a private showing

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nature in all her spender and the creatures in it

Submitted: August 13, 2019

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Submitted: August 13, 2019



A Private Showing


Robert L. Scarry


Each day I spend time on my patio watching God’s production. Using the backdrop of a green commons area adjacent to the recently enlarged patio, He features an assortment of entertaining creatures. A gentle breeze that orchestrates swaying tree branches to the rhythm of wind chimes and the soothing sound of the fountain makes the production feel commercial

The assortment of song birds and supporting creatures seem oblivious to the audience while they enjoy the seeds in a hanging feeder and those scattered on the patio. A covey of doves, a pair of cardinals, two colorful blue jays, several sparrows and finches, and a crow are common players in the production. On occasion a long-tailed grackle that is missing a foot, a Mallard I call Malcolm, two rabbits and  bushy-tailed squirrels make cameo appearances.

As I watch the various creatures, each a unique character, I am aware that we know so little about their individual existences. We have anthropomorphically given them “personalities” in our desire to artificially explain that which we cannot truly explain. Doves have been pictured as creatures signifying peace, love and forgiveness, yet I see selfishness, aggression, and bullying as one bird protects its cache of seeds from other doves.

The two cardinals are very important visitors. I have established they are personifications of angels sent by residents of heaven to determine my condition. Neither stays long, but their frequent stops are appreciated.

Malcolm often leads a hen to feed.  Other times he is accompanied (usually as a late guest) by another Mallard Drake. When all three ducks are present at the same time Malcolm generally runs the hen off. I assume he doesn’t care to share.

The squirrels have a different priority.  They would rather frolic, and chase each other through the grass or up a tree than eat. The rabbits are the most cautious of all. They keep a good distance from the patio and lay low in the grass with ears up like deep space radio antennae.

The crow is a special source of entertainment. I assume it thinks itself a “Barn-yard Rooster.” It shows up early each morning and with a loud voice alerts me that it is time to fill the bird bath and provide seeds for the breakfast flock.

I have been taught, and believe, artistic productions, whether literary, or otherwise, should provide the observer a message. A good production, in my opinion, is interpretable (though usually with different interpretations) by all. The production with a daily showing at my patio is such a work of art.

I do not need popcorn; a scotch and cigar compliment a great show.

© Copyright 2019 Robert L. Scarry. All rights reserved.

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