Pathfinder...Dedicated to all women

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Pathfinder is a poem dedicated to all women. May we always remember that we are powerful beyond measure.

I just wonder
If you even know
That you are capable
Of doing wonders

Oh woman
I know you have been hurt
I know some days
You don’t know
Whether you are coming or going
I’ve been there too
I still feel that too

Fellow woman
I know your heart can only take so much
I know that life has disappointed you
I know that sometimes
You feel disappointed
In your own self

I refuse to believe that we are broken
I refuse to believe that teen pregnancy is the end of us
I refuse to believe that single parenting is the end of us
I refuse to believe that true love no longer exists
I refuse to believe
That we were created to be normal
And you should refuse to believe that too

Our generation is depending on us
Our children are waiting on us
Our young girls need to know
That there is more to life than being a blessee
Our girls need to know
They don’t need a man to save them
Our girls need to know
That no child is a mistake
Our girls need to know
That it is okay to be the unorthodox
Our girls need to know that there is a God
And that if they work in partnership with God
They will become unstoppable

I know it is hard being Mary
In a Martha world
When your own thoughts
Become more like an affliction
When those same thoughts
Drive you to some addiction
And every morning
You end up in the same confliction
Smiling outwardly, shedding tears internally
What a painful contradiction
But I think it is time you left everything
That is against your destiny
Without a valediction
And sought for God’s benediction

I pray that you find strength
To forgive yourself
For your past mistakes
I pray that you forgive
Anybody who left you broken
I pray that you give yourself
Another chance

My fellow women
It is time we stopped playing around
It is time we took ourselves seriously
It is time we took our purpose seriously
It is time we take our time on earth seriously

Submitted: August 09, 2019

© Copyright 2023 Grace Nthebe. All rights reserved.

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