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Disobedience always come with a price tag.Elvis learnt that the hard way.

My name is Elvis Andoh. I had always been a stubborn boy way back in basic school up to the secondary school. My parents always adviced me to respect everyone and be humble,but all their efforts were just like sea waves smashing hard against a solid igneous rock.
I continued my disobedience to the senior High school and I was suspended twice .
One , for running away to town without permission to watch the Ghana Verses Uruguay match in which Asamoah Gyan missed that Historic penalty in the  2010 World cup,South Africa.
Second for attempting to fight with a teacher by name, Mr.Donkoh Emrys for getting closer to my girlfriend (or so I suspected)
 Mr.Donkoh was an Art teacher and a lot of girls liked him because he was Gifted in teaching Art Work. I secretly got jealous when girls talked about him with such great admiration. What killed me more was when Angelina, my girlfriend, also talked about him as if she was having a crush on him. 
I never really value my teachers.Whenever  I use the official title," Sir", for my teachers , I was doing so out of  duty, not because I really respect or value them. To me, teachers are not that  important  in our society.
If I  were the government,I won't pay them more than Ghc100.That's their value.Very insignificant. Perhaps infinitesimal. 
It was this hidden hatred I had for teachers that made me attacked Mr. Donkoh, when I suspected he was getting too close to My girlfriend, Angelina. I confronted him angrily saying," you useless good -for- nothing fool.Leave my girlfriend alone.You paedophile. She's just 17 years and you are about 50 years.Go in for mature ladies who belong to your class. "
In my school, every teacher had his personal  office , not a staff common room for all of them. 
I stormed out of his office in rage, not even realising that I just talked to a grown up man who happened to be my teacher and some body's father  like he is my Co equal." As if I care, "I said to myself.He can go to had.Afterall,he's just a common teacher. 
Three days , later, I saw Angelina came out of his office again. My anger grew hot like an iron put in a fiery furnance.  I said to myself,"so this old fool won't listen to instruction. After warning him to stay away from my girlfriend, he's still seeing her.I will deal with him today. "
I ambushed him when he left his office and was about to enter his car.I pulled him from the back and attempted to smash  him on the bare ground with all my strength but to my surprise, he was stronger than I thought and managed to extricate himself from my grip without falling down. He turned, with a surprised expressions on his face but didn't utter a word. He entered his car and left.  My colleagues ,(the notorious ones) who witnessed the scene clapped for me for exhibiting such a great courage to attack a teacher. 
For my bravado, I was given another girl by the "big boys" in the school.Her name was Joanita. That very night , I enjoyed Joanita in the isolated classroom adjacent our Art lab.It was a classroom with no light and often used as a mating ground by my colleagues who were into women affair,like me.
Three day later, I was summoned to a disci
plinary committee. The issue was thoroughly investigated. I was asked why I attacked My teacher. I said he took my girlfriend from me and it got me annoyed.The Disciplinary Committee(DC) Chairman said it was against school rules for  Students to date or engage in romantic ventures while in school either with a colleague student or a teacher or an adult within the working jurisdiction of the school. 
He also said,"School rules did not permit a student to  assault a teacher , no matter what he did. It was at the DC meeting that I got to realise Mr. Donkoh was truelly  Angelina's Maternal Uncle, not his girlfriend. What a shame. Angelina told me but I didn't believe  her because I knew female students hide under "unclehood " and do a lot of things. 
I was asked to apologised to him but pride overcame me.I refused. The next day I was suspended from the school. I stayed at home for one month before I was called back.
I managed to avoid him when I returned to the school.You can imagine my joy when I left Golden Brains Senior High School.
I always wanted to go to be a soldier. When I completed school, I applied to the military academy six times but wasn't picked. I begun loosing hope. I had already wasted six years in the house. In the seventh year, I applied again and catcham, I was picked. 
My joy knew no bound.I passed through all the test, aptitude, physical, health.Fifteen of us were picked out of 500 people who applied. 
The last stage of the recruitment process was to get  a recommendation letter from my previous institution as a way of ascertaining my past behaviour. My heart sank.I would've to go to that prison called Golden Brains senior High school again. 
I went to the school, Expecting to see Mr.Vormawor Edwin, our headmaster.I was told he retired.The school administrator said , they had a new headmaster so I should go and see him for the recommendation letter. 
Guess who I saw when I was ushered into the headmaster's executive office lounge.-Mr.Appiah.When he saw me, he smiled and said, young man, sit down, how can I help you. 
I was shaking seriously like a dry leave about to fall off a tall tree.Within one minute, I flashed back to my school days Seven years ago and how I insulted him as ..."useless Good for nothing person and a paedophile. ...I also remember how I refused to apologize to him for pushing him when I thought he was ..chopping my girl.I remembered the ...."
"Young man, I don't have a lot of time so state your mission, "he said , cutting through my chain of thought. 
I began, rather nervously, sir, It seems you have forgotten me.My name is .........,
"Elvis Andoh,"Right? "he said ,finishing the introduction for me."You are the boy who accused me falsely of dating Angelina, who happened to be my own niece. You are the boy who insulted me as good- for -nothing and a paedophile. You are the boy who pushed me down.Yes, I have not forgotten you at all."
I frozed in the Sofa, and went dumbed for two minutes before saying , "Sir, I am very very sorry for disrespecting you like that. I am now a changed person and I won't do that again. Please forgive me.
"That's  interesting. he said,"You now realised your mistakes but I know it's because of something.Tell me , what exactly do you want from the school?"
I said," Sir, I applied to the military Academy and one of the requirements is to get a recommendation letter from our previous school so that is why I am here."
He looked at me for a minute and said, so because you want my recommendation and my signature, you suddenly realised you misbehaved towards me seven years ago.Within that seven years, you never realised it until you were asked to bring a recommendation letter. I thought you are as clever as you are stubborn. If I were you, I would have come first to apologize, then come a week letter to ask for recommen
dation.I am sorry , Elvis, a good- for -nothing person cannot give you a good recommen
dation letter. I am a Christian, if I give you a recommendation, it will be a bad one
because you are not a good boy and I can't lie.Now, if you don't mind, leave my office.I have very important things to do.
I left his office in tears.I never get the recommendation and I never get enlisted into the military. My disobedience had cost me big time.-MY FUTURE CARRIER. 
Till date,I regretted my maladjusted and wayward life back in school.

Submitted: August 17, 2019

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