Love and Marriage: The Love Story of Nancy and Frank: Book I

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Featured Review on this writing by Jean Lagace

The first of four books sharing a lifelong love affair. Based on the letters I found written to me by my husband during the Vietnam War in 1971.

Table of Contents

Our Love Begins

Chapter 1 of Love & Marriage: The Love Story of Nancy & Frank: Book I. This book is published and available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback and ebook. This book will introduce you to
Frank and Nancy, taking you through our courtship, marriage, and experiences as newlyweds in Massachusetts and Okinawa. I have included letters from Frank while he was in Basic Training and letters
we wrote to each other before I arrived in Massachusetts.
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The Hayride

Chapter 2 The Hayride As President of the MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship), Frank decided to plan some fun events for us all. Sin... Read Chapter

New Year's Eve

Frank and I had been going steady for a month when we went to my cousin's New Year's Eve party in Houston, Texas. It was my first New Year's Eve party and my first mixed drink.
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A Long Way Home

Sometimes you have to pay more attention to your driving than the Stars and Music.
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February 7, 1968

Chapter 5 February 7, 1968   In mid-January 1968, Jimmy and Frank were supposed to register to go back to scho... Read Chapter

Rabbit Hunting

  Chapter 6 Rabbit Hunting   Time was moving very fast for us now, and we had so much to do before Frank w... Read Chapter

Leaving on a Jet Plane

This chapter will start the sharing of actual letters that Frank wrote to me from Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri in 1968. Note: None of Frank's letters have been allowed to be
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Lonely in a Crowd

Chapter 8 Lonely in a Crowd   The next letters Frank wrote was after he had been in basic training for one week.  I... Read Chapter

Please, Mr. Postman

Chapter 9   Please, Mr. Postman   The next letter from Frank shows just how upset and isolated he was feeling. ... Read Chapter

Marching in the Snow

When you are a South Texas boy, marching in the snow in Missouri can become a big deal
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Basic Training Fun

Chapter 11 Basic Training Fun   I sent Frank my senior picture in a letter right before receiving two letters ... Read Chapter

Young Love

  Chapter 12 Young Love ?   The next letter you will read really upset me. Frank was so far from home ... Read Chapter

Why Does A Man Cuss

  Chapter 13 Why Does A Man Cuss?   I wrote a letter to Frank about the increase in cuss words in his letters t... Read Chapter

A Unique & Special Letter

Only Frank would write a letter like this.
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My Brother's Letter

After sharing Chapter 14 of Frank and my love story, I knew the next chapter that would be shared would touch my heart very deeply once again. I dedicate this chapter to my brother Jimmy Blakley.
Jimmy served two tours of duty in Vietnam. He received the same disrespectful welcome home as all Vietnam Veterans did. Due to Agent Orange, he has suffered and was given 100% disability because of
how it affected his eyes.
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Stuck On You

Chapter 16 Stuck On You   The four days leading up to our Wedding Day were full of excitement. Wow!  I had Fra... Read Chapter

Going to the Chapel

  Chapter 17 Going to the Chapel   I tossed and turned all night, trying to go to sleep, but my restless m... Read Chapter

Wedding Reception

Frank and I were not famous, but we are still known for our Wedding Reception in Bay City, Texas.
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The Honeymoon

Chapter 19 The Honeymoon     Waking up that first morning as Frank's wife was surreal.  Wondering was... Read Chapter

Separation Hurts Deeply

After Frank and I married on May 8, 1968, we would have a short separation. It affected us deeply, but it was nothing as to what was to come in the future.
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Our First Home

Frank and I were starting our marriage together in our first home. We were young and foolish, but we shared an unselfish commitment to each other with open communication.
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Dive Bombers and Beater Fan

Chapter 22 Dive Bombers & Beater Fan   Once arriving at our apartment house, I was not really sure who was most exc... Read Chapter

Clothes, Oreos, Candy Lipsticks

Chapter 23 Clothes, Oreos, Candy Lipsticks   Frank and I solved our fan problem with our "Beater Fan," or at least ... Read Chapter

Apartment, Snoopy & Corncob Pipe

Chapter 25 Apartment, Snoopy & Corncob Pipe     Frank had been searching for a new place for us to live in... Read Chapter

Turn Off the Water

  Chapter 26 Turn Off The Water   Since we had moved to town, life had become less stressful for Frank and... Read Chapter

Texas & The Plastic Fab Co.

Working in Massachusetts was a blast. This was my first real job.
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Rope Knot, & Bivouac

  Rope Knot & Bivouac Chapter 28     We were having an awesome time just being together in Ayer, ... Read Chapter

Going Back Home to Texas

  Going Back Home to Texas Chapter 29     After Frank got home from the bivouac, we still had a f... Read Chapter

Next Stop Okinawa

  Next Stop Okinawa Chapter 30     After arriving home in Texas late on the evening of December 2... Read Chapter

Settling In

  Chapter 31 Settling In     We left Naha Airport hand in hand with big smiles on our faces. Fran... Read Chapter

Uneven Numbers

  ? Chapter 32 Uneven Numbers   Frank only had a week off from his job at Torii Station to help me get sett... Read Chapter

Ralph & Ole Bondo

Chapter 33 Ralph & Ole Bondo     Frank and I had settled into the daily living in Okinawa.  Okinawa w... Read Chapter

Ralph's Love of Leather

Ralph's Love of Leather Chapter 34     I have told you about finding our sweet dog, Ralph, and how much he... Read Chapter

Typhoon Elsie & Habu

Typhon Elsie & Habu Chapter 35   In late September of 1969, Typhoon Elsie was in the Pacific Ocean heading towards ... Read Chapter

Pizza Party

Frank had incredible dimples and they were my weakness
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Mayo Jar, Christmas, Moving

Our first Christmas away from family was hard, but we had made new family ties with our friends.
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Stork, Water, and A Note

Frank and I had a beautiful playful nature with each other.
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Roller Coaster

Sometimes in life, things happen that make you feel like your emotions are on a Roller Coaster Ride.
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Broken Hearts

Nothing prepares you for saying goodbye to your Soulmate as they leave to go to war. This chapter has audio that I made. It caught me by surprise that even though forty-nine years had passed, the
vivid memories of our goodbye brought back such raw emotions.
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Last Letters From Okinawa

This Chapter ends Book I, Love & Marriage: The Love Story of Nancy & Frank
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Love and Marriage: The Love Story of Nancy and Frank: Book I

Love is like new wine which will be aged then tested over and over before it becomes a great wine. The same is true of love. A love between two people to become lasting and eternal will be tested, as it ages. Marriage takes both people working together

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Robert Helliger

An enjoyable romantic memoir book.
It is brilliantly written.

Tue, August 27th, 2019 7:38am


Robert, thank you so much. I pray you will continue to read and enjoy our stories.
Hod Bless You,

Tue, August 27th, 2019 7:45am

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