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Comments on a personal view of americans rights to vote, our choice to exercise a simple process as free citizens what our forefathers constitutionally mandated and set in place for us.

Submitted: August 13, 2019

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Submitted: August 13, 2019




Article by Virgil Dube - 2019



A person I know doesn’t vote, neither in local or the Presidential Elections. I have never asked ‘why not’, feeling I might intrude upon and violate that person’s privacy.


Startling facts have recently come to my attention:


(1) Voter turnout for Presidential Elections for the United States of America, the greatest Democracy on Earth, ranks at an appalling 122nd among world nations.


(2) Turnout at Presidential Elections is 50% or less registered voters.


(3) Voter turnout at crucial local elections is much lower, a 25% turnout considered by election officials an accomplishment.




So many people believe their vote doesn’t count because they feel they are only one of countless numbers that makes little difference, or of ethnic suppression, or of gerrymandering that is being hotly discussed at present, the electoral college an advantage to one political party that over time has historically and will switch effectiveness to the other party in due time in electoral count because of cultural diversity. And, there are those persons that are sadly, indifferent.


When a person or group speaks loudly about an issue or cause and flys the flag yet doesn’t cast a vote on election day, that person does have a right for opinion but of a lesser degree to intrinsically question rights or wrongs governmentally over the actual person having voted and validating his candidate selection to contribute to our democratic process.


If one walks any beach and picks up a handful of sand, then isolates one single grain, that simple bit of our Earth might seem insignificant compared to the whole of matter upon which the Earth’s crust is derived. Yet, there are trillions upon trillions of grains of sand covering the entire planet contributing in a meaningful way to the composition for which we live upon, the goodness unified we share ... like when we cast our vote proudly as our system was set up insuring ‘We The People’ - Democrat’s, Republicans, Independents, as the backbone component of our country has the real voice in electing officials within our fluctuating government.


My wife Sharon and I exercise our rights to vote. Only under an extreme situtaion would we not. When we walk from our precinct to resume our day, hardly any time taken to vote, and we together stick our ‘I Voted’ sticker on our lapels, we feel proud our Constitutional right as Americans to have voiced our opinions, hence 2 votes, 2 grains of sand. We are in the voting percentile - are you? ... Virgil Dube’.

© Copyright 2019 Virgil Dube. All rights reserved.

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