Love and Marriage: The Love Story of Nancy and Frank: Book I

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Chapter 17 (v.17) - Going to the Chapel

Submitted: August 30, 2019

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Submitted: August 30, 2019




Chapter 17

Going to the Chapel


I tossed and turned all night, trying to go to sleep, but my restless mind would not stop thinking. The excitement and the anticipation that the next evening of becoming Frank's wife forever, just would not let my mind rest.

Of course, that was interlaced with worrisome thoughts about if Frank was okay.  Knowing those guys all to well who had taken Frank to the beach for a

Bachelor Party had me asking myself many questions. Did they let him drown?  Was he tied up to a tree on the courthouse lawn in Bay City? Or worse yet, tied up to that tree in the nude? Had they used a chain and lost the padlock key?

Finally, I fell asleep but woke up in the middle of the night then set up quickly in the bed when I heard my brother Jimmy stumbling down the hall.  I needed answers! Immediately, I got out of bed and ran into the hallway.  Jimmy was startled, but he laughed when he saw me.  Questions and threats started flying out of my mouth as he looked at me in his hungover state.

"Is Frank okay?  Did y'all tie or chain him to a tree somewhere?  Where is the key?  If, Y'all hurt him your toast!"

Jimmy told me that Frank was alright, passed out but alright, and four of them had carried him by the arms and legs into his folk's house then put him in his bed.Jimmy said they had thought about tieing him nude on top of his car then tell me he was sick so I would drive out there and find him but decided not to.  Well now, that was just hunky-do kind of them! Why did his hungover words not make me feel better? As Jimmy walked away from me, he also mumbled something about a case of Vodka and gallons of Orange Juice.  Good grief!

I went back to my room, got back in bed, tossed and turned for awhile praying then finally fell back to sleep but then got up later and went to the kitchen.  While sitting at the kitchen bar, it seemed like forever, the phone rang.

When I answered it, I heard, "Hey Nancy Lou, I love you!  Get your bags packed Darling because, after lunch, my brother is going to pick them up and bring them to my folk's house."  I asked him if he was alright, and he assured me he was.  I told him how much I loved him then he said to me that he would be waiting at the altar for me.

Worry was replaced by total excitement, and I danced around the room singing "Going to the Chapel, and we're going to get married"!

There was much to do, but total excitement surrounded me.  I packed my suitcase then took it to the front hall to wait for Frank's brother to pick it up then I headed to the shower to start the process of getting ready.  It was already after lunch and the time was flying by.  When I came out of the bathroom from my shower, my suitcase had been picked up. This somehow made the reality of the day, even more real.

The Wedding party was to be at the church at before 5:00 p.m. to get dressed and take pictures.  Since I was doing my own hair and makeup, I had to get busy, and I did. Time flew by then I was driven to the church with my wedding dress, veil, and shoes with me.

Arriving at the church, I was led to a large room where my bridesmaids and I would get dressed for the wedding.  They were all there dressed and waiting for me.  The excitement in the room was surreal with lots of laughter as they helped me, especially as we tried to get the hoop pulled up that would hold out the skirt of my wedding dress.  That "thang" was unbelievable!

The photographer took pictures which were prewedding of me and the Bridesmaids, my Dad and I, and my Mom and I.  Frank and the Groomsmen also took photos in a separate room, so we would not see each other before the wedding.

After the pictures were taken, the Bridesmaids and I returned to our dressing room and waited.  Many people came to give hugs and their love.  My Grandmother, "Ninnie", loaned me her pearl necklace to wear as something old and borrowed which I wore with my single pearl necklace Frank had given me the night before as something new,  my garter had blue on it for something blue, and my Dad made sure I had a sixpence in my shoe.

Slowly the Bridesmaids left the room one at a time to proceed down the aisle with a Groomsman to the front of the church.  When the last of them left, my Dad sweetly kissed me on the cheek telling he loved me. I was beautiful, and then he gently covered my face with the shorter veil.  The wedding march music, "Here Comes the Bride" began then Dad took my arm in his, told me he loved me again, and we strolled down the aisle to the front of the church.

The church was totally packed with friends and family who all rose to there feet when the music began.

When Dad and I got to the end of the aisle, the preacher asked who gave this woman in marriage to this man and Dad said, "Her Mother and I" then he gently took the short veil covering my face and lifted it over my head placing it on top of and with the longer veil behind my pearl tiara. Dad had tears in his eyes as he gently kissed my cheek again and slightly stumbled as he took his place in the front pew with my Mom.

My Dad and I were very close.  Out of five children, I was the only girl, and Daddy always called me "his Sweetheart."  My Dad was the first man I ever loved with all of my heart, and on this day, he had just given me with his blessings to be married to the man I would love for eternity with all of my heart.  This is not an easy task for a Dad, and the emotion overwhelmed my Daddy.

Maid of Honor, Gwen Gelber, helped me up the two steps to place where Frank was standing, smiling with those "Big Ole Dimples" then she took my bouquet from me.  I turned to face Frank, and I could not stop smiling.  Frank and I exchanged vows, rings, and a beautiful sweet kiss then he took my hand, and we walked hand in hand back down that aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Loren Frank Henderson, Jr. 

 We took more pictures immediately following the wedding with the entire wedding party and our parents at the church while our guest left to go to the Reception at the Oasis Motel in Bay City, Texas which was ready for their arrival.  When the photographer was finished with the pictures, we headed to the Reception. It took a few minutes for the Groomsmen to load me in the car because of that "ridiculous hoop" under the skirt of my wedding dress.  I thought for sure that they would totally expose me to themselves and the whole world but thanking God that did not happen.

Mr. & Mrs. Loren Frank Henderson, Jr.

Nancy & Frank








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