Flashes of Life

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
Julian is dying of cancer. During his stay at a hospice center, he is visited several times by a mysterious young boy who seems to come out of nowhere. But every time he appears, Julian passes out and begins to dream. He believes he is seeing flashbacks of his younger self before he dies. But what he discovers instead will be just the beginning of this incredible journey.

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Submitted: August 07, 2019

   (Nuclear Power Plant, eighteen years ago) The people in my team stared at the rising temperature gage with alarm. Re... Read Chapter

Little Boy

Submitted: August 07, 2019

“Ow, it hurts. Julian, can you help me with these thorns?” asked the little boy cringing with pain. I looked around slowly in com... Read Chapter

The Bicycle

Submitted: August 07, 2019

I looked around and found myself at some shopping center. I must’ve passed out again and now I’m dreaming just like the last time. Ev... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 10, 2019

(Hospice Center, late evening) “He’s going into convulsions. Hold him down. Hold him down!” shouted Melanie. I could feel m... Read Chapter

The Girlfriend

Submitted: August 16, 2019

I was expecting myself to start passing out at any moment, but nothing happened. Instead, as soon as I opened my eyes, I found myself in ... Read Chapter

Journey's End

Submitted: August 18, 2019

I felt myself coming out of a fog of delirium as I heard my name being called. “Julian … Julian, can you hear me?” It was Melanie. ... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 05, 2019

Jules started walking towards a wooden platform extending over the water of the pond. I was still trying to grapple with the significance... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 05, 2019

I looked around the surroundings and noticed that I was actually perceiving two realities at the same time – the one at the hospice, an... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 05, 2019

(Six years later) Melanie I sat on the bench in front of the playground looking around the park. Where are they? I turned back to... Read Chapter

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