Cactus 14

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Submitted: August 09, 2019

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Submitted: August 09, 2019



Cactus 14

By Amba Ssel

All she wanted that day was flowers. She had never “in her life” needed something so badly. She was proud of herself and of how stubborn she was. To her, never meant never. But that day she wanted flowers. Not sure if anyone heard her, but someone did.

But is a cactus a flower? It is just a thorny plant. Perhaps the man who heard her got it wrong. But that’s strange because he got all the signals right all the time. Then why a cactus and not roses? It could be just a coincidence that she wanted flowers and he decided to get a cactus the same day. 

He said the cactus was to honor a robot that had died on Mars. So strange to bring a plant for a soulless robot 350 million miles away. From that day on he was named Mars. 

He didn’t mind that name. He could be far. He could be millions of miles away and as silent as the red planet. But despite the long distance he still heard her. And he knew a cactus could live in the heart of Mars. 

The cactus remained long after the death of the robot. It did not need light. It soaked through the night. And in the summer sun, it was the only one waiting through the day.*

It became an overplayed background song. Even the rain and streetlights could not stop it. But she still hated it. In the end the cactus became the sign of an asshole. A man who said one thing, but meant something else. A man who feared closeness like the cactus. A man who disappeared like the robot. 

That’s why every time she saw the cactus she remembered that devil. Every time she remembered a sweet word she hated the cactus even more. If she could she would blow up Mars. Who would be so stupid to get a thorny plant for a butterfly!

I know who. The man who observed every move, but when the silver lady asked what kind of person she was his mouth shut like a trap. His tongue froze like the ice cream that never melted. His mind was always somewhere else. Even his beard was like a cactus. He only knew how to do things at the right moment. But only when it suited him.

He understood her better than most. Even at her maddest moments a word from him made her laugh. Of course she labelled it all as mastawcheti.* 

He was serious. When he set his mind to something he would do it. Yet despite his seriousness he laughed at the silliest things. The idea of cheese and ONION in a dish would give him a laugh attack. 

That’s why the cactus by the window didn't really mean anything. It was  just a plant like any other. People leave plants everywhere. It has been like that since the beginning of time. 

What about the man who brought the cactus? What was going on in his head? It’s hard to know. He too struggled for months to know who the cactus was for. He couldn’t decide if it was for the robot, for the window or for her. It occupied his mind and traveled places with him.

He got the cactus on day 14 of a cold winter month.


The End


*Song: Cactus | Sam Evian

*Mastawcheti: flattery





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