Secret Star

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Sherri and Tina each dig up a crystal at the meteorite site, but then two Kentucky State Troopers show up.

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Trio

Submitted: September 07, 2019

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Submitted: September 07, 2019



V. Trio

When Tina arrived at my house Sunday afternoon, a lot of things were happening at once.

Tom was talking again. He started acting like himself. I was so happy that I spontaneously hugged him, which I pretty much never do.

What happened to your crystal?” I whispered to Tom.

I wrapped it in aluminum foil. It's in my closet,” he whispered back.

I had no idea why wrapping the crystal in aluminum foil would help break the hypnotic spell it put on Tom, but evidently it was working.

Laura was suddenly interested in what was going on, especially when she saw Tina.

Tina! I though you guys weren't speaking.” Laura looked back and forth between me and Tina.

Well, we made up this morning,” I answered, trying to downplay it.

Sherri came to the door. She was wearing her grungy t shirt (a hand-me-down; it had been Mark's) and jeans shorts. I knew she was planning on digging up a crystal.

I got out some decks of cards. We all played a few rounds of Spite and Malice. We couldn't do Secret Star until after dinner even though it was Sunday and the construction workers weren't there. We just couldn't risk being seen, so we wanted to wait as late as we could.

Everyone ate dinner at our house. Dad grilled hamburgers. He rarely gets the grill out, so it was a treat. After we were all stuffed full of hamburger, I excused myself and told Mom that Sherri, Tina and I were going to the park. Tom tagged along, as usual, on his Big Wheel.

When we got to the construction site, it was eerily empty. No trucks, no equipment.

What's going on?” Sherri asked, jumping off her bike.

There's a sign over here,” Tina noticed. She put her bike down and walked over to the sign.

It says 'Construction has been temporarily halted until after the July 4th weekend.'” Tina read.

Thank God,” Sherri said. “I thought they'd noticed someone had been tampering with the crater and the equipment. I guess we're safe for now.”

We all breathed a sigh of relief. Each of us went to a different spot to dig. Tom didn't really care about finding another crystal, and I didn't really dig in earnest because I already had the crystal under my bed, which was causing enough trouble. Sherri and Tina, though, were digging like mad. They each wanted to get their own crystal.

Sherri found one after only digging about ten minutes. It was white, with a silvery sparkle to it.

Cool!” Sherri said, holding it up for us to see. “This is amazing!”

Tina was still busy digging, getting pretty far into the crater, which worried me.

Tina, remember that we have to cover the holes you dig!” I called out to her. I was afraid it would be too difficult to get the holes filled in convincingly if we had to climb that far down into the crater.

Just as I was about to yell at her again, Tina found a crystal. She dug it out excitedly.

It's blue!” Tina shouted as she pulled the crystal out and held it up for us to see.

Tina's crystal was a clear light blue. I thought it was the most beautiful one we'd found. The first thing that popped into my head was that we needed to warn her.....each of the crystals might hold a unique inherent danger.

Tina, handle the crystal cautiously!” I said. “We aren't sure why, but the crystals seem to have powers or something.” My voice was shaky. I was trying not to be too dramatic, but I genuinely wanted to get the point across to Tina.

Carolyn, pass some of this to Tina,” Sherri said, holding out a roll of aluminum foil.

Where were you carrying this?” I asked Sherri, pointing to the aluminum foil. “I didn't even see it!”

I had it in my bike basket, covered with my jacket,” Sherri said.

I tore a good sized piece of the foil off and handed it to Tina. Tina was climbing out of her digging spot.

What the heck?” Tina said, taking the aluminum foil from me.

“It was Tom's idea,” Sherri said. “His crystal had him under some kind of a spell, but he found out the aluminum foil blocks the 'signal' or whatever.”

Geez, that's smart!” Tina said. “Tom, I'm glad I saved your life when you were a baby.”

You didn't save my life, so stop telling me you're a hero,” Tom said.

Tom probably won't ever live that incident down. When he was just 13 months old he fell down the basement steps, somersaulting over and over again, hitting every wooden step. Tina and I happened to be playing in the basement that day. Thinking quickly, Tina ran over and caught Tom in her arms at the bottom step.

If I hadn't caught you,” Tina retorted, “You would've cracked your head open on the concrete floor of your basement!” Tina wrapped her crystal in the foil, put it in her pocket, and grabbed some dirt to start filling in the hole she'd made.

I jumped in and helped scoop up dirt to fill Tina's hole.

Hey, thanks for helping me!” Sherri complained.

Tom ran over to Sherri.

There's somebody coming!” he announced.

Sure enough, we all heard cars rounding the corner. Even though they were still half a block away, we could see they were Kentucky State Trooper cars. All three of us scrambled out of the crater and got on our bikes.

You guys go back through the cornfield,” Tom said. “I'll cover for you!”

We had no time to argue. We rode our bikes into the cornfield, but we stopped and hid behind a row of the tall corn so we could see what happened. I didn't have a clue what Tom planned to say to the officers.

There were two cars. They parked at the edge of the construction site. Two officers got out of the first car; one got out of the second car. They slowly approached the crater and spotted Tom. Tom was sitting on his Big Wheel, looking up at them with the dumbest little kid look I'd ever seen.

We got some reports of kids messing with the meteor site,” one of the officers said to Tom. “You know anything about that, young man?” he looked directly down at Tom. He was so tall he looked intimidating as he loomed over Tom.

I like trucks,” Tom said with a fake lisp.

Well, did you ride all the way out here to see the construction trucks?” the officer asked. “They're not going to be working for a few days, but I'm sure they'll let you watch if you come back Monday.”

The officer squatted down and patted Tom on the head.

I used to love trucks when I was your age, too,” he said kindly.

The other two officers headed back to their cars. The tall officer got on his walky-talky to report back to headquarters.

Yeah, it was just one little tiny boy riding a tricycle,” we heard him say. “No harm done.”

He got back in his car. All three cars pulled out, leaving a trail of dust behind them.

Feeling pretty safe at that point, Tina, Sherri and I came out of hiding. We finished filling in the holes, making it look as smooth and natural as possible. On the bike ride home, I congratulated Tom.

You're pretty good at acting, Tom! You had them convinced that you were stupid. They probably thought you were only like three years old,” I said.

Just trying to keep us out of trouble,” Tom said.

Tina, Sherri and I smiled at each other. It felt great that we were a trio again.

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