An Orange's Story

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An orange and it's own life story.


The orange was displaying on a store.There were her forefathers and fourteen generation.They were talking with each other.So there was noise.But it couldn't reach the ears of human being.peoples were passing by beside the basket,couldn't listen to their conversation.One orange shouted looking her own body.Skin has dried away for the sunlight and heat.She started to cry.Her glossy beautiful skin.Her beauty is damaged.How she would come in front of her boyfriend?Her friend said,"don't cry Anny,the shopkeeper will spray water,then gradually your skin will become glossy again".

There were conversation going on among gentleman too.They were debating with each other about the price down in market.One gentleman Harry said"it happened only for population boom.Now we'll be sold on very chap price and human being will buy us and eat up one after another like demons."Leaving a deep breath he said again"our days have come to an end..We won't live any longer."Thus they were busy in talking.

One deseased said in very slow tone"let them eat,I want to die.At first I was thrown on the ground,my leg broke.Now I'm feeling pain in my chest.My ear has also infection.What should I do living longer?I don't want to live,no,no!After a little silence,he started again"people will bite me on wound,how painful it would be think..Then take away with  bite and throw on bone plate,my body part!Oh!Fear in his eyes.


On the afternoon,one man came to the shop with his baby.The baby was crying.Orange Jolly was looking at him.Saying"don't cry baby,don't cry....chu.....chu...chu...chu.But boy couldn't listen.He was looking toward her,his eyes were blinking.

The man picked up Harry as he is big in size fully healthy,pushing,and asked the shopkeeper the price of per kg.The shopkeeper answered with smile,why he shouldn't smile,he will now get money if orange is sold.It's misery only for the oranges.He said",oranges market price have dicreased,they are cheap.You can buy one kg. for 4$.

The man started to pick oranges selecting those are fresh.The deceased one shouted,"take me,take me,buy me,don't eat,kick me out to the dust bean,but don't leave me here...please." he started to cry....".please"He was pleading.But he was left there.His young friends were packed up for delivery.They said goodbye to all their friends and relatives,guardians.

Thereafter  took leave.

It is very much regular that some of them would have to be always ready for farewell.They can't do anything.If they were left here also they would have rotten.

Jolly said "goodbye"to the baby.He was happy then holding one orange on the palm of the little hand,Jolly don't know his name,quiet a handsome orange.

Two mean people came in shop and bought orange only half kg.They started to remove skin and eat.Talking very uncivilized language.The oranges became disturbed for their loud voice.But shopkeeper couldn't  say anything.


Every week a basket of oranges sold.New basket  come.They live in peace.Sleep at night.Their tension is releaved.Their only good time.These were the subject matter when Jolly talking with her girlfriend.Olders were sleeping so they had to talk in low tone.Two more lady came to listen to them.They were expressing their opinion by shaking their head.No sleep in their eyes as they are young.But others got tired,so they slept early.

Next morning the shop owner comes,opens the door.Then the oranges see the daylight.Shopkeeper sprays water.In hot night their skin feel uncomfortable.But in the morning  they become cool.But  whole day cannot get away from the heat of the sun.

It becomes very hard to carry on their head fourteen generation who are at the bottom of the basket.Whole day carry the weights of the top oranges.It's really hard!

This is an orange story.It's true story.Not imaginary.So you people be humble to the oranges,show humanity.That's what I have to say.thank you.English isn't my mother younger,so if I make any mistake forgive me.Thank you.

.------The End.------



Submitted: July 29, 2019

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I can't say I think much about the oranges I buy, but I do always go for the fresher, younger ones. Maybe next time I'll look at oranges a little differently. I think you showed an interesting relation between older and younger oranges, and how they're treated, and perhaps it's similar to people. Nice story.

Sat, July 24th, 2021 12:28am


English is not my native language. I am from Bangladesh and my language is bengali. A very rare one. Only my country men and two states of India talks in bengali. I actually wrote in bengali. But to be known internationally, honestly, I must confess here, I started writing in english. Eyes search and this orange story was my first attempt. Unexpectedly, I have attracted people to my writing. I started writing in bookrix. Then here. Actually now i'm a registered author in I have been there for two years. I am trying to write in english in two years. Quill award is an online award of and I was nominated for this award for this orange story. Amazing!I Isn't it? This was my second item and short story. ha...ha...
Anyway, thanks for your review and comment. I hope you have heard the name of my country. We also play cricket like your country.

Tue, January 11th, 2022 10:55am

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