Forever Alice

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A Prologue

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: August 14, 2019

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Submitted: August 14, 2019



'Autumn winds...' she reflected. The thought, silent as a shadow, drifted in her mind as she gazed at the broad expanse of night-darkened sky. "Heaven's breath..." she whispered as she slowly turned her eyes toward the northern horizon. The dense cloudbank that had been forming there throughout the afternoon began to slowly drift in at twilight, methodically spreading across the heavens like a dark celestial tapestry, driven by the same winds that stirred and lifted the velvet strands of her hair.

The sea of stars intermittently winked through the wind swept vapors, which dimmed, but did not extinguish their glow. The light of the full moon likewise pierced the gloom with a silvery incandescence, lending a dream- like quality to the heavenly vista above. The wind, which had earlier been a series of brief gusts, had intensified, now buffeting her small, leather clad frame and prompting her to firmly grasp the heliport guardrail against which she leaned. The rail, which encircled the aerial landing ramp, was the only means of stability within reach. It made her precarious position on the Centennial Building roof, forty-eight floors above the city streets, a little less dangerous.

She came here often at dusk, to embrace the silence and solitude. The city was quiet now, as it was every night following the 9 PM curfew, void of pedestrians and vehicles alike. For just a moment she turned her attention to the streets and sidewalks, contemplating how different they were during daylight hours. At this hour, the dormant metropolis, although polished and pristine in sharp contrast to the tumultuous sky, seemed to be no more than a deslote, long abandoned ghost town. 

Her reverie was interrupted suddenly by an echoing roll of thunder that preceded a series of spider web bolts of lightning, briefly illuminating the cloud haunted sky. Abruptly, her highly developed peripheral vision detected movement in the air several floors below where she stood.

'Police hovercraft...' she mused, just as her acute senses alerted her that something extraordinary and unusual was about to play itself out.

Inside the airborne vehicle, following a radio directive regarding a public disturbance, the patrolman in the passenger seat complained... "Did you get that, Lieutenant? A code 17. That's just great," he declared sarcastically. "I was looking forward to a quiet night."

"Stop complaining," said the girl at the steering controls. "We aren't paid for quiet nights. Just prepare your weapon and be grateful."

"Grateful...?" he repeated inquisitively.

"Yes, grateful. At least we know what to expect, more or less."

Within minutes they arrived at the scene of the disturbance, just as a concert piano came crashing through a second story window, followed by two men, their arms and legs flailing wildly in the empty air. An instant later a third man leaped from the same window, landing feet first and unscathed on the pavement below as the hovercraft descended. Before the patrol officers could adequately react, he picked up one of the men who preceded him and hurled the body at the vehicle. It violently struck and cracked the front windshield on the driver's side, just as the patrolman on the passenger side emerged with gun in hand. He fired twice, but the target moved quickly and sporadically to avoid being hit. Speedily closing the distance between himself and the startled officers, he disarmed the man who had fired and used the weapon to strike him forcefully on the head. As he dropped unconscious to the ground, his partner, emerging from the driver's side, aimed her gun at the assailant. She managed one shot at point blank range, striking him as he lifted her wounded comrade and slammed him mercilessly to the ground. Then, with the agility of a cat, he sprung across the hood of the vehicle and grabbed her by the throat with one hand. At that precise moment, as he raised the other hand to strike, the terrified girl detected a blur-of-motion to her left side. Suddenly the assailant was forcefully knocked backward, landing several feet away, minus the arm that held her.

The blur quickly dislodged the grip of the hand on the patrolwoman's throat and flung the severed arm at the attacker. Although relieved, the officer was in shock, frightened into stunned immobility. Staring incredulously at the beast who choked her, she noticed that no blood issued from where his arm had been attached.

'Robotic...' she thought, just as he sprang to his feet. He glared at her, then screaming wildly, charged forward. Slowing his pace slightly as he neared the hovercraft, he angrily slammed a fist onto the roof, crushing it and shattering the remaining glass all the way around. When he was within reach of the shocked Lieutenant he attempted to grab her again by the throat, but the petite, leather clad stranger, moving faster than the eye could follow, intervened once more. An instant later his remaining arm was separated at the shoulder joint as the blur simultaneously delivered a powerful front snap kick to his midsection and sent him flying backward into the wall of the building. As he lay in a crumpled heap, unable to move and staring widreyed, he turned his attention to the newcomer.

"You...!" he wailed almost incoherently. "Who are you?"

"Me...?" she replied as she slowly approached. "I'm Alice," she said, just before knocking him unconscious with a final, decisive kick to the head.



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