking before.She looks at it for awhile before slowly putting it back on the ground with almost the exact orientation that it was found on that day, with its cap missing.

She shed tiny tears but was still able to smile before shifting her attention towards a nearby closet. It had always been that one area that she wouldn’t even dream of getting near, not since that day. She remember that she had to be away for the weekend with her husband to visit a distant relative on that very day and so they had decided to leave her all alone in the house.

She was getting better after all...”

It was true that her daughter was showing some signs of improvement after taking her medications and so they thought that it would a reasonable step, to allow her to be by herself, to eventually be independent on her own. After 3 days of absence, they finally returned home and the mother could not wait to see how well her daughter was doing. She had called earlier about bringing home some food for her and she sounds elated on the other end. The mother brought the food up, knocked on the door a couple of timesbut it went unanswered. After a few more knocks, she discovered that the door wasn’t even locked.

Vicki? We’re home, didn’t you hear us coming? Vicki?”

Her daughter was nowhere to be found and the condition of the room was exactly as it was right at that moment. She went in and accidentally kicked on a peculiar empty plastic bottle that was missing its cap. The woman drops the package and went for the bottle.


She puts the bottle away and started going through the room as if her daughter might be hiding somewhere in there.

“Vicki? Vicki? Where are you?...Vicki?..”

Her attention finally turned towards the only other door in the room.”

Anyone else might’ve rushed for it but not her. She actually took her time as if she was hoping there won’t be anything in there but her clothes.

She’s fine..she drops the bottle..maybe she went to the pharmacy to get her prescription filled again..yes..I did leave her some money…she’s a big girl...she can take care of Vicki’s getting better...there’s nothing to worry about..”

She repeated the same affirmation to herself over and over again when she was holding on to the closet door’s handle. Suddenly, her eyes were filled with tears.

She’s fine...she was doing so well...I’m so proud of my little girl..”

The handle turned and she slowly opens the door. The first thing that she saw was her daughter’s shoes that she wears even when she was inside the room.

Vicki? No…! God! No! Vicki!!!!!”


The woman was startled by the voice she just heard. She didn’t realize that she had been crying as she was staring at the closet.

“Uh..yes..Ben..I uh..I was..I was just..checking on won’t be a minute more..”

[Sighing sound]

The man standing at the doorway smiled for a bit.

“Don’t stay up too late this time, ok? Just...just come to’ll all still be here in the morning, I promise..”

“Yes, but...but she might come home when we’re asleep, right? I mean..we should be here when she does...she was getting better...I am so proud of her..”

[Sighing sound]

“Yes, dear...we’re all proud of her...”

Just...just give me a second, ok? I’ll be there in a minute...I promise..I just wanna make sure I didn’t miss her when she gets back..”

Both of them looked at each other with sadness in their eyes. The man smiled again before finally leaving.

Maybe she’ll be back tonight..yes..”

The woman walked back towards the bed before settling on the old mattress.

She’ll be so happy to see her room again...just exactly the way she likes it…she’ll be here...I’ll just wait for her...I can’t wait to see my little girl again...she’s doing so well..”

Somewhere nearby, a clock continues to tick, long after it was left behind by its owner since all those years ago.

She’ll be back...I can just feel it...”


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