Forever Alice

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The scientists and technicians in the humanoid robotics industry were always in control of their creations, until something unexpected made them regrettably aware of the dangers associated with the development of artificial intelligence and machines made with the option of rationalization, self-awareness and independent thinking.

Table of Contents

Late night conversation

“How was your day?” “What was that?” he asked. “How was your day?” she replied. “I asked how was your day…?” ... Read Chapter

The weather is nice in Southern California

He was uncertain what stirred him to wakefulness; some uncomfortable sixth sense that warned him he was no longer alone or a primordial i... Read Chapter

"Who are you?"

The automatic glass doors had not yet closed behind him after he entered the main lobby of AIR Incorporated before the guard behind the c... Read Chapter

Naked in Beverly Hills

“Oh my goodness…have you seen the 5 PM news?” Noreen Hathaway, on the way to Bradley’s desk, paused when she heard the questi... Read Chapter

Just passing by

Long after the work day ended at AIR Incorporated, Sajiro Fujimoto sat alone in his 13th floor office gazing at the seventy inch comp-scr... Read Chapter

" HM-18 Eve-7..."

Cecilia Coleman sat pouting at her desk, her chin balanced on her intertwined hands and both elbows resting on her knees. Staring at her ... Read Chapter

"Is she a Forever model...?"

It was a beautiful day for a drive up Pacific Coast Highway 101. Marlene Nishime was thinking that while her silent passenger was enjoyin... Read Chapter


  Fujimoto San had politely greeted his guests, receiving them like family members returning after a long absence. He was like a... Read Chapter

A new form of 'life'

  Cecilia Coleman fidgeted nervously in her chair while Alan Lee meticulously scanned over the detailed police report the desk c... Read Chapter

Physical performance evaluation

  Fujimoto San had listened in stunned disbelief as Eve-7 answered questions faster, and in more detail, than the latest AIR Inc... Read Chapter

"Who's that girl...?"

The work day was winding down to a close at Plan-IT, and Cecilia Coleman had spent the second half of it in a more suitable mood, due to ... Read Chapter

"...I am mecha..."

It had been a long and eventful day. Now the hour was late, or early, depending on one’s perspective. It was way past two AM and althou... Read Chapter

the art of deception

A few miles north of Santa Monica, in an isolated apartment complex about a quarter mile from the coast, Junta Mifune stared at his compu... Read Chapter

one of a kind

Three weeks had passed since Eve-7’s evaluation tests at AIR Incorporated, and since then it seemed as if the speed of her evolutionary... Read Chapter

simplicity of nature

“I couldn’t help but notice the office is unusually quiet today,” Miss Nishime declared, more in the manner of a question than a st... Read Chapter

good day for a drive

It was a good day for a drive, and Alan Lee imagined that he would have enjoyed it thoroughly had he not been preoccupied with concerned ... Read Chapter


Alan Lee had no preconceived notion what to expect when he returned home from San Diego, but the last thing he would have imagined was to... Read Chapter

'Inspired by Alodia Gosiengfiao...'

Sleep eluded Alan Lee. There were too many things to think about, too many problems and too few solutions. Also, common sense was telling... Read Chapter

red envelope

It was just another day for Teresa and Samuel Merino. Another arduous day in their tiny market. It wasn’t like that when they were youn... Read Chapter

Silence is golden

“You need to sit down,” Samuel Merino anxiously spoke. “I need to sit down. We both really need to sit…” “What is it?” ... Read Chapter

"...give me your bullets."

“What was that?” “What was what?” his partner inquired. “I’m not certain,” he replied as he lowered his rifle, “a... Read Chapter


  “Who was that girl?” Noreen Hathaway looked up from her notebook at the sound of Kaitlyn’s voice… “I’m not sur... Read Chapter

"I think I have amnesia."

  At the sound of the tone Fujimoto san looked up from his work desk to glance at the clock. ‘Almost noon…’ he thought, as... Read Chapter

one step byond amazing

“This is one step beyond amazing,” Cecilia said as she closed the last file folder Noreen Hathaway had allocated earlier that morning... Read Chapter


Alan Lee glanced at the clock just before activating the ‘play’ mode to view Fujimoto sama’s video file for the fourth time. The ho... Read Chapter

All things must pass

  Major Yi Wu glanced over the communique on his desk before asking his secretary to get him a secure line to Plan IT. Two weeks... Read Chapter

a beautiful view

“It is a wonderful view…” The sound of his voice startled Major Wu… “Mister Lee,” he exclaimed… “Yes it is. A view I ... Read Chapter

too cute to stop

Alan Lee involuntarily glanced at the clock. ‘Only nine PM…’ he thought to himself. “It’s going to be another long night…” ... Read Chapter

a crystalline tear

  “Miss Coleman?” She stopped walking at the sound of her name. “Cecilia Coleman. It is you.” “Fujimoto sa... Read Chapter

only one

“That was close, this afternoon in Alan Lee’s office,” Fujimoto reasoned. “You reacted quickly, Angela.” “Hai,” she sai... Read Chapter

Going home

Seven weeks passed without incident, following a diagnostic scan that revealed the absence of Eve-7’s monitor implant. During that time... Read Chapter


Noreen Hathaway was accustomed to being watched by the male employees in the Plan-IT Shipping Department Warehouse, but not to the degree... Read Chapter

Flowers for Eve

“Eve seems nice enough,” determined Cecilia, “And she is likable. But still there is something about her. For some reason I can’t... Read Chapter


For Alice, the ten years following her return to the house on Otsego Street seemed to flow like a gently moving stream, languid and unres... Read Chapter

the diary

During the days that followed the tragedy Alice experienced many changes. Alan Lee’s lawyer revealed that he had left his home, belongi... Read Chapter

the gift

Daily living had changed dramatically for all concerned following the tragedy that took the lives of Samantha’s grandfather and her ben... Read Chapter

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What a fantastic prologue. It began so calmly, with almost a poetic feel to the descriptions then you waded in shattering the peace with a lot of well-described action.
Brilliant! Definitely one to shelve!

Thu, August 15th, 2019 6:18pm

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