My Small Bit of Psychoanalysis

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Miscellaneous poems about life, love, and self searching.

Table of Contents

A Wish I Once Made (Shooting Star)

A wish I once made zipped past me with brilliance. I did not see it clearly, but its flash lashed onto My memory and wouldn’t l... Read Chapter

Summer’s Scent

Summer’s scent is not a beating heart. A heart beating against my will but in sync with yours. Summer’s scent is not our ... Read Chapter


Dandelions in a meadow; A Father’s words of love. Dreamland’s lurking in my shadow; Shattered destinies from above. Y... Read Chapter

The Long Hiatus

A confession to the self. To readers: do not lose your true self.
Read Chapter


Lonely places scare me; Like the bench I saw enshrouded in the Horrific grays of loneliness. All around it wore this heart-nu... Read Chapter


Blue rubber gloves Squeezing my hands Like a hungry animal. Pitifully ravenous.   You remind me of sky and ocean... Read Chapter

A murderer In The Night

The night air is cold. Like a boy in the dark, skulking about with a knife. What for? Murder. A murderer in the night see... Read Chapter

For Andrew

Not a gift or a pleasing remark; I give you pain.   It is a smile in disguise. It promises grief Like that which... Read Chapter

My Son (A Sestina)

I pace the room illumed with light illegit, The eventide bringing tidings, a mental taste of forthcoming angst. This same unease ... Read Chapter

And We Came Away

When I fell asleep you were beside me. You told me to hush and you’ll take care of me, So I closed my eyes and lost myself beca... Read Chapter

Neon Blue in the Night

Listless paw. Listless paw on gray petals. Listless paw on gray petals on a cloud of snow, A bed of white. Listless paw, ... Read Chapter

My Small Bit of Psychoanalysis

I accidentally typed “pain” when I meant “main.” “P” and “m” are not friends on a keyboard— They’re a block a... Read Chapter

Falling Stars

I was atop my roof on a beanbag chair, As if I hadn’t a care. I had my binoculars by my side; This was sure to be a ride. ... Read Chapter


Life is as unrequited love. It is unexpected, unexplained, And is simply borne, one day, from laughter and beauty. With smile... Read Chapter

What I Understand

I don’t understand; Why the world is, why it is not, why it ever should be; Why people are, why they are not, why they refuse t... Read Chapter

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