Berry On A Tree

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To the contrary
Of my dull and boring wear 
I look along a tree and find a small red berry
Not a cherry, but a berry on the tree
A fairly fine fruit, but rare
With no other to compare
Often I find my eyes are wondering
As my mind continues pondering
I can see myself squandering
Losing vision as my dreams are conquering
Like falling to a peaceful dark
There stood a lonely figure "Hark,
You there with your eyes closed, remark!"
"'Tis my dream, I must inform thee.
A dream sweet in peace about a berry
Not a cherry, but a berry on a tree. 
I found myself here after this rarity did I see"
The figure stirred uneasy
Maybe feeling queasy
It seemed he thought I tease
Then his mood turned mild
And he gave me a smile
"Do you see refugee child? 
Or do you not care to stay a while?"
"Alas this is scary
What happened to the berry
That's not a cherry
But a little red berry on a tree.
That is why I'm here, you see?"
Tears were rolling from my eyes
But instead of down
They rolled up to the sky
I looked up and after them
But see not where they had went
For maybe the sky is what had me sent
To this void which has me bent
The figure tells me it's time to go
And pick myself a brand new home
And even though the stands near
I still feel I'm all alone
We walk through the cavern
With no light or lantern
The ground could not be flatter
Nor my heart much sadder
It feels like nothing matters
My heart this nightmare batters
We suddenly appear
In a place that isn't scary
And there we find that scene
The very red berry
Not a cherry but a berry on a tree
The Man looks at me
It's all right there for him to see
It's as though it's all on screen
Playing that piece on repeat
"So this is that which you'd spoke of.
I see now why your heart sunk.
This is the room that shows the start of rest
And helps us decide where you'd live best
With this piece it's evident
You should not be here as our guest"
And just like that
I feel a silent roar
And sleep falls away; I'm sleeping no more
I sleep no more
And sure enough in front of me
In front of me I see
That very same red berry
Not a cherry, but the berry on the tree

Submitted: July 28, 2019

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