The Realms Beyond Reality

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Reality isn't what we think it is. There are worlds that exist outside of ours, and Gilbert shows us the truth of our reality.

Submitted: August 12, 2019

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Submitted: August 11, 2019



I'm not sure how to start this. I... I don't even know what I should and shouldn't be saying. I am a researcher.
A researcher of what? Realms. The realms beyond our reality. I know it sounds crazy, but I promise it isn't. The world isn't what we know it as. There isn't just one universe, there's thousands, or possibly millions.
And I saw some of them. Now, I've never subscribed to the idea of an all-knowing deity, but this particular experience has made me wish it was that simple. It all started when I found that book. That damn book...
For awhile I was the apprentice of an aging man named Humphrey. He taught me all he knew about those realms, but I was never quite sure how he knew the things he did. I just assumed that I would find out sooner or later as I grew in my studies.
Each realm has its own rank of being higher and lower. One thing that always puzzled Humphrey was the question of what the highest realm is. He believed that whatever it is, it must be far beyond human understanding.
Humphrey's methods of teaching were simple. They consisted of going out into nature and studying the normal phenomena of the forest, or staring at the sky in the middle of the night and reporting if I had been having any vivid hallucinations.
I would always report back to him at his house. It was a whimsical place, dotted with clocks, strange statues, and with bookshelves lining every room.
There was one room that I wasn't allowed into, though. During my early days as a realm-researcher, I asked Humphrey when I could go into the room. 
The only response I got was "When I'm dead."
 At the ripe old age of 85, he died. He didn't have any living family members, so I was allowed to take his possessions. I was ecstatic. I took this as an opportunity to expand on my studies by reading Humphrey's old books & research journals. I wanted to bring all of our information to the public in honor of his life.
I wish things could've gone smoother than what actually happened.
There was a small key on Humphrey's desk. Sitting beneath it was a note, and it simply read "For my apprentice, Gilbert."
The thought came to my head that this could very much be the key to that forbidden room. I walked down to the end of the hallway to test it out. To my surprise, I was greeted by the click of the door unlocking. He must've knew he was dying, so he decided it was finally time for me to see whatever was in this room. I wish he kept it to himself.
The door opened slowly, and the light of the hallway poured into a nearly empty, dark room. No furniture, no windows. Just one single lectern standing right in the middle. On it, there was an ancient-looking book. I couldn't believe it.

Humphrey had been a very tricky man during his life, but I really thought this was some posthumous joke.
I cautiously picked it up, hoping it wouldn't crumble in my hand. Thank god, it didn't. Though I'm not exactly sure how thankful I should be.
I opened the book, and it turned out to be a journal of some kind. Some of the words at the beginning were smudged, but I could tell it was written by someone named 'Genevieve'. I recalled Humphrey saying that his teacher was a woman by that name. I think she might've been a relative of his.
She's long gone, though. I knew that this journal was her research notes. But why would Humphrey want to hide this from me? He gave me the key, so I assumed that he wanted me to finally read it.
At first, most of the things she wrote were just like the stuff I was taught. Like how the laws of Spinewick's Sphere prove that certain things such as time, emotion, pleasure, etc MUST have their own realms outside of our universe. She also wrote about the theory of Gaiatic Hedronism, which states that our minds can become separated from our bodies during certain times.
The last few pages almost made me faint. They described a process of extreme meditation to travel to these realms, something that would make one see beyond reality from the lesser realms, to the highest ones.
When I got to the final page of the research journal, it simply read "I did it."
Humphrey said that his teacher disappeared unexpectedly many years ago. I wonder... no. I didn't want to consider that possibility.
I went back to the pages about the strange meditation process. I feel like such an idiot for my decision, but I decided to do it. I have studied these realms for almost my whole life. Why would I pass up an opportunity to actually see them? It's pretty much the goal of what we do, so I knew I had to.
It was obvious how disorganized this Genevieve woman was. Some of the steps were written twice, and even three times in a couple pages. I followed them as best as I could. All of my studies over all these years were finally going to pay off.
Suddenly, everything was dark. Then I saw colorful swirls of light enter the darkness, and I was now somewhere else.
I recognized it almost immediately. 
It was 'The Roads of Despair and Sorrow'. A realm where everything looks like the world we live in, but it's dark and full of dense fog. There are no inhabitants. Only sadness exists. It's a place where it's impossible to feel any positive emotions.
A saw a fog covered city. It was consumed by nature, as if it was adandoned decades ago. I walked the seeminlgy endless streets, and I was overtaken by a strong feeling of depression. I wanted to break down. I wanted to be on my knees crying, but I just kept walking. It felt useless to do anything else but move forward. The feeling was absolutely crippling.
The mind and body are able to separate. In times of mourning, or general strong feelings of sadness, our minds will retreat to this realm, and they refuse to leave unless we move forward.
It sounds like kind of philosophical nonsense, but I've seen it.

Humphrey hypothesized that the fog was made from the same chemical that is produced in the brain during depression.
Everything changed. After just walking for what felt like years, the place became darker, and it swirled into the next realm.
I was in a room with moving walls, like some sort of optical illusion. I could tell where the walls were, but they were so vivid-looking. I constantly warping reds, greens, greys, and they were all suspended in a black void. The next thing that happened made me realize where I currently was.
This was the 'Halls of Pleasure'. A deceptive place where all your deepest desires can be explored for a time. It can give you all the things you want, but it also tricks you at the same time. The realm may give you an endless buffet, and you can eat all the food you could ever want, but your hunger will never go away.
It can give you the perfect lover, but you'll become bored rather quickly since you're constrained to a place that isn't earth.
 The colors on the wall began to form a heart, and a being materialized as if from nothing. This must've been the love part of the realm, because this being looked like a combination of all my past girlfriends.
From my first girlfriend,  to the second, the third, and my wife who passed away six years ago. It was a perfect melding of all of them. Auburn-colored hair, blue eyes, and a long flowing white dress. I was shocked, but also intrigued. The realm knew me, and it created the perfect lover. 
She called out my name.

What the realm created was beautiful. I wanted to indulge, but I knew not to fall for the manipulative realm. Whoever or whatever was in charge wouldn't take another victim.
Luckily, the colorful swirls returned, and I was whisked away from that world. My mind was running wild at this point. I really was seeing the places I had only heard about from my teacher. I loved it, but I could feel dread building in me as well.
Happiness overwhelmed me. I saw an endless countryside meadow. It was dotted by trees and patches of flowers. Everything had a bloom-like effect to it. I felt like I was truly at peace here.
This realm was 'Peace Eternal'. The place where our minds go during periods of happiness during our lives. For example, if you've fallen in love, gotten married, or otherwise made a very positive memory, then your mind has been here. It's likely that this is the closest place to heaven that exists.
It's the opposite of the realms of despair. There is only natural beauty in this realm. I wanted to stay, I really did.
After roaming the gorgeous fields for long enough, that familiar swirling sensation returned. I was almost upset, but I knew it had to happen.
I realized that I had started in the lesser realms, but Peace Eternal was one of the higher realms. Was I about to see the highest one of all? The next thing I saw answered my question.
There was a dark corridor, but it was illuminated by fluorescent bars of light that lined the hall. The blackened walls were solid, yet see-through. Through them, I could see more fluorescence suspended in darkness.
I walked down the long hallway that looked like it was straight out of science fiction. At the end of the hall was a large screen. It was light up by words that made my jaw drop to the floor.
Reality Nexus? It took me almost a whole minute to process. This was it. The highest realm. The place where the universe itself is controlled and managed. One very significant thought came to mind.
"We did it, Humphrey."
Below the screen was some sort of control panel. I pressed one button, and suddenly I saw a list of names, all with x's right next to them. There was a line of text at the bottom that simply said "FREE WILL CAPABILITY".
There were no check marks, just x's, and these were the names of every person on earth. 
I now knew that no one truly has free will. Whether we have it or not is determined by the highest realm. The Reality Nexus. I don't know what came over me. Was it anger? Sadness? Ignorance even? Whatever it was, it overtook me to the point where I found my own name and put a big check mark right next to it.
It was almost a thrill. My way of getting back at whoever the hell runs this place. I could feel myself being lifted into the air by an unknown force. Everything flashed to white, and I was back.
I awakened in the room I started in, but I felt more alive than ever. Like everything I did mattered. All of my research, and all the years of studying had finally reached that pinnacle. After all this, I'm going to publish my experience for all to see. This is all to preserve my dear old teacher's memory, and to honor his life.
Now I must ask you, the reader, to consider your awareness of your own reality. I know I do.


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