The Mage Girl

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Entity

Submitted: August 13, 2019

Reads: 63

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Submitted: August 13, 2019



"Hmm, wow, sun, green grasses, landscape, peace nature birds!" She tillts up her head alittle bit to glance at the birds hovering above her "so cute" suddenly, a bird dropped something on her face "huh?". She pulled it off with her right palm "poop?!!"

She squealed "you little, piece of shit" she screamed at them. They flustered up above. "What did you just call me" another voice was heard far back around the jungle somewhere. She started " oh a piece of shit actually" she stood hands akimbo

"I"ll make you pay for this" said the voice "Make me pay? I found this place" she defended. "If that's what you want!" The voice roared around the jungle. "Okay" she drawled "how much are we talking about"

A gun shot rock the jungle "whoa" she bent low to the ground and rolled over against a tree. "what the..?" She peeped, uncovering leafs, trying to find the source of the gunshot.

She finally saw a huge man standing facing another fellow who held a pistol.

She can hear audibly "okay, please don't shoot me, I can't die now, I just bought a boat" "What!?" She whispered to herself. " You think you can get the last laugh eh??" the tough guy with a gun said. "No!!, It's not like that, I have a million gold piece in that ship, safe at Bay" the pleading guy pleaded. "That's more like it" the tough guy with a guy said. Then there was total silence around the jungle. "What's going on" she whispered and then turn to a to face a pretty butterfly on the tree "can you tell, isn't it obvious?"

Another gun shot shooked the jungle. Unexpectedly she screamed, the pleading was laying flat like a snake under the sun: naked "What?" She observed. "Who was that" the guy with a gun asked, then commanded "fan out and kill who that is!"

"Speed, speedy" she took to her heels, the men chasing were quite fast. They were already catching up with her. A look to her right is a guy with a mask, and to her left is also another guy with a mask and a mouthstarch "ooh, sexy" she winks at him. "Watch out!!" He says She hit her face first against a giant tree. She fainted.

The two pursuers stooped down to observe her "wow, that's one crazy girl" the younger guy noted. "Yeah?" the older guy was looking at the young lady brown pretty face, long hair, scanty clothes "Dude?" The first guy called. He got no response "What the heck man" the younger guy pushed him. He snapped out of Oblivion. "Really?"

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