Kitty, Kitty, Where do you go?

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This is a poem based on the real-life adventures of our beloved family cat.

Submitted: August 07, 2019

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Submitted: August 07, 2019



Each morning I watch our kitty

Come trotting into the yard

Sometimes holding a mouse

Or donning a new battle scar


And each morning I wonder

Where does he go?

When he slips away each night

Beneath the shadows


I imagine him slinking

Through the tall grass

Looking for dinner

As the sun sets fast


I imagine him 

Eating his supper and then

Going to explore the farm again


So he walks through the pasture

To the farm next door

Chats with some kitty friends

And ventures some more


He slides through the wheatfield

Tall golden stalks all around

And all you can hear is the crickets

For his dainty paws make no sound


I imagine him looking through the wheat

Up at the sky

At the moon and stars 

And a bat flying by


And then he walks through the pasture again

Amongst the thick trees and forest friends

Raccoons watch him from up high

They chitter and stare

With glittering eyes


Maybe he smells a skunk

Walking through

And trots away

Without further adue


He passes deer

That feast in the night

Maybe catches a snack

Before first morning light


But then he looks up

As the sky turns pink

The raccoon and skunk go quiet

And the birds start to sing


He decides to catch breakfast

Before heading back

So he goes to the ditch

And waits to attack


As he munches his meal

The sun's first morning rays

Kiss his soft cream fur

The start of the day


He licks his paws, cleans his face

And starts the long walk

Along the way he might

Meet a kitty friend, stop to talk


By then I'm awake

And out the window I see

Our beautiful kitty

Trotting home to me


And then I wonder

Where does he go?

What does he see?

What does he know?


I suppose I'll never know

The life of a cat

But I have to wonder

If it's really that



© Copyright 2019 Rachel Stone. All rights reserved.

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