The Binding Volume 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: CrazyStories
Do you love action adventure fantasy books?
The Binding Volume 1 will keep you entertained and flipping pages through the night or all day on the beach!

A wise cracking magical cat and a 5,000 year old Starman battle the Russian Mafia in this action adventure fantasy story.

"Binding" with them is the last Voodoo Queen in New Orleans, street people, even Louisiana Cajuns from a place called the End of the World.

They lay their lives on the line to save New Orleans and America's food crops from the Russian Nano virus The Destroyer.

Science fiction meets adventure with fantasy, a little humor and romance thrown in for a fast paced, entertaining story!

5 Amazon Reviews:
1. Although I'm not really a 'Cat Person', I plowed through the first chapter or two and was suddenly hooked. It keeps you flipping pages.
2. Ok, it’s now 6 am and I’ve been up all night reading it! If you want an awesome book - The Binding is that.
3. Just imagine conversing with a voodoo lady and a 5000 yr-old cat, both with the power to do amazing feats, including keeping me on the couch for a non-stop read. Haven’t done that since “Papillon” many years ago.
4. He tactfully takes readers along giving us some intriguing suspense with a sprinkling of whimsy for a random chuckle. Well done!!
5. It's a very different kind of story than I'm used to reading, but halfway through chapter 1 I was hooked. this is a great read - so much fun!

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A Little Bit Crazy

Submitted: August 12, 2019

A Little Bit Crazy, Chapter 54, has two scenes. First Scene: This scene unfolds with Jerry determined to rescue TZ (his budding love interest) from the crazed Russian killer Nikola.
It requires all the powers of Bastet (the magical cat) starman Jim, Mindy the Voodoo Queen and LB the sharpshooter to rescue TZ. Second Scene: In the second scene, Mindy conjures goblins and
a catastrophic crimson fire to destroy the warehouse that was intended to house "The Destroyer" DNABots. Jim and Mindy are both compromised in the attempt and their lives are in
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The Binding Volume 1

Buckle up! The City of New Orleans is ground zero is this thrilling action adventure sci-fi story! The Russian Mafia plans to introduce a deadly Nano virus, “The Destroyer.” A band of heroes join the "binding" to battle the Russians. A Starman, a ma