Letter to Trent Palmer

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Letter to Trent Palmer about my early years.

Hello Trent,
I would be Proud and Honored to be Your WingMan.
I have wanted to Fly ever since I was a little boy.  I was born in 1935 so when
my Father went into WWII, I used to dig fox holes in my Back Yard and put a
cardboard box into it and then I would play as if I was flying a Spitfire over England
and fighting the Air Battles.  Later on, I would help (in my mind) by flying a P51 all 
over the South Pacific.  Then, when I was a Freshman in College, I joined the Naval 
Air Reserve (two reasons---so I wouldn't get drafted to fight in Korea and after I graduated then I could be an officer and go to flight School).  During my first few years, I was a Corsair F4U plane captain on the flight line during one weekend a month at Hensley Field near Dallas, Texas.  I got to run up the engine and check the Oil pressure,
gas level and all the other instruments---then Ocassionally (This might be my only chance to actually be in the Pilot Seat and move the Aircraft) I would get to taxi the aircraft to move it to different places (in an emergency).  Like You mentioned on one of your shows---the Engine sat up so High that I couldn't see so I would have to have helpers on each side with hand signals to let me know where I could go.  Then, after a few years, I became a Yoeman and was the Commanding Officer Assistant----which means that I could write up TAD (Temp Active Duty) papers and then I could fly on my days off, for free, any where I could get an open seat.  This was how I finally realized that being a pilot might NOT be what I was supposed to be.  I got on a flight from Dallas to New Orleans---but I didn't realize that on the way, there and on the way back---We were going on Submarine Excercises over the Gulf of Mexico.  Well, this gave Me the complete sensation of not being able to accept the air pressure levels of peeling off and diving and flying back UP and Down in a NON pressurized cabin.  Now I know how Haley feels because I was throwing up the whole time.  Come to find out---I have perforated ear drums and it makes it much harder to get the pressure levels adjusted quickly.  So instead of a Pilot---I just became an Entertainer/Singer/Songwriter.NOW about that---I definitely do enjoy your music that You use behind your Flying Clips.  Since I have been retired from Performing---I have written and recorded quite a few instrumentals (also some vocals but they are on another page) and since I own Little Star Publishing Co and I own the Master Rights----If you want to use any of them---I give You permission.
You can find them at: http://www.soundclick.com/bobkellyinstrumentals  Please use them for Free. 
Keep up the good work---and I will be right here on the ground, enjoying every minute of it.Give Haley a big Hug for ME.
Much Love and Great Health to ALL.Kelly


Submitted: August 02, 2019

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