Lost Tales #8: ICU

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Bed & Breakfast

Submitted: August 11, 2019

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Submitted: August 11, 2019



“I spy with my own eye...”


“Yeah I’m not playing that dumb game again,” replied Tim.


“Would you relax? This is suppose to be a roadtrip...a funnnnnn...roadtrippppp...hihihihihihihi...” said Barry, intentionally saying it closer to Tim's ear while making it sound a lot weirder than usual. Tim had to push him away.


“You're ok, man? I mean we can call off this trip off if you're feeling trippy.”


Barry then lets out a loud laughter.


“Hahahahaha..road trip...trip..trip....trippy..that sounds stupid..hahahahahahaha..”


Good thing I restraint myself.” thought Tim.


From the highway in Steims, the road they were driving on eventually got narrower and the further they drive away from the city, the rougher the road becomes. It wasn't exactly part of the original plan but Barry insists on a quick detour to an old plantation, an abandoned property just before they were supposed to reach Zyeone for their camping trip.


Barry continues to laugh for a good minute even when the joke was long over.


God...it's not even that funny..”


“Hey..hey..what do you think we'll see once we get there, huh? You..you remember what the old man said about slaves?”


“Yes..how can I forget..”


Tim was actually thinking how excited and loud Barry got while having that earlier conversation with the owner of the cafe back in the city.


“Yes! Yes! Slaves! Slaves!...Wooooaaahhhhh!.....I mean...thats like...bussshhhkkk!.....Kabooommmm!”


He made gestures with his hand how the fact blows his mind away.


“Thank you for the subtle gesture...and are you still ok? How much did you eat anyway?”


“More than p*****s you'll ever eat...ahahahahaha..”


And he's completely out of it...I knew that was a bad idea..”


They were supposed to be at the camp site before noon but their journey so far has been guided with nothing more than a map. Lucky for them, they were traveling on a straight road and there was a low chance they could've missed the place.


“Think of what we'll find there...”


“It's just an old plantation said the old man...and he didn't even suggest us going there...in fact...I remember him reminding us not to stray in that direction..if anything it was a warning..”


“Warnings are for p*****s! Wrong turns are for real men...ahahahahahahaha..” laughed Barry while pounding the dashboard with his hands.


Maybe if I slap him around for a bit now...he probably won't remember it later...”


Tim was so tempted to literally slap some sense into him. Barry, again would continue to laugh erratically. Moments that follows would be filled with him cracking more nonsensical jokes and laughing hysterically like he was being tickled to death.


“I'm on maaa waaayyyy....I'm on maaaaa waaaaayyyy...HOMEEEE SWEEEEETTT HOMEEEEEE!”


What the f**k...the radio's not even on.”


It was almost as if Barry gained the ability to write and sing new songs from out of the blue.




“Will you just shut up!”


“I'll shut up when we're finally there...hahahahaha...homeeee...sweeeettt...homeee...”


Tim would've lost his mind if it weren't for a sign he saw by the road in a distant. He suddenly slows down the car before pulling over to the right side of the road.




“Just shut it, Barry...” said Tim before exiting the vehicle and heading towards the old piece of wood that was hanging on an aging wooden pole beside a narrow path that was only visible once he got close enough.


“Hey...heyyy!!...Where are you going? I'm not done singing my new song...check this out...I'm on maaa wayyyy...”


The old man didn't exactly say where the plantation was located, only that it was somewhere before the mountainous region of Zyeone. He didn't even expect that he would see such an obscure sign with faded writings on it. Tim then got closer to the sign.




“Guardian!” shouted Barry who sneaked up on him from behind.


“F**k! Would stop being such an a*****e!”


“What? Why are you so angry all the time? I'm just reading the last word...see...guarrdddiiaaannn...hahaha..”


Funny thing was, the last word wasn't even a word. It was more of an etching of some sort. It was round, had two holes poked in it and curve underneath those holes. If anything, it was a reminiscent of a well known emoticon known as the smiley.


“You read that as guardian?”


“Yeah...be...aware....[Burping]...sorry..hihihi...of....of the...guarrdddiiiaannnn...”


“That's just a smiley face...come on..let's get out of here...I smell a tourist trap..”


“What? No! No!...It says guardian...why can't you read that?...”


By the end of his sentence, Barry had his eyes set on the man-made path that led all the way into the forest.


“Oh..oh!...I get it! We're here! Hahahahahaha...we're here! It's here! It's there! Oooohhhhhhhh...”


“No..no..we're not doing this..we don't know where that leads..it has a smiley face for f*****g sake..that's like those words that says free hugs outside of a dark tunnel...we're not doing this cheesy wrong turn s**t...”


Even with his stern words, it was already too late. Barry already made his move towards the forest and what's worse than him not heeding his friend's words? His cellphone which he immediately pulls out even before reaching the forest's edge.


“Ah s**t..why can't he forget that for once..f**k..”


By the time Tim was trying to catch up to him, Barry had already went through a small opening between the tree branches that would lead to a hidden gate behind it.


“Check this out! It's a hidden gate! Wooooo..”


“Would you be quiet!” At this point, it would be pointless to command him to do anything.


The wooden gate was old but sturdy. There was no need to find the entrance for Barry just simply climbed over to the other side.


“Hey..hey! What are you doing!”


There was no immediate response. Barry was actually trying to record the whole thing as he was walking away from the gate and further into the forest. Tim had no choice but to go after him. It wasn't the idea of going over the gate that bothered him but the fact that they're trespassing into someone’s property that they know nothing about. As a golden rule, it's usually legal to shoot trespassers on sight, even if there was no warning sign, at least not the one that he had yet to see. Barry was already so far ahead by the time Tim was trying to catch up with him again.


“Barry! Come back here! Barry!”


It sounded almost like he was whispering and shouting at the same time. With a heavy heart, he quickened his pace, hoping to catch up with his friend before he does anything that would disrupt their holiday trip that they've been planning for so long.



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