Divine Soul

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It is easier to plant flowers in better grass, but it more difficult to respect your future with such a rough past. Let's build a bond that never breaks. I prayed for a queen and was blessed with a goddess.

Yesterday he broke you down into pieces so he could place you into a container that was meant to hold something that has lost its value. I'm sure you feel your tears could be collected and used to water a plant alongside your windowpane. However, I'm here to shed light on what seems like one of the most dreading moments in your life. That heart of yours he mistook for a welcome mat for someone else to enter his life the same way others have one after the other. Yes, he's told you about his past relations before him, but never once had he considered how that person felt throughout their connection before calling it off after some months. Yes, they separated but those other women walked/crawled away with a facial expression much like yours. Eyes filled with tears and a heart with such a hallow cold feeling that there's no positive thought in the midst of either of your grasps. His words sound sweet when he tries to send you messages of apologies through text, but behind his screen, he is saying the complete opposite in his mind as you read each word in your own voice because you know it would be sincere coming from you.

An incredible phenomenon occurs when you find yourself with your head lifted towards the brightest star in the night sky. Yes, there is something spectacular urging you to keep your head lifted because all in all there's someone else looking up at that same star recognizing the best love of all comes from self. Later in this experience, you'll come across someone who invites you to stargaze and discuss any traumas or questions of uncertainty about this life you've been leading. He tells you that it is harder to respect the future when you regret the past. Upon picking you up he noticed the plants alongside your windowpane from the outside reaching towards the moon. He then proceeded to tell you that the same way those require room to bloom better, and so did you. Your teardrops couldn't supply those plants with the proper form of revitalizing nourishment because they would only cry a similar story when ingesting that energy. He tells you that you give him life because you're very divine, and he would appreciate every bit of light you let shine his way forevermore. 

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