The Cannibal*

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He meets a mysterious girl. Who is she? What is she trying to do?

Submitted: July 30, 2019

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Submitted: July 30, 2019





The Cannibal *


He glanced out of the window and took a deep breath. The air seemed to be a bit cleaner than the day before. He stuck his head out and began searching. “No!” he mumbled to himself. “No one can see that tower from here. Mark must’ve imagined it!”

He turned around and stared at his roommate. The young man was sound asleep. “I guess he needs it,” he thought, “We’ve been running around for so long! He has to make up for it."

He moved back and stretched his body out of the window as far as he could. There were a number of openings below him and a whole lot of them around. But nothing else! They were completely surrounded by high buildings. He took another long breath and began pulling his torso back up.

“Hi!” he heard a girlish voice say, then, out of the blue “Are you thinking of…committing suicide or something?” she asked giggling.

He turned his head and looked in the direction of the sound. An attractive young female’s head was now dangling out of the window some three feet away.

“Hi!” he mumbled chuckling. “You said it in such a seductive way that for a moment I got tempted to do just that!” He then shook his head, took another long look down before he added, “Come to think of it, it may not be such a bad idea at all, considering!”

The girl giggled again as she shook her head. “Considering what?” she asked as she laughed. “This is not the first time I see you like this,” she added a few seconds later, “The last two times, too, you looked like you were preparing to dive out of the window, but you never did it. So I thought maybe today was the day!”

“It might be a pretty interesting idea, actually,” he said nodding his head.  “It would be a fascinating ultimate journey, probably getting to see lots of beautiful worldly angles like you on the way down!”

The girl was now laughing out loud. 

“You’ve got a nice sense of humor!” she said when her laughter ebbed. “And your English is pretty good.  Where do you come from?”

“Where do you think?” he asked looking directly into her eyes.

“Well,” the girl said studying the young man’s face. “You must be either American or Canadian or…something like that.Right ? ”

“Yes! You’re absolutely right!” said the young man, “I’ve just come from ‘something like that’!”

The girl laughed. “Alright, smart guy!” she then said. “Sooner or later, I’m goino discover where you’re from, whether you like it or not!” 

“Ok! I give up!” said the young man holding up his hands laughing. “If you are that eager to find out where I’ve come from, I’ll tell you that myself. I’ve just come from the United States, and my name is Henry.” He bowed a little before he added, “And now, you snooping young lady, it is your turn to make a confession! Where do you come from, and what is your name?” 

“What do you think, you American infiltrator?” the girl said making a grimace, giggling.

“Well,” answered Henry staring at her face and nodding his head at the same time. “I suppose…you are from…one of the carnivorous Zambian tribes in Africa. Right!? ” 

“Wrong!” the girl exclaimed after staring at him for a minute frowning and grinding her teeth at the same time. “You are such a despicable, wild young fellow!” she added through her gritted teeth. “You make people feel like chewing your head off!’

They were both laughing out loud now.

“For a second you really got me scared,” mumbled Henry after a minute, “You looked like you were getting ready to jump over to my side to tear me apart!”

“And you looked like you deserved it!” exclaimed the girl, “Calling me a wild beast before even knowing my name!” 

They were chuckling together now.

“My name is Olivia, I’m from Australia and I’m glad to meet you,” the girl said when her laughter receded. “That is…if you’re willing to get to know a cannibal!”

“Well,” said Henry with a big smile “All of us humans occasionally turn into carnivorous beings! There’s no reason why I should be afraid of you in particular, Olivia.”

“You sound like you’ve experienced that sort of a thing umpteen times!” mumbled Olivia wearing a big smile. “How does human flesh actually taste, Henry the cannibal? Is it tastier than beef, lamb, pork, or…dog meat?”

“I can offer you a bite of my own flesh if you are so eager to find out,” said Henry smiling. “I’m quite used to it. I have been attacked by wild beasts on numerous occasions in the past!”  

“I suppose many of your muscles have been consumed by female American brutes, hah?” said Olivia ginning.

“Yes! That may be true!” said Henry wearing a frown. He nodded a few times before he added, “I must say, however, that what is left of me…is quite sufficient to gulp down even a female mammoth like you!” He then smiled and continued, “What about you Madam Olivia? How many times have you been chomped by cannibals, like me, in the past?” 

“My first ‘chompin’ happened when I was sixteen,” said Olivia nodding her head giggling. “We were comin back from a picnic with our next-door neighbors. The forest was gettin dark…and our families were far ahead of us. Oliver, our neighbor’s boy, suddenly grabbed me from behind and laid me on the grass. I thought what he was doin was goino be funny, but…it was fun!”

“That poor boy, Oliver,” said Henry nodding his head, “must’ve been in no way a cannibal, then. You were lucky you were not seized by someone like…me!”

“Huh!” said Olivia starting to giggle, “So you finally admitted that you’re a cannibal! I wonder how you wild blood-sucking swine managed to get all the way from America to Paris without being captured by zookeepers!? ”

“It wasn’t so hard!” said Henry, “We just spread out our gigantic wings and flew over the North Atlantic Ocean, France and Austria to dive into Prague. The place was covered with a horrendously thick frozen snow. So we kicked out a young woman from her lodging, and spent the night there. The next day, we moved to a Captain’s place of residence and stayed there for three weeks. Then …”

“Hold it right there!” cut in Olivia. “The story you’re makin up is full of holes! I’ve got to ask you some questions before you go on any further!”

“Be my guest!” said Henry laughing. “Ask anything your heart desires!”

“Ok!” exclaimed Olivia, “Question number one: What in the world didju do with the poor Prague lady after you apparently dropped your gigantic wings…in the middle of the street, and broke into her place!?”

“Nothing!” answered Henry firmly. “We just told her either to beat it respectfully, or receive a respectful kick in the ass. She didn’t like to be kicked, so she left without further ado.”

“Oh, yeah!?” said Olivia frowning and ginning at the same time. “And then,” she mumbled, “right the next morning, you went and occupied a poor captain’s place of residence! Correct !?”

“Yes, of-course!” said Henry firmly. “That’s almost exactly what we did!”

“Ok!” said Olivia, “And may I know why that so-called captain did not shoot you brutes in the ass instead of surrendering his place of residence spinelessly?”

“Well, for one thing, that Capitan didn’t have the backbone to shoot innocent people,” mumbled Henry, “And, for another thing, his house was big enough to provide us with living quarters. So, not only did he surrender part of his place to us, but he also fed us with the best food he could get hold of all through the time we stayed in his place.”

“Uh-uh!” said Olivia from the side of her mouth “A really hilarious tale! Now, can you tell me why this so-called captain turned out to be such a meek, cowardly creature that he surrendered part of his house and fed you carnivorous beings for three whole weeks without complaint?”

“Well,” explained Henry, “Actually, he was not a cowardly being at all. As a matter of fact, he was a very influential military intelligence officer who had liberated a bus-full of political prisoners in his own country. So he was a sort of a heroic individual eager to aid people like us! All we wanted him to do was to introduce us to some revolutionary people, and The Captain did that willingly!”

“May I ask,” said Olivia making a grimace, “what type of assistance you expected to get from those so-called ‘revolutionary people’, sir Henry, the blood-sucker!?”

“Yes of-course! You can ask me any question you like, you prying carnivorous girl!” said Henry nodding his head repeatedly. “We wanted them to help us get military training to start a guerrilla war!” 

“Hah-hah!” said Olivia loudly beginning to laugh. “And may I ask who you were going to overthrow with the help of your cannibalistic ‘gorilla’ fighters?” 

Henry shrugged his shoulders wearing a big smile. “That didn’t matter to us at all!” he declared beginning to laugh. “We thought maybe…we would overthrow the King of Persia to begin with, and…”

“And then the kings of the rest of the world, I suppose, right?” said Olivia, beginning to laugh loudly again.

“Yes, of-course! Something like that!” said Henry nodding his head. “You see, our final goal was….to liberate the toilers of the whole globe. So, Persia would be just the first …”

“Ok!” cut in Olivia, “And may I ask why you suddenly gave up your ‘glorious’ revolutionary strategic program in Prague and turned up near the Eifel Tower in Paris?”

“Yes, you certainly may!” retorted Henry. “We left because the Captain said some of the Czech counterrevolutionaries who didn’t care much for people like us, might have decided to exterminate me. So he contacted another revolutionary organization, and they helped us escape to Belgium and then come here to Paris to start learning more about the Chinese revolution!”

“I thought you said you were going to topple the Persian regime!” said Olivia laughing out loud now. “How come you suddenly decided to work on the Chinese?”

“Because the Chinese people had already toppled the Chinese regime,” answered Henry chuckling, “and they could teach us how to topple the Persian one!”

They were both laughing loudly now.

“I think your sense of humor is fascinating,” said Olivia after their laughter receded. “I would try to become a writer like Mark Twain if I were you. It would be a lot of fun reading what you write.”

“Ok,” said Henry in a more serious tone of voice. “Let’s talk about you now. Who were you going to topple by coming to Paris?” 

Olivia burst out laughing again. “My fiancé, I guess!” she shrieked. “The poor guy works in London and in Paris. He asked me to come here for a while so we could see each other more often. But I think I’m already toppling him by chasing people like you around!”

“How do you know that he’s not already here keeping you under watch?” asked Henry with a smile. “After all, you had to come all the way from Australia whereas all he had to do was to jump over the English Channel!”

“Who knows!” said Olivia with a grin nodding her head. “For all I know, he may be watchin us through a window of one of the nearby buildings right now holdin a rifle, gettin ready to shoot you in the skull!”

“God!” exclaimed Henry comically. “I wish I hadn’t stuck my big head so much out of the window. In that case, you wouldn’t have seen me, and your fiancé wouldn’t have an excuse to smash my brain!”

 “Nope!” retorted Olivia with a grin. “Your stickin out your head had nothin to do with your present lot.  I always keep my victims under watch for some time before layig my trap. In your particular case, I’ve been workin on a plot to suck your blood for the past two weeks!”

Henry shook his head repeatedly. “I should keep my fingers crossed, then,” he said, “that your fiancé jumps over the Channel, sooner!” He licked his lips a few times and added, “Only he can put a stop to your bloodsucking operation!”

“Nope!” said Olivia again, laughing out loud. “Don’t you waste your breath on false hopes!  Oliver never does anythin against my will! He may even help me in gobblin you up if I so desire.” She then opened her mouth to show him her grinding teeth while trying to make a horrifying sound.

“You sure sound like you have already gobbled up part of your fiancé’s brain as well as some of your own!” said Henry laughing loudly.

 “I think we have made enough cannibalistic jokes for a day,” said Olivia with a smile. “Let’s talk about a more civilized subject, for a change!”

“How can I get my mind off all the bloody things you’ve told me, now?” said Henry with a grin. “Every time I look at you, I see blood dripping from your sharp teeth!”

“Ok,” said Olivia after chuckling a little, “So you’re still in the blood-sucking mood, huh?” She then shrugged her shoulders and added, “I guess the only way to prove to you that I’m not  a female Dracula is to have you come over here to my room and inspect everythin.”

“How could that be done while you are engaged, and your fiancé may be arriving any time?” said Henry looking into the girl’s eyes.

  Olivia shook her head. “Havin a fiancé doesn’t mean much of anythin!” she said firmly. “So long as we are not married, we are both free to do whatever we like. That’s well understood between Oliver and I.”

 “I’m a sort of glad to hear that,” mumbled Henry, “but…”

 “There’s no but!” cut in Olivia with a big smile on her lips, “I brushed my teeth three times this mornin and mopped the floor before I came to the window to meet you,” she said with a grin. “So you won’t need to worry about seeing blood anywhere when you inspect my place.”  She paused for a few seconds before she looked into Henry’s eyes and added, “That is…if you’re not afraid of seeing your own blood spilled while…makin your ‘inspection’!”

They both laughed.

He then turned his face and looked at his roommate who was lying on his bed, snoring. “He will never know whatever happened to me,” he mumbled, “if you turn out to be a very hungry cannibal!”

“Well, that’s the risk you’ll have to take!” said Olivia with a suspicious look. “Either you do that or you will never know what could’ve taken place in my room!”

“Yeah!” said Henry nodding his head, “I think you’ll have to give me  a bit of time to …write  my will, then.”

Olivia shook her head and clenched her teeth to control her  laughter before she said, “The most time I can give you, young man, is about…fifteen minutes…”

Henry smiled. “All right lady Azrael,” he said, “I’ll try to get there within your time limit. I think…I’ll put on my shroud as well, to make your job easier!”

 He then turned around and walked back into his room.


“Is somebody going to kill you?” asked Mark, who was now sitting on his bed rubbing his eyes. “I heard you mumble something about Mr. Azrael and your shroud. Has he come to take both of us…or he just wants you?”

He was now staring at Henry wearing a big smile.

“Don’t worry, buddy,” Henry answered beginning to laugh. “It wasn’t Azrael himself. It was either his sister or his daughter. She just wanted to tempt me to go to the inferno through her room!”

They were both laughing now.

“I’m glad to hear that,” said Mark then. “Because when I heard you call her Azrael, I began thinking that maybe, contrary to what I’d heard before; Azrael was actually a female, not a male!”

“I’m glad you woke up right in time to get that cleared up,” said Henry with a smile.

 “I thought your discussion was mostly about cannibals and cannibalism,” said Mark, “How did Azrael and heaven and hell get into it?”

“You devilish man!” said Henry looking at Mark with a frown. “So you were wide awake all the time, huh?”

“No. Not really,” mumbled Mark, “But I was awake long enough to hear that she was trying to tempt you to go to her room. Then I began thinking that, considering our present situation, she may be…an undercover police agent or something.”

“Well, we will soon find out,” said Henry shrugging his shoulders. “To tell you the truth, I am a bit suspicious…myself.”

“You should be,” said Mark nodding his head. “It has only been a few short weeks since that incident in Prague, remember? Some people around said that they had seen a young woman hit you on the head with a pipe or something before you fell into the gutter that night. The Captain didn’t tell you about it, but that was probably the main reason why he tried to get us out of Prague so quickly.”

“Yes!” mumbled Henry, “Her appearing  out of the blue and inviting me to her room without having even seen any part of my body except for my head, made me wonder if  she really had something up her sleeves.”

 “Well,” said Mark with a big smile, “If you’re really scared of going to see that she-devil, I can sacrifice myself for you and … go in your place!”

They were both laughing now.

“How about our class?” asked Mark as he climbed down his bed a minute later.  “Isn’t our tutor coming today?”

“I think he is,” answered Henry, “But he never comes before five or six. We’ll have plenty of time! ”

“All right,” mumbled Mark as he sat down on his bed again. “Maybe…I’ll take a short nap until you come back!” He smiled before he lay down.

“You’d better not!” protested Henry. “You should at least watch out for me…for a while. We really don’t know what is going to happen… considering the circumstances.”

“All right,” mumbled Mark with a smile. “Don’t worry! I’ll keep watch…for a while!” he added before closing his eyes.

“I’ve got to go now,” said Henry then. “I can’t keep ‘the she-devil’ waiting much longer. She may get frantic and make the hell fire more scorching!” He then smiled and opened the outside door.


The door next to theirs was just a few feet away. He tapped on it gently and waited.  There was no sound what-so-ever heard from the inside. He knocked on the door hard and waited some more minutes without receiving an answer. He then put his hand on the door knob and gently turned it. The door opened without making the slightest sound. He stuck his head inside and looked. The room was rather large with a doubled bed on the left side of the door and the shadow of a table, some chairs, and a chest-and-drawer on the right. Some light came in from a window about the size of that of their own room. The window was mostly covered with a thick, long curtain.

As he gently walked in, he felt a slight movement in the curtain. He could now feel that a part of the drape had bulged out and was gently moving forward.

“What if,” he thought, “this is really a sort of a trap?”  All of a sudden a number of faces appeared before his eyes all of whom were on the verge of attacking him. “Stop right there!” someone’s cry rang in his ears. He then heard a hoarse scratchy voice say. “You’ll be dead …if you take another step forward!”

He froze in his place staring at the figure which was now sliding out from behind the thick curtain. A moment later, he was confronted with the shadow of a moving human body wrapped in a long white robe, having an skeleton’s face, holding something resembling a gun in its hand.

He was totally confused now. “Maybe I picked the wrong door?” he thought for a second. Then he remembered that the window through which he had talked with the girl had been next to that of their own room; which meant it was the one right before his eyes. “Is it the girl’s fiancé arriving in the mick of time to exact revenge?” he asked himself.

He shrugged his shoulders, gritted his teeth and tried to take control of himself. The ghost-like thing was gently moving forward, and was now beside the bed. “Sit down,” it ordered with a hoarse voice. “It’s time for you …to get what you deserve!”

The voice was husky and male-like but it sounded somewhat familiar to him. He gently moved to the bed and sat down. A few seconds later the ghost was standing before him pointing the huge gun right at his head.

“You’re goino get…what you have long deserved!” the harsh voice said firmly. The barrel of the gun moved forward until it reached his right temple. Henry closed his eyes and began searching his mind for some wonderful memory.  He then, heard a big-bang sound and his whole body went freezing cold. He felt as if a current of ice-cold water was flowing down his right cheek.

Then something pushed him down over the bed and the sound of someone’s giggling filled the room. He gently opened his eyes. The skeleton’s mask was now flying away and the white robe was gently falling off its tall frame. What Henry could see now was the stark naked body of a girl standing right above him, stretching out her arms, moving her long claws forward, making a growling sound….







© Copyright 2019 Herman Azadi. All rights reserved.

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