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Chapter 1


It's easy to see why foreign visitors fall for the exoticness that is India. Everywhere you look- particularly in the tourist destination spots, its intricate buildings, temples, colorful bazaars, colorful clothing, joyous smiles. It needn't matter if you have teeth, pearly whites are merely a bonus. For a country boasting over one billion in population, if someone shouldn't take your fancy, there are many more to pick from. One going there couldn't return home the same. India dear to the heart, it's sound, it's a buzz, it's action, it's spell.


Most tourists left having not much to complain about. Sure, things could get smelly in a hurry, but it didn't take too long to become nose-blind. Sure, sometimes visitors were plagued by "Delhi belly", rendering themselves sick as dogs... but sickness passes.


It's not to say that India is always pleasant to the eye. There are many children, protruding, swollen bellies to thin as rakes, hands ever out, after the kindness of anyone who'd look twice at them. Poverty was as visible as richness. Animals, ribs sticking out roamed the streets freely, dark eyes pitiful. But that, too, would pass.


Home awaited the tourists. The exotic memories and photographs taken would serve as reminders- on occasion, but the sights of the poor, the slums, would be blotted out with the comforts of home.


For those who live in the crowded place, they'd long since learned to turn blind eyes. If you help one child, whether you are resident or tourist, they will pester and clamber and pick at you non-stop. For animals, you can’t afford to share your food with them. To each, sadly, their own. There was no sense in befriending a beast, no matter how endearing… why should you watch it waste away before your eyes? 


The wealthy didn't offer handouts to the poor, and the poor didn't harass the wealthy. Everyone knew their place. It was just recently that the term "Untouchables" had been abolished. They were still last rank, second, third, fourth-class citizens, but that's as far as it went.

If you thought high school cliques were bad...


In a billion people, spread around the coasts, cities, and shorelines, mind you, it's hard to stand out. It was just as well, to an extent. In a sea of faces, you blended in, were more easily accepted. What was the worst thing about anonymity... not being able to catch the attention of a beautiful young woman? That mattered little, match made arranged marriages were all the people knew.


Mother... does know best.


One might think that this life was redundant and dull. Go out, do your work, go home. It could be, perhaps, if it were not for the constant festivals and holidays... so many gods, each needing attention.


Life was anything but dull.

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