Thirty Days Has September, First Ten Days

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A second lieutenant, only days from training back in the states is ordered, under fire, to assume command of a company of cast-off Marines, all out in the brutal bloody jungle because of the either the worst of luck or the most minor of offenses or infringement

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THE FIRST DAY, 30 Days Has September

A Second Lieutenant arrives in Da Nang fresh from training. He is a bit awestruck with his "Welcome to the 'Nam". Thirty grueling days of the worst of jungle fighting death and fear follow
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The First Night

followed the buck sergeant down the dark muddy aisle of the Da Nang Hilton, tripping into backpacks and other field equipment was strewn all over. I’d tucked my flight bag under my bunk, for
whatever security that might provide. My watch was my only valuable possession...
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THE SECOND DAY, 30 Days Has September

“Who in hell are you?” a gruff voice, only inches away, said directly into my left ear. “Second Lieutenant Strauss…” I answered haltingly,
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SECOND DAY, SECOND PART, Thirty Days Has September

  THE SECOND DAY SECOND PART Breakfast in the mud pit was ham and lima beans served with canteen cup holders of instant... Read Chapter

THE SECOND NIGHT, 30 days Has September

  THE SECOND NIGHT, 30 Days Has September Night didn’t come easily in the Nam. The day had been a blessing compared t... Read Chapter


  THE SECOND NIGHT SECOND PART The radio music transmissions were supposed to stop at night but it was not fully dark w... Read Chapter


Ham and Lima beans. Nobody wanted them so I took all four boxes. It was preferable to the sliced ‘spam’ I’d had before. The boxes h... Read Chapter


  I made my way back to the Gunny. The Corpsman lay still, breathing shallowly with a poncho cover wrapped around him. The ... Read Chapter

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Chuck Bartok

I have purchased and read the First and Second Ten Days of this harrowing tale of the reality of war. It is listed as a work of fiction for obvious reasons as one reads through the Third Ten Days, soon to be published.
The author's ability to share the fear and horror of the A Ahau Valley in Vietnam is not a Holywood fantasy

Mon, August 12th, 2019 3:32am

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