The Duchess and the Legend of Robin Hood

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Marian's death marks Robin's loneliness, with his father's advice he married a woman named Malin and have 2 children together, yet all he can think of was the wounds inflicted by the ones who killed his beloved. After all these years the love he had for Marian didn’t falter until he realized what he had that it was too late. A false claim, a false information and a false love.

Submitted: August 01, 2019

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Submitted: August 01, 2019




The Duchess and the legend of Robin Hood

We all know the story of Robin Hood, a legendary hero, a thief, an outlaw. According to legend he was a skilled archer, even a skilled swordsman, and beyond that he was heroic in his adventures.

Many stories maybe contradicting, but they would have originated somewhere, maybe, right? For all we know he was a Knight who saw corruption from the very institution he was serving, so he needed to make a stand for the people. Maybe he was even a Lord and was born into nobility who cared for his people. He was a thief, yes, but has a heart for this people and stood up against tyranny.

Maybe he was the opposite of all of this, tampered with history to make himself the “good guy’ in the story, the corrupt, the evil. Maybe, the Sheriff stood against him instead of the other way around. Maybe he was a tyrant who want to punish whoever disobeyed him. Who knows?

We may never know for sure whether he ever existed, but even so, his legend captivated us in many more ways, maybe this legend’s purpose is to teach us a lesson. That’s the purpose of every legend, of every folklore, of every myth. What else could it be?









She slit Marian’s throat.

Robin is married to a woman named Malin and have two children together, one is a boy name Adi and the other is a girl name Janie. It wasn’t his choice to get married after losing his lover, Marian. I guess he didn’t have the choice either; lose everything or marry a lady of his father’s choosing.

John hugged the children, “oh lady Loxley always working late”, “no, just checking everything” looking at the papers. Lydia, the children’s maid, took the children to bed before it gets too late for bedtime. John waited for the children and Lydia to leave the room, “where’s Robin?” he asked, “he’s somewhere, he usually don’t tell me where he goes”, “oh, okay” forced smile, “I should go then, thank you” walked away.

Robin’s walking home when he saw John leaving his house, they talked for a bit, “you still punishing your wife, Marian’s gone Robin”, “I did what I had to, to marry her and had children with her, what else would you have me do?”, “love her, at least try” both sighed.

Meanwhile, Malin is making sure that everything is locked away, paper works put together where they supposed to, “my lady the children are asleep”, “thank you Lydia, I’ll finish up here go on ahead okay”. Malin checked the stables and the horses making sure they are alright. Robin came inside when Malin came in, “hey” greeted him with a smile, he remembered what John told him “move on, she’s always waiting for you”. Robin grabbed her face and kissed her suddenly as they both made love. It was quite a shocked, but she recalled that Robin as drunk when she conceived both children.

Malin woke up refreshed and happy, “Lydia we are going to the market today with the children, I will cook something special for my husband tonight”, “yes my lady” while she gets the children ready. Later that day, they are walking in the market, teaching her children how to pick good fruits and vegetables. Malin smelling the fruit when she saw soldiers approaching, kicking and flipping produce all over the place, laughing at this despicable act, “Lydia take the children home, take this, go hurry” Malin went through the crowd while the soldiers were laughing, “what’s going on here?” she asked, the soldier looked at her while eating an apple, “well, lady, we are here to let everyone know that the Sheriff has an announcement to make”, “hmph…”.

She went home, “oh thank god my lady” Lydia relieved while John was teaching the children how to use bow and arrow. Janie seems to have the talent for it, but, little Adi preferred swords and daggers. Malin looked at them proudly, “mummy” Janie shouted, waved at her while she does the same. Smiling at her children. She could not asked for more, these children are her beloved.

She started preparing the ingredients for dinner when a letter came for her, Lydia handed her the letter. It was a letter from her mother, while reading, Lydia noticed that her lady’s face turned into sadness, it must have been a devastating news for her to turned from being happy to sad suddenly. Malin quietly sobbed.

“my lady is everything alright?” concerned, “yes, of course Lydia, thank you, just please hand me the rest of the ingredients so we can start cooking”, “yes my lady”.

Robin came in the kitchen, “oh, there you are, you’re rather busy…”, “uhm…yeah” couldn’t face him because she still trying to not cry out loud, covering her mouth. Robin knew something was wrong, but doesn’t know how to ask, so, he just walked away.

At dinner, everyone seemed to be quiet, John and Tuck came and joined them to eat. Another letter came for her, she got up and walked into the kitchen. After reading it, she immediately called the guard and whispered something. She hid the letter on her pocket when Robin followed her into the kitchen, “are you alright?” worried about her, “yeah, let’s go back to dinner” a forced smile came upon her face to hide something.

The gathering for the Sheriff’s announcement is starting, everyone is there even Robin. The Sheriff talked about the crusade and the taxes that needed paid by the people. The Sheriff has always been unjust and solve everything to violence forcing people to submit to what he wants. He mistreats people subjecting them to unaffordable taxes while life is already hard for them so.

Malin came walking and stopped as the people protested against a tax they couldn’t afford, “you missed the good part” one of the soldiers said, she knew the man it seems, “well he is not shy on giving people something to talk about” they both laughed. Robin noticed her interaction with the soldier. It seems like he is starting to notice her smile and it doesn’t sit well with him seeing his wife with another man. Fixated at them still, he is beginning to get agitated.

That night, Robin asked Malin about the soldier, “who?” she asked, “the soldier who you were flirting with earlier” expressing jealousy and agitation, “you mean Dean? He is my childhood friend” Robin was a bit skeptical about it, “if I found out that you are lying to me. I asked you again who that man was?”, “he was betrothed to me before you did, but he left to join the crusades. Come to think of it, this is the first time seeing him after he left”, Robin got angry, “there’s more you’re not telling me”, “no, that’s it”, “I wasn’t supposed to marry you either, the person I loved murdered, killed by some heartless person. So, tell me why he didn’t marry you huh Malin, why?” he screamed, “because it seems like everyone is choosing anything or anyone other than me”, “I’m not surprised, I am too would choose anything but you” those words he uttered hurt her so much, tears flow as she cried herself to sleep.

Robin on the other hand was drinking with John and Tuck complaining about what happened between him and his wife, “you’re jealous Robin” Tuck laughed, “I am not jealous whatsoever, I am not Tuck” drunk, “oh yes you are” John agreed. He came home, went straight to the bedroom and there she was lying, “you don’t deserve my love, my heart, it belongs to Marian…” slurring words coming from a drunk, he fell on the floor.

That morning, Malin woke up early and does her day to day duties. She’s been busy lately as well. Robin woke up with a worst hang over, “Lydia where’s my wife?”, “she’s at the gardens, she’s overseeing the flowers today with the children” Lydia explained while making him breakfast. Robin suspicious of her whereabout, went to the gardens to check on his wife.

He was taken aback, the winds blew the flowers away, the children tried to catch them. He saw her smile, his heart beats so fast, stunned by how beautiful his wife is. He didn’t understand then, but perhaps John saw it too. The light doesn’t give her enough justice of how beautiful her smile is. Perhaps he missed it, after all, he was still wallowing on Marian’s death when he should have been focusing on his family.

They are done picking flowers, went home and put the flowers into the vases. She asked Lydia to take the children to their classes.

Robin clears his throat, trying to get her attention, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say those words to you. You have been kind to me and I was and idiot…” a little awkward to say the least, “it’s okay” she forgave him without question while he stuttered, “why didn’t I noticed your smile before” still stunned at her smile, “hmph… did you say something?” waiting for him to answer her, but, he was still mumbling something,  “well, I have to go, excuse me” walked away.

She went to her office. After a couple of hours she wasn’t feeling well, an excruciating headache took over her. She got up and the everything on the room started floating, her eyes turned black; she was floating in the air as if she foresaw something. She was there for a while, fainted and fell with a blood on her nose.

The Healer came and when she touched Malin she had visions so intense it scared her and left her stunned, “what’s going on with her?” Robin asked nervously, “she’s with child” was all the Healer said, but there’s more and she wasn’t going to say anything, she left immediately and nervously. Fidgeting about what she witnessed. Didn’t even take her payment, she just got up and leave.

Malin pregnant again with her third child, although she was still sick, she decided to go to her father’s funeral. She told Robin that she was going to visit her family. She traveled with a carriage, two guards, and a driver. She arrived, a little late. Hugged her mother and her sister. After the funeral, Advisers scheduled her coronation as the Duchess. In her letter, she lied about why she was extending her stay there for another week. Robin didn’t think nothing of it, didn’t even question her.

He became more inspired, more motivated and more involved in their children’s training. He was even surprised that both children were doing great in their classes and handling various weapons.

Malin crowned as the Duchess and named her mother as Regent, she also commissioned a trusted guard to be her eyes and ears, reporting to her directly. Malin reassured everyone that everything will be okay, she just needed to go home with Robin and the children.

She came back home; they were all happy to see her home. Robin caressed her tummy, kissed her lips and made love to her that night. Everything was great, both were happy, he spends more time with his children and at home rather than outside and at Marian’s grave. It seems he truly moved on from the tragedy. But, with this, a dream come true, lies a heavy burden she carries, secrets she had to hide from him. Telling him will only devastate him.

Malin was in the kitchen when a woman came covered except her eyes, “my lady” she whispered, “why are you here? I was about to go to you” looking around to make sure there were no people there, “I know, but, you are with child, so, I decided to come here instead” Malin still looking around, “here, go immediately” the woman left when Robin came home just in time.

The Sheriff and the Cardinal were furious about the “thief” stealing the money and giving it to the poor. The Cardinal wouldn’t have it, he wanted this thief to die immediately. The Sheriff called Dean, a soldier that Malin was talking to in the gathering. Malin was called in there as well.

“you’re late” the sheriff complained, “I am here, so, what was urgent that I needed to be here?” she asked, “that thief again” he screamed, “sheriff be calm, Malin I am deeply sorry for your father’s passing, but is there anyway that your husband is involved in this?” Cardinal asked, “no, I had him followed everywhere he goes, but, nothing”, “then who?” asked Dean, “well Dean the Crusader, why haven’t you capture him?” sheriff asked, “it seems that this “thief” is protected by a powerful individual, sheriff maybe you are protecting him” Malin sat down while they are both screaming at each other, “fix this both of you, before the king know of this” the Cardinal leaves, Malin is uneasy.

“this is farcical” Dean uttered, “isn’t the king fighting at the crusades?” looking at Dean, “yeh, the cardinal is talking about the king’s brother”, “well that’s a treat”, “listen Malin, I am going to fight again for the crusades, so I won’t see you”, “just like before, I see, well, don’t die”, “yeh”.

She wrote a letter for Robin and gave it to the woman. She asked that the woman give the letter to Robin when the time comes, she made her promised this as she the only one who can give it to him.

Her tummy is getting bigger, “oh look at you, even more lovelier, Lady Loxley” John announced, “thank you” smiling at him when Robin kissed her cheek. Tuck looked at her concerned, “my lady please do not worry about him” whispered Tuck, assured her that they will take good care of Robin and the children. She smiled briefly.

The sheriff and the cardinal knew of Malin’s betrayal, Dean even knew that she has been protecting Robin. After 6 months, Dean came home and immediately told of what happened. So, he is going to pay her a visit.

Robin and his band of thieves are getting ready to take the plan into action stealing the Cardinal and the Sheriff’s money that they stole from the people. They were only taking back what belongs to the people in the first place and the people are there to help them as well.

Robin remembered his first encounter with Marian and what they both have been fighting for has come, it’s just that she wasn’t there to witness what they have achieved so far.

They infiltrated the sheriff’s office; Tuck and the others took care of the money while John and Robin took care of the sheriff. The sheriff wasn’t surprised to see that it was Robin after all, “she was protecting you after all, that wretched woman” screamed while John dragged him all the way to the altar, “wait, wait, don’t you want to know the truth about how your beloved died?”, “my wife is alive, nice try” answered Robin when the sheriff laughed, “no, not your wife, Marian. Oh! I got your attention now” teasing Robin, “don’t you want to know who killed her? Who slit her throat?” Robin became uneasy and irritable, “it was your wife. Malin has been working for us over the years. She took over from her father’s…”

Malin heard noises and screams inside the house, they have been invaded, “Lydia, here take this, go to this address and take the children with you, go. Take the secret route I told you, go” she shouted, when men came into the veranda where she at. She grabbed the knife on the table, “lady Loxley” men laughed while looking at the pregnant Malin, someone came in walking towards the room, “Dean? What’s going on?”, “you have been protecting the thief all this time” glared at her with his nostrils flared and clenched his jaw in anger, “I thought you understood us, but you, you fell in love with him” confronted her while he commanded that they break everything and look for the money Robin stole from them, “I have loved you while you bear children with that man”, “are you going to kill me?” he chuckled, “the sheriff told him the truth about Marian, now that he knows the truth I don’t need to do anything to you because he will do it for us” walked away. On his way out, he met Robin, but he passed him by.

Robin made his way to the veranda, there he sees his wife, “is it true you killed Marian? Tell me they are lying?” Malin couldn’t answer, “tell me the truth” he asked once again, but she wasn’t answering, grabbed her neck and pushed her to the wall, “yes” she answered, while he cried in anger and pushed her on the floor, forgetting she was pregnant, “I have loved you, cared for you, why? Tell me why?” but Malin couldn’t answer the question.

Lydia knocked on the door and a woman opened it, “can I…? Lady Malin’s children, what happened?” Lydia told her everything and the woman cried, and it seems her heart is breaking for Malin. She insisted that they go back to their house.

Malin was still on the floor while Robin sat on the floor sobbing. John and Tuck walked in the room, “she’s dead, what did you do?” asked Tuck but Robin wasn’t talking, John moved Malin on her back and saw a knife on her side, “lady Loxley… Rob…” the woman came looked at Malin and the blood on the floor. Robin finally got himself together, astonished seeing Marian once again standing in front of her, confused as to why she is even alive.

Marian told them that Malin saved her, “if you only knew” crying “until we meet again my lady” wiping her tears. A knight came from the palace, “duchess” he screamed, “she’s not the…” Robin paused, “I think it is time for you to know the truth about Malin, the Duchess”

Tuck remembered everything from the beginning, the first time they met. Malin first approached Tuck offering him to work for her, “what exactly do you want me to do?” he asked, “I want you to befriend the Lord of Loxley”, “you like him? Pardon me my lady why don’t you just tell him?”, “he is in love with someone else. I just want you to protect him, help him in any way you can. Besides it is not hard to like him” both looked at Robin and Marian.

Marian told Robin that it was Malin who saved her from the cardinal, from the sheriff, and the knight, “I don’t know how she did it, but her eyes lit up. When I asked why she saved me? She said it’ll break your heart, she couldn’t…”, “how could she have fooled us?” John asked, Marian explained that when Malin and Dean came in together, Marian was on her knees, she shouted, “someone must go against your tyranny”, “who is she?” asked Dean, Malin realized that she was the same woman that Robin liked, “Dean kill her” the cardinal agreed, “I’ll do it” Malin interrupted and she did. All the men in the room were dazed, Marian however is alive, “what’s going on?”, “they are under my control, go on leave, here, you can go to this address, it’s a private property, you will be safe there besides nobody goes there”, “why?” asked Marian, “because of Robin, hurry and go” Malin said while Marian left.

Marian told Robin that she truly loved him and gave him the letter, the knight interrupted the conversation, “this can’t be help, if that is the case, I am Will, the Duchess’ trusted soldier, since you are the Duke…”, “I am not the Duke, my wife is not the…” Robin stopped himself because he realized something, “didn’t the Duchess told you that the former Duke, her father died and she took over as the Duchess of Nottingham?”, “I have no idea…” Robin still confused and processing everything, “why are you here?” asked John, Will explained that Malin gave him an order to be her eyes and ears. He discovered that the King’s brother is a part of the propaganda of financing the Arabs so, his brother, the current King will go to the crusade and dies, in turn he becomes the King since the current king doesn’t have any heir. Malin originally suspected this and needed to be sure so she entrusted Will this task.

After they buried Malin, somehow the children have been distant from their father specially Janie who have witnessed what happened between her father and mother. She is a smart girl; she knew of her father’s resentment towards her mother and it wasn’t even that long, and their father found a bride already. She hates him, she hates him because it was all too easy for him to replace their mother like that. She clearly doesn’t understand why, but, it seems like their father’s attention belongs to someone else.

Robin finally reads her letter.

Robin my love, I don’t want to burden you with everything, and I know you are angry, believe me I get it. There’s not enough time to tell you my story but it all started when I first saw you at the stables. I thought you were the light in my darkness nights, even the sun from the sky wouldn’t be able to light my path.

I wanted to tell you how much you meant to me, but you were already in love with someone else. I knew I couldn’t compare with her, because she already has your heart. So, all I can do is love you from afar. I didn’t mean to get in your way, but I chose to save her and hid her from everyone to protect her.

I wanted to believe that you feel for me too, not just because it was an obligation that my father asked of you, but because you felt it too. I was truly happy. Thank you for all you have given me, our children whom I treasure the most.

Tuck called Robin to tell him that there were paper works containing a property at Sherwood Forest belonging to the Duchess Malin. There was a key along with the letter, Robin opened the door, there were weapons and evidences of the king’s brother crimes, the sheriff’s, the cardinal, and everyone that was involved.

On that night, the healer approached Malin’s grave and started digging. She remembered how Malin made her feel that day, she didn’t get that much sleep since then, but it seems that Malin is special after all. She discovered that Malin can masked reality to make others believe otherwise and the power of sight as she foresaw everything.

She opened the casket and there she is lying on the casket with no care in the world, how will she? She’s already dead. The healer took her body with her.

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