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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Thanksgiving Night 1988

Submitted: August 14, 2019

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Submitted: August 14, 2019




Thanksgiving Day 1988.  Jasper Mastersohn had planned to spend the day with Lance and his family.  Mrs. Galveston had bought a mighty turkey and was preparing it so that it would be ready by six or seven that afternoon.  Charles Galveston was making his famous side dishes such as creamed corn and broccoli-cheddar soup.  For dessert, the boys had bought some pies and a large platter of chocolate chip cookies, which they'd set up on the dining room table.  

The friends were in the basement of the Galveston home, chatting as Jasper strummed his guitar.  Inside the large room, Lance had set up a few of the old Hollywood posters that Jasper had asked him to save after Shawbray had thrown them out.  On the pullout couch beside him sat the golden box with the mask that Lance had given him recently.  

Jasper strummed the guitar and smiled at Lance, who sat on the fluffy rug a few feet from his friend, his green eyes watching him intently.  

Lance was about to say something when he was interrupted by his father's voice coming from upstairs.  

"Lance!  Jasper's mom is outside!  She wants to speak to him!"

Lance turned to Jasper who looked away.  His face immediately changed from a happy glowing one to a somber one.  He put down the guitar and stood up slowly.  Lance stood up and walked to his side, their hands touching as Jasper sighed.  

"I'm going to go see what she wants.  Wait for me?"- he asked as he reached the stairs that led to the upstairs.  Lance nodded.  

"Of course."

When Jasper didn't return down to the basement after twenty minutes, Lance walked upstairs and found only his parents in the house.  His mother was in the kitchen, busy with the turkey, as his father was in the dining room, setting out the silverware.  He stopped when he saw his son and turned to face him.  

"Dad...where's Jasper?"

Charles Galveston looked out towards the direction of the Mastersohn home in the distance and looked back towards his son.  "Jasper's mom came for him,  I heard them arguing outside and then heard him say to tell you that he won't be able to eat with us tonight.  Then...they left."

"What?  Just like that?"- Lance asked, Shock in his voice.

His father heard not only disappointment in his son's voice, but confusion as well.  

"Well...maybe Jasper decided to spend Thanksgiving with his mom,"- he guessed.  

Lance shook his head.  Something wasn't right.  Jasper wouldn't just leave so suddenly.

"No.  He wouldn't do that, Dad.  What did he say?  What were he and his mom arguing about?"- Lance asked.  These questions surprised Mr. Galveston, as well as the way his son was reacting.

"I honestly don't know.  Look, what is the big deal, Lance?  Jasper was spending a lot of time here so maybe his parents decided it was time for him to return home.  Is that wrong?"- he asked.

What Lance answered next made Mr. Galveston stop setting the table.

"YES IT IS WRONG!  Jasper doesn't like living at home anymore!  He hates it!  He hates everything about it!  He hates Shawbray and the way he treats him and his mom!  He hates the way his mom defends Shawbray!  So yes dad-I think it is wrong! It's all wrong!"

He turned around and sped back downstairs to the basement as his mom peeked out from the kitchen, hearing his outburst.  She looked at her husband and asked what was happening.  

"It's Jasper....."- her husband answered softly.

She blinked, confused at his answer.  "Jasper?  What's wrong with him?"

Her husband turned and looked out the dining room window, out towards the Mastersohn home.  Although he was aware that Jasper had been having some trouble with his stepfather and with his mother, he had no way of knowing the full extent of the young teenager's problems, as he had never been told about how abusive Shawbray Shackleton was with his new family.  But Lance's reaction now had opened up his eyes and made Charles Galveston realize that perhaps Jasper was dealing with much more than he was letting on to.

" I don't know.  But I think Lance knows and it troubles him that Jasper returned home to spend Thanksgiving with his mom and stepfather."


Tamara Mastersohn had gone to beg her son to return home and spend the Thansgiving holiday with her and Shawbray.  Recently her husband had been nagging her constantly about her lack of discipline and motherly attributes.

"What kind of mother are you, woman?"- he'd asked her after she'd served him dinner on the fourth night that Jasper wasn't home.  

"What do you mean?"- she'd asked as she picked at her food, eventhough she well knew what her husband was referring to.  

Shawbray looked at her with his piercing eyes and answered coldly- "Your stupidity never fails to amaze me, Tamara.  Who has not slept here for the past few nights?  Who runs around as if he owned the place?  Huh?"  

He suddenly flung his glass of lemonade across the table and yanked her arm hard so that her body pressed against his.  Her eyes were wide and she was obviously scared and this thrilled Shawbray now as his lips opened to insult her some more.  His hands worked now, one holding her by the arm hard as the other lowered down, brushing her breasts and dipping past her crotch so that his fingers could press her "spot" in a hard way, making her yelp out in pain and shock.

" What kind of mother are you, Tamara?  Do you even care about Jasper?  Do you even love him?"- he asked as he saw her flinch now, her eyes lowered down, watching his hand rubbing her hard on her vagina through her flimsy skirt.  

"Yes....I love him..."- she'd answered, trying to hold back her discomfort.  He'd looked at her and asked then why she wasn't bringing him home then.  

"Do you prefer your only son spend his nights with his boyfriend?  Huh?  Hmm...what will people say when they learn about what Jasper has been doing all this time?"- she heard Shawbray ask softly into her ear as he rubbed his other hand on the skin of her neck.  His other hand lay firmly in place over her privates.  

Her eyes had looked up then.  In spite of the obviousness of the relationship between the two boys, she had failed to grasp the significance of their gaze and their interactions.  Only now was she realizing that her Jasper was in love with his best friend Lance.  And apparently her husband knew all about it.  

Shawbray's fingers dipped under her skirt and under her panty's waistband.  The moment his fingers dipped into her opening, she gasped.  His lips nibbled into her neck, a sign of desire.  Yet his words were the complete opposite of what his intimate touch was telling her.  

"You bitch....fucking bitch.  You let your son fuck around while I slave to bring home the money to put this damn roof over our heads.  It pisses me off so much that I want to fucking kill you Tamara...."

His had then yanked out his fingers from her vagina and had used his other hand to push her away from his side hard.  She had stumbled and fallen off her chair then as Shawbray stood up and left the room to go get drunk as he watched television in the den.  

This was why Tamara had decided to go pick up Jasper from the Galveston home the next day, which happened to be Thanksgiving day.  

She had to do it- it was what Shawbray wanted.  It was what she wanted too.  

So she walked over to the Galveston home and brought her son home.  

But now that Jasper was home, sitting across the table from her, with Shawbray to his left and with Javier on his right, it was obvious he was completely miserable.  It didn't matter that she had slaved over a hot stove for hours to prepare the turkey dinner.  It didn't matter that she had brought out the fine china that her husband Andrew's parents had given her one Christmas Day.  It didn't matter that the house was spotless and perfect from the entryway all the way down to the basement and attic.  

The whole evening fell apart as soon as they were all sitting together, getting ready to carve the turkey.  

Shawbray tapped his fingers on the table and stared at Jasper with this weird smile on his face as Javier took note of his brother's gaze and looked away to put on one of his favorite songs on the record player.  

[ Fade to Black by Metallica plays] 

"Ohh...."- Shawbray murmured in a overtly sexual tone as if he was being aroused.  He smiled and added- "Love this song, Javier.  Turn that baby up!"

Although their music tastes were the same, thus didn't make Jasper like Shawbray or Javier any better.  He looked down at his empty plate as his mother took the carving knife and asked her husband to begin carving the bird.  Shawbray stared at her as if what she'd said had been the most insulting thing ever.  

"Don't tell me what to do, woman!  You fucking carve that damn bird!"- he snarled, startling everyone, even Javier.  

Tamara looked down, her cheeks flushing.  She had donned her best new blouse and a new pair of slacks and short lace up booties.  But even this new outfit had not been good enough for her husband, who insulted her taste in front of her son as she brought out the platter with the herb-pepper turkey, a recipe from her own grandmother.  

She bit her lip as if to stop herself from crying (something she'd been doing a lot of recently) and said she'd carve the turkey herself.  Everyone watched in silence as she cut the turkey into sections using a large carving knife, her hand trembling slightly as she cut.  During this time, Jasper snuck a glance at Shawbray and gritted his teeth.  That monster was laughing at his own wife! 

As they ate, Shawbray kept criticizing his wife's cooking and said he wouldn't pay a penny to eat this crap at a restaurant.  He dug at the turkey, which was moist and quite tasty, although he claimed it was tasteless and dry.  

"Who taught you to cook, woman?"- he asked as he picked at his mashed potatoes and snickered.  When Tamara didn't answer, he answered for her.  "Guess no one taught you, huh?  Poor child...utterly clueless..."- he'd sighed as he pushed his plate away and lit a cigarette.  

All this time Jasper had remained silent as he ate.  He'd nodded at some of Javier's comments regarding the food, which were actually nice compared to what his older brother was saying.  But overall, Jasper said nothing and only wanted this dinner and night to end.  

Shawbray tho noticed his stepson's silence and lack of participation in the comments and decided to do something about it.  He stared at Jasper intently until the dark haired teenager finally turned to look at him.  

"Say something, boy."

Jasper ignored him and looked away.  This angered Shawbray who flicked ashes from his cigarette towards Jasper and angrily ordered again- "I said say something!  Speak, Jasper!  Are you mute?"

Tamara looked at her son and then at her husband, who was getting visibly angry and ready to explode again.  She urged her son to speak by saying his name softly.  

"Jasper....?  Jasper?"

Jasper looked up at his mother as his stepfather suddenly snapped- "Hey!  Look at me!  Look at me, boy!"

Jasper's eyes slowly turned and met Shawbray's as the six foot three man stood up and gripped Jasper by the arm and yanked him up so that he faced him.  It was clear to everyone there that the teenager was frightened as the tall raven haired man gripped his chin so that his face could observe his own.  Beside them, Javier was fidgeting in his seat, his eyes scanning the ceiling as if he wanted to erase the image of what he was seeing.  

"Why are you always so fucking silent, boy?  What are you hiding from, huh?"- Shawbray asked in a soft tone that was eerily soothing as Jasper trembled under his gaze.  Tamara watched as her husband caressed her son's dark hair in a strangely sensual manner as his lips inched closer to Jasper's ear.  Unbeknownst to her and to Javier, Shawbray whispered something into his stepson's ear which sent shivers down his spine.

"I know your little secret, Jasper.  Do you want to know mine?"

Jasper had then pulled himself free from Shawbray's grip and had fallen back down onto his seat before standing up and running to his bedroom and slamming the door shut.  Shawbray had watched this with amusement and had snickered as he lit another cigarette.  

As he sat back down onto his chair, he realized he'd been this close in revealing to Jasper his dark secret.  And he hadn't given a flying fuck what Jasper did with the information.  

Shawbray Shackleton was a murderer.  He had murdered four people so far and he was extremely capable of ending someone else's life without a second thought.  

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