How Can You

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Submitted: August 04, 2019

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Submitted: August 04, 2019



How can You


She saw herself as a horrible person.

Everyday waking up and looking in the mirror to see a shipwreck.

Seeing beautiful faces on the streets, then faking her happiness towards them.

Having a heart that’s heavy with a nothingness.

A feeling living in her blood.

One that’s indescribable but alive with pain.

But he says he loves her.

Says he cares.

But how can he care for someone that can’t spend more than 2 days with someone without eating them alive in anger?

How can he care about someone who would rather be ruined than deal with the simple things?

How can he say he loves a girl who feels like her skin is crawling every time he wraps his arms around her?

She swears up and down about not having feelings.

Because feeling nothing is better than the possibility pain.

She laughs and jokes about not having feelings because she wishes she didn’t have any.

And just maybe, if she says it enough, it will become real.

He loves someone that wishes she didn’t have to feel.

Who probably will never be sure about him?

Thinking with every pretty girl that passes, “he would love her.”

He is choosing to be with her, cynicism and all.

But how can he do that to himself?

Why deal with the difficulty.

Nothing is worth dealing with her.

Nothing is worth loving her.



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