Hearing Voices From An Unseen World

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Submitted: August 18, 2019

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Submitted: August 18, 2019




It's just after midnight and this old routine begins again

these spirit intruders are trying to stir up some aggravation in me

they want insomnia to overtake

and so

they will fill this room with their voices

they will speak to me of astral planets

they will seek

to establish themselves as my judges


they will let me know their judgements

until two in the morning

until such time

when sleep will triumph and silence everything




Others have tried before

to press their opinions on me about what is real

or what is not real

and they seemed most assured with themselves

as if they knew the truth to the mysteries

of things mysterious

and it's ok

to believe what you want and sometimes

it's ok

to let someone think they are an expert when you believe

that they are not an expert and sometimes

you just know

that they are not an expert

yet they will convey themselves as such

sometimes such a thing is as certain

as death and taxes




It's 12:30am I'm just about to go to bed

it seems

like these voices are just waking up

they often seem

to gain in intensity at this time of night

they just chatter away ceaselessly

like they had just awoken and they feel invigorated they seem to prefer these late hours

to create an intruding cacophany

and this is unfortunate for me because I like silence

as I'm going to sleep

and these two ambitions of ours collide

it's like we're in different time zones in different worlds

that are somehow entangled




It was just another day of hearing

this female voice

that calls herself "Crystal" tell me what

a superior life form she is she was hitting me pretty heavy today

with her superiority complex

it was just another day of her trying to impose her tyranny

her spiritual caste system over me

if she's what being "higher" or "superior" is all about

then she can keep her highness and I'll keep my lowness

it's nothing I aspire to and her alleged superiority isn't all that glaring

I'd rather leave

most of what virtues I have the way they are

and whatever the hell she's talking about with being so superior

she can take that somewhere else but I know she won't




"as God as my witness

you are demonically oppressed"

I just heard


the female voice......

"Crystal" say

as I sit

in my living room chair trying to read a book just trying to relax

but these voices

never want me to relax

it's an uphill battle but I'll try anyway

right now

in my living room these voices

are trying to rain their disruptions down on me

saying the most pleasant things like the statement above

all in the name

of a little relaxation




These mysterious voices often tell me

that they are apart of some presence on this planet that is in control of everything

is this just another

one of their many deceptions?

and they do have many devious ways more than I believe I can count

it's a disturbing thought because if you knew this bunch you wouldn't want them

in control of anything

something about them just really gives me the impression

that they are very different

I've tried to figure out what I could

but it's all

an upside down labyrinth

a road that leads to nowhere directly

I just go on

and live each day

aware that there are others behind the curtain

but I try to let

the heavy thoughts pass

I try to let the mystery keep passing by like the clouds carried by the winds


There are other dimensions that are not very far away

some are not very far at all


I can hear into them


inhabitants of these other planes speak to me


they will crudely call me names

other times

they will tell me a false story


there are crossroads

to these other dimensions at the places

where we spend

our nights and days




A voice spoke loudly and sharply

into my ear last night while in bed

trying to sleep

like throwing a heavy stone into a placid pond

the strength of the voice rippled through

the nightly quiet

it rippled through what quiet remained

it hit me like a shockwave

one of these voices intruding in on me again

and I knew

this wasn’t the beginning

and I knew this wasn't the end

this voice

will most likely be back tomorrow night

and then again........and again

the voice seems like

it has something that it wants to convey but then again

it also seems like it doesn't

the voice seems

to mask its intentions well obscuring the source

of the unseen one that speaks to me




In the beginning of my story I heard the voices

first on recordings and then

after only a short time I found that

I didn't need to record to hear them anymore only at this point

I didn't want

to hear them anymore

in the beginning

they seemed benevolent yet in time

they revealed themselves to be something else

sadist that use voices to torment

and what weavers of tales they were

when I stopped believing the voices I witnessed

much of their power fade away

for they needed their lies believed to give them much of their power

yet they are tenacious if nothing else

they will fight to remain within your attention

send them away choose not to listen choose not to believe what the voices say whatever they say




These voices entities

they can hear what I think

of course this leads

to a most unsettling sense of always feeling

like you're under surveillance

it's like an unwanted telepathic wiretap

it's like my thoughts projected up on a movie screen

with time

I've grown more desensitized to it but it's still

quite problematic for me

so often

I can just feel their invisible eyes looking at me looking into me into my mind

my thoughts

this is what I mean

by "spiritual intrusion"




It is evening

on August 9, 2019

I was just sitting

in my living room chair reading a biography

of Swedenborg

I could hear the voices all around me

many sounded whispery though some

sounded differently

aside from

the voices themselves there is often

this other sound present

it is the sound

of a multitude of voices speaking all at once

the sound of multiple voices merging

into a single cacophony




Of Earth?

or not of Earth?

that is the question


these entity attachments

and they tell me a multitude

of different things

one day they'll tell me

they're from "Satan's Planet" or "an Astral Planet"

or "another dimension"

and then the next day these voices might tell me

that they are from "New York City" or "St. Louis"

so as you can see

of Earth

or not of Earth

is a relevant question in this kind

of situation




These menacing voices just told me

that earlier tonight they were thinking about leaving

they were thinking about leaving me alone for good and just moving on

but then they told me

that they had changed their minds and that they had decided to stay to stick around

and keep trying to be menacing

it's not a big deal to me really because I didn't believe them anyway not in the slightest




Last night

which was the night of August 8-9, 2019 the spirit attachment with the younger sounding female voice

shouted in my ears several times when I was in bed

trying to sleep

she does this quite a lot

I find it quite sadistic

she's always out to derail my sleep

and she's got

her whole bag of tricks to try

and bring that about


she's quite successful sometimes she's not

last summer

one morning at 4am I woke up suddenly and I heard her voice almost right away

she told me

that her name was "Crystal"

that "it's Crystal who is here with you"

ever since

I've called her Crystal

and Crystal is the main voice Crystal is the main tormentor and she's here with me now




As I was in bed trying to sleep just after midnight

on August 10th of 2019

a loud voice

went off in my head like an explosion

it was a male voice

it shouted a single word

the same thing had happened the night before

that time

it was a female voice that went off

like an explosion in my head


these voices can seem

like bombs being dropped on the mind

this year for me

it's been happening all of the time it seems like something new they've been trying out




Last night

the female voice that I hear "Crystal"

told me

that half of her doesn't want

to keep attacking me but she said

that she is not entirely in control of herself that there are others


that control her

to a degree in some way

I don't know

if any of this is true like with most

of what I hear from the voices

I just don't know and of course

there's grounds for being suspicious and in the end

overthinking the matter is pointless

the voices remain saying this or that one thing or another maybe partly true

yet then again maybe not

who knows?




Sitting in my chair at my office Saturday afternoon August 10, 2019

I began to feel

the familiar sensation of movement

of "a presence" being there like it was latched on to me

this is a scenario

that has played out for me countless times before

there is an unseen entity there an unseen presence

it wants me to be aware of this

it knows

few would believe me

the presence

does not try to hide from me

.....quite the opposite

and there it is as expected

I hear a voice calling my name




It's almost 10pm

August 10, 2019

I'm hearing

the female voice

that calls herself "Crystal"

her voice keeps getting louder and louder

and I just felt her

jab me through my chair

now she is shouting in a whispery voice

I asked her what she wanted

I only got back some insults

and some cryptic replies

like just now

I heard her say

"I am in a higher dimension"




A thousand stories a thousand lies

I've heard these voices speak

it is no surprise

it is no surprise to me now

whatever they say

holds no meaning for me

a thousand threats a thousand lies

and more and more

than a thousand lies

these voices how they try how they try

to pull the wool over my eyes

saying everything and anything they can to instill in me

a sense of gloom

yet here I am still standing I remain

after a thousand tries more than a thousand tries to break me with their lies




I'm expecting another night

of getting "dive bombed" by the voices

that's the best way I can describe it

they swoop down from above

and a voice a shout

goes off in my head like an audio explosion

this past year 2019

I have seen the voices employing this tactic more and more

they must be desperate after losing do much ground

after I stopped buying into the lies


as extreme

as this voices dive bombing is I can sense

that it is

tactic of desperation don't ask me how but I can sense it




I have seen several cases like my own

of intrusive voices invading

into a person's life after some kind

of spirit communication


isn't always a gift it would seem

certainly it's not not all of the time


there are things that you

can do about it

for starters

don't get caught up

with spirit communication

if you get into

a situation like this with the voices

you'll just ask yourself

"what the hell was I thinking?"

for myself.....


what was I thinking?

I can't give you a good answer

maybe I'll follow up with more later it's getting late now

and the voices seem hellbent

on being a disruption around here



"Crystal" tells me

many different stories about herself

she puts

a good amount of detail

in the telling

of each of these different stories

now she must know that I must know that not all of these different stories can be the truth

some of them must be lies

or perhaps

they are all lies

though it's possible

that one may be the truth

yet with all of the details

the details full of contradictions between different stories

I cannot recognize the truth behind any of it

"Crystal" seems to want

to keep me guessing

in return

it would be ideal if I could simply stop being curious




At night

when I'm in bed trying to fall asleep I can feel something moving around on me

this "something" that I feel moving has a voice

a personality

even a warped sense of humor at times

skeptics would tell me

that this isn't happening

so I told the voice

that this wasn't happening

but the voice didn't seem to care

that I said it wasn't happening




This week

I have been hearing these voices

say that they are on "the same planet

but a different dimension"

an extra-dimensional reflection of the Earth

this is something that I can see being the case

as they seem so close so very close

and last night the female voice " Crystal"

told me that she is invisible to me because she is from another dimension

I can see this being the case

for as I mentioned she seems

so very close

the same world

just different reflections in the mirror of creation

I can see this being the case




About a year ago maybe longer

I woke up one morning at 4am

my room was completely dark and almost right away

I heard a familiar voice

it was the younger sounding female voice

that I consider

the main instigator

in my spirit attachment situation

this female voice

I first heard on recordings back when I was messing around with EVP recording in 2015

she was present

when "the negative voices" came out of the recordings

she was present

during "the voices blitzkrieg" during the Spring of 2015

I have heard

many other voices since then sometimes they come and go but this one voice

has always remained

when I awoke that morning at 4am

right away

I heard this voice say

"it is Crystal and Rachel" "it is Crystal and Rachel that are here with you"

Crystal and Rachel?

I knew the sound of this voice well but I had never

as either Crystal or Rachel before

I then found out

that the familiar voice that I've heard since 2015 is "Crystal"

I still hear the voice of "Crystal" all of the time

and "Crystal" still seems to be the main instigator

of my spirit attachment situation

but since this incident that morning

I do not recall

ever hearing a voice speak to me

and identifying itself as "Rachel"

if there is truly a Rachel around

then Rachel remains completely silent

I wish Crystal

would be more like Rachel




It's August 11, 2019 and so far today things have been mild

the voices

haven't been saying much

it's a beautiful sunny day I was off from work

could this just be the eye of the storm?

I guess I'll just have to wait until tonight and see

but for now I'll just enjoy

this eye in the storm while it last




When I first started communicating

with spirits back in 2015

I guess

because I was a novice

I had a sense

that there was a safe distance between myself

and these spirits that I was talking to

just the notion

of other dimensions astral planes parallel worlds

all of that just sounded

very far away to me

and I suppose

Iconsidered communicating

by the means of EVP

the dimensional equivalent of talking on a HAM Radio

I thought

that these spirits were far away

in their world

and I was here in my world

but soon I would discover that I was very wrong

it turned out that the spirits

that I had been talking to weren't far away at all not at all



Fog confusion obscurity

shrouds this whole situation with the voices

at least

that's how I feel about it on some days

many days

if I endeavor

to comprehend it all I am met

with the fog of confusion which can become

an anxiety of confusion

and this journey of reflection takes me in circles

what I thought were answers seem to vanish into thin air

and from the thin air emerge the voices speaking in riddles

bringing about further obscurity and more damn fog

that I can never see through




Personal sovereignty is a precious thing more precious a thing than I ever realized before I began

to hear these voices

personal sovereignty and self-determination

are what these intruding voices seek to destroy

and it is for personal sovereignty and self-determination

that I fight

that I defy the voices that I work

to push them out of my life that I seek

to take away the power that they once held over me

I will never

take personal sovereignty for granted again

it is much too precious a thing especially when it's quiet




I guess you could say

I took my personal experiments with EVP recording

beyond mere investigation

Yes, in regards to this there was a point

when I crossed the Rubicon so to speak

what I was doing was channeling

there is no doubt about it

I was using EVP to communicate with voices

of an unknown origin

and it was unknown to me at the time

that these voices

could come out of the recordings

but that's what happened

I discovered this fact

when it was already too late

I just hope someone else

doing the same thing someday discovers this fact

before it is too late them




The voices just told me that they are "computer simulations"

just in thought I asked

who created the simulation?

I heard a voice reply

"there's a spiritual computer"

as far as I recall this is the first time

that I've heard these voices mention a "spiritual computer"

but I have heard them saying

that they were "computer simulations" before it's just that with the vivid

and very real nature

of the physical sensations that I feel I never gave this notion much credence the physical presence

just seems too real for me

to believe it's all a simulation of some kind however....

that might explain

why these voices are always around and often so ceaseless

I have my doubts about this theory yet I'll be the first to proclaim that this kind of situation

is shrouded in obscurity

and as I said

this is the first time

that I've ever heard the voices mention "a spiritual computer"

it's been my observation that this element of voicess

will say just about anything

they are often speaking in riddles concocting fabricated stories

I trust nothing they say at face value

this talk about "a spiritual computer" is no exception

I'm just merely reporting the experience as I heard it




I just heard "Crystal"

the younger sounding female voice say.....

"extraterrestrials are destroying this planet"

and it's almost midnight now and I'm going to make

a try for sleep very shortly

yet I have to run

the gauntlet of these voices

I often hear them

make statements such as this just before I go to bed

they most likely

are trying to fill my head with thoughts of UFO invasions to mess with my efforts

of getting to sleep

though in truth

I'm on to them by now

and who knows what I'll hear once I do go to bed

just the other night

the voices were telling me about "the five astral Earths"

I'm just glad

that I have some sleep-aid on hand




Thought insertion

I didn't recognize it in the beginning

in fact

I didn't recognize it for a long time

but on the night of August 11, 2019 I had an experience where I very profoundly experienced thoughts being inserted into my mind

it was different from hearing the voices

perhaps more subtle this is probably why

I had not noticed it much before

I was merely thinking a question and I sensed


giving me an answer

yet I did not perceive this answer as a voice

this time was very different

her message

came to me as thoughts

I could sense them being placed in the flow of my thoughts

I have often heard

that these kinds of spirits are capable of this

yes.....now I'd say

that I certainly agree with that assessment




the night of August 12, 2019

was one of those occasions when I heard the voices with much intensity

if even for a short while

I was hearing the voices coming in over

the steady background noise of my air conditioner

this is the kind of noise that often seems

to give these voices more strength

I was hearing voices all around me it seemed like there was

an invisible crowd in the room and in truth

I know that there was

and even though

I've become more desensitized to these kinds of incidents

tonight was one of those occasions where I was stricken

by a very unsettling feeling

I can gain a lot of ground back in this personal struggle

but there are still incidents now and again

when I can lose some ground to




It's August 12, 2019 just before midnight

I'm about to go to bed shortly

across the room I can hear

the whispery voice of "Crystal"

she's trying

to intimidate me

trying to intrude

trying to bring me down before I turn in for the night

I really don't know

what she expects to accomplish but she tries all the same

she takes being tenacious to an extreme level

and I simply can't figure out what her motive is

she can be cruel sadistic

and tyrannical

yet I'm not sure about her backstory

I'm sure she's got one everybody does perhaps in her logic

she thinks she's justified or perhaps she's indifferent

and filled with an icy nihilism




I just got hit

with a barrage of voices

it's like an onslaught all coming at me at once

at times

during these barrages

it reminds me

of the early days

the darkest days

back when all day and all night

I was getting hit with barrage after barrage

of voices

if it were even possible to conceive

of a rain of voices

blotting out the Sun and Moon then this is very close to that

the barrage has ended for now

I will try and fall asleep

and immerse myself in the silence there to be found and that peace

that is such a precious thing




Early in the morning I hear Crystal's voice very faintly

with regard to intensity her voice

is presently much fainter than how I was hearing it last night

just prior to midnight

yet....there is

another presence here

I know she is here with me

I hear her voice faintly emanating from down the hall

at the present moment I can still feel

her invisible eyes

I can feel the surveillance upon my thoughts


from the difference in intensity of the voice

things are just as they were last night

just prior to midnight




Some mysterious incursions from the unknown dimensions has here occurred

and to fully comprehend it is an impossibility

upon nights like this I can feel the gaze of the invisible eyes that I know are there

who would believe me

most would say

that I live in this place alone for they cannot see

nor comprehend the others that I perceive

the others that cast out alien thoughts at us like a deceiving wind that we most often

do not acknowledge

listen now listen

can you hear them

can you hear the voices deep down

in the lower layers of what you thought was an absolute silence

can you hear the faint voices in the hidden labyrinths that surround us all




It is the evening of August 13, 2019

a familiar scene is playing out

there are voices all around me

speaking all at once

creating the sound

of a disjointed cacophony

I'm hearing

bits and pieces of phrases fragments of complete sentences

talk of angels and other worlds

of higher beings

all of this talk concerning things

of such great immensity

all of this obscure immensity right here

in my living room tonight




I'm just getting hit

with that feeling tonight that I am not alone here

I already know this to be true

yet sometimes

the feeling just really hits me

the sense of intrusion the sense of being under a constant surveillance

and the voices once again

they are speaking without let up

I suspect

that there are many spirits in this room

and yet

as always for me

one voice in particular stands out above them all




This afternoon it seemed

like these voices were trying

to fill my head with riddles

this evening it seems

like they are trying to overwhelm

my sense of hearing

it's as if

there's a whirlwind of voices in this room

it seems

like these astral fascist brought their loudspeakers out with them tonight

and they keep talking their propaganda

of Lucifer

or about some spiritual caste system

and I'm just trying to sit here

and read a book in peace

but these astral fascist have other ideas

about that

and so this night is getting pulled in all directions




"We are believed in that's how

we come into existence"

I heard a voice say tonight

and I confess

this one has me thinking quite a bit

I keep thinking

about the implications of this

and just now

before I even finished this poem I heard the same voice say

"extraterrestrials have psychic abilities"





the foremost voice that I hear

said to me tonight that she

is a form of life

that cannot separate

their subconscious opinions from their actions




The voices tell me that

I'm writing "protest poetry"

they do certainly give me a lot

to protest about

so I guess

that's what this is

I embrace the concept

and I'll continue on

protesting their acts of oppression through these poems





In the beginning

of the psychic onslaught

when these malign spirit voices attacked

with an audio-blitzkrieg

In the beginning

of this psychic upheaval

when shockwave-emitting voices

shook the very ground beneath my feet

when the non-human sounding distorted

electric robotic voices

stalked me on the streets

all while

the dark cloud

of a terrible sense of the unknown loomed all around

all while the necessity of restful sleep

was maliciously taken from me

as menacing voices arose from the everyday sounds of the world

as the physical presence of invisible intruders became more and more profound at night

as more and more rabbit holes opened up beneath my feet




The intrusion

into the inner chamber of my thoughts

was absolute

it was a cruel Spring day in 2015

when I fully realized

that these invading spirits

knew all of my thoughts and memories

there was no way

to hide anything within

they knew everything about me by this devious ability

a sense of intrusion

rippled through my very being

and all I could do was strengthen

my already battered defensive shield of resolve

all I could do

was seek to grow immune to this spiritual virus




It is the night of August 14, 2019 at 9:38pm

there are voices all over this room all kinds of voices

whispers shouts

voices heckling voices saying mysterious things

the voices

are taking over this hour

I hear some of them saying my name


it is constant

the barrage of voices

voices in this room on a summer night





an invisible presence can still wear a mask

the stories

the claims of these voices

they change and change again and again

these voices that I hear they claim to be many things

they make claims about their origins about their motivations


they seem to never stick to the same story

for very long

and there it goes it just started up

a ringing in my ears

since the very beginning this has often accompanied the voices




I often hear

the female voice that I hear the most

my main oppressor

the number one intruder

the voice

that told me that her name was Crystal about a year ago

mention the name "Christopher"

she makes it seem

that she has to report back to this "Christopher"

about my oppression situation

and there she goes I can feel her jabbing me in the back

while I'm sitting here writing this poem

that mentions "Christopher"

for whatever reason

she seems to find this a touchy subject




It's 10:30pm now on August 14, 2019

these intruding voices have gotten much stronger

to me it sounds like they are about

to completely break through to this world

it is beginning to sound like there is almost no barrier of separation between us

this is the strongest I've heard them in quite some time

it goes to show

that it can still happen

as soon I start to get complacent about the routine of things

they set about

bring on the upheaval once again




It is August 14, 2019 just after midnight

I am about

to turn in for the night

in the dark room down the hall

I can hear the intruding mocking voice

I expect things to escalate once I get into bed

and try to fall asleep

that's usually how it goes

last night

I felt "the presence" moving around on my bed

this unseen intruder does not require rest like I do

so it will keep speaking and speaking

this voice

will target my vulnerabilities

it will seek out opportunities to try and aggravate

the hell out of me

when I am asleep

there is a merciful silence yet to get there

I must pass through

the gauntlet of the voice

the voice

that does not need to sleep like I do

which gives it a damn unfair advantage

so I'll go ahead

and take a little extra sleep-aid what else can I do

the later it gets the more likely it is

that my whole sleep routine will be derailed

sometimes it feels

like there's a battle for sleep around here every night

sometimes I win sometimes I lose

but I do what I can to win once the battle gets started




It's almost two o'clock in the morning I spent the last hour in bed

trying to sleep

but the spirit attachment "Crystal" was talking to me without let up

though in all honesty she was talking

in a fairly mild manner

she was just talking

about various "spiritual things" she wasn't being as abusive

as she could have been

the talking was still ceaseless however and that's not what I need

this early in the morning when I haven't gotten any sleep yet

I just took another dose of sleep-aid that makes at least four doses tonight

there's a good chance

I'll wake up in the morning feeling like I've got a hangover

Just now I heard "Crystal" call me "a piece of shit"

there you go

that's more in character for her

it's time to make another try at sleep




"The unknown has been a part

of your planet for thousands of years"

I just heard Crystal say to me

I'm sure she's right

but this is not something

that I need to be thinking about a two o'clock in the morning when I can't fall asleep

when she's been talking to me for the last two hours

about the mysteries of the Universe

I'll tell you this this is one edge

that attaching spirits have over us

they are not inhibited

by things like having to sleep

they don't seem to get tired

they don't wind down as it starts to get late

I observe that it's quite the opposite

as I get tired as hell

they quite often get active as hell and become stronger

they don't need

a good eight hours of sleep

and it looks like I won't be getting eight hours tonight

I've got to be at work at nine tomorrow

if I don't make it off to sleep within the next hour

I might as well start making coffee and brace for a very tiring day ahead




Waking up

trying to shake off the fog

I hear Crystal's voice in the background but it isn't that strong

not nearly as strong

as it was at times last night

I'm lucky I didn't wake up too late it looks like I'll just make it

to work on time

things got a little dicy last night I wasn't sure

if I was going to get any sleep at all

seems like Crystal and the others were trying to make a scene

bad news for me.....as usual

two hours of sleep time was lost but it could have been much worse

better luck tonight hopefully I'll see pretty soon

sometimes things fall into a routine but I never know

when things might get flipped around

to slug through it that's all I've got to do





while I was at work

I was hearing Crystal's voice intermittently

at one point

while I was sitting at my desk it sounded like there was

an invisible crowd surrounding me

I heard a voice tell me

that "they were on the astral planet"

Just in thought

I asked the voices what it was like? what were they seeing?

a voice replied "it's very colorful"




It' the night

of August 15, 2019

here in this room

I am hearing Crystal shout at me

in a whispery manner

an astral door

has been broken off its hinges somewhere around here

and now the room

is filling with other voices

it seems like

it's going to be a repeat of last night around here

if I was wise

I'd just take some sleep-aid now and call it a night early

but if I were wise I most likely

wouldn't have gotten myself

into this attachment situation at all in the first place

but I did get myself into it

and now I'm hearing the aftermath and it all sounds like something that could keep me awake at night once again




This afternoon

as I was driving down a road going to pick up

a pack of cigarettes

I heard Crystal say

"I communicate with you through telepathy"

I thought

that this might be

one of those rare occasions

when she's actually not deceiving me

as I have often said

she has a kind of wiretap into my thoughts

she's got my mind and everything in it

under complete surveillance

and believe me when I tell you that this sense surveillance

is something that I'm always feeling

this is a big part

of this whole attachment situation

even at those times

when I'm not hearing any voices

or feeling any other kind of intrusion

I'm hit by that feeling of being watched

by invisible eyes

so yeah.....

I can attest to this

she seems to be very crafty with telepathy

as far as I can see

and very often I'll hear her voice reply to something

if you ask me

I think that the ways and means

in how she is able to communicate with me is a combination of things

but in my assessment of the whole thing some kind of telepathic link

is high up there on the list of my observations




It's now August 16, 2019 12:40am

I just made a failed attempt at sleep so I took another dose of sleep-aid I'm just going to sit here

for a few minutes and let it start to kick in

before I try to fall asleep again

just like last night Crystal is talking a lot she's getting in close it sounds like

she's just a few feet away when she's talking sometimes it seems like mere inches

and she was talking about herself here tonight basically telling me

that she just doesn't give a shit about anything

she used a lot of different analogies but her message

was pretty much the same

she was talking a bit to me about recording EVP

she said she agrees with me that it is dangerous

she said it pisses some spirits off because they see people meddling where they don't belong

or it can open the door to spirits

that want only to make God angry




It's the evening of August 15, 2019 when I came home from work

a few hours ago

I was feeling tired as hell completely drained

I tried to resist falling asleep but I could barely stand up

I'm not exaggerating in the slightest I was feeling completely drained

I practically collapsed onto my bed and I fell asleep right away

the first hour went by fine undisturbed

I was out like a light

but then suddenly

I began to be pulled away from that deep slumber

I could feel movement on my body and I began to notice

the presence of the voices

I found that I couldn't wake up fully not right away

I had not gotten all the rest that my tired body wanted to get

so it was a slow process waking up

for quite a while

I lingered there in bed in that hazy state between being asleep and being fully awake

I first noticed some time ago that in this in-between state these voices entities

seem to be at the peak of their power

this same kind of scenario

many times over

and I began to observe

that these entities really gain some strength when I'm in that between sleep and awake state there's been a few times in the past

when I woke up in the middle of the night only I wasn't fully awake......not right away

and I could feel these hands holding me down and I could hear the same voices

right there looming over me the whole time and I couldn't break free at first

these voices entities were literally holding me down that is until I woke up enough

and then their grip was broken

that's pretty much how it went earlier this evening

only I wasn't feeling held down by these entities but I could feel them moving all over me

and as is usually the case

when I'm in that hazy in-between state the voices were right there

looming over me the whole time




Just feeling that old feeling again like I'm not really alone here tonight and I guess

there's no reason to mince words there's no reason

to build a world of illusion for myself made out of playing cards

I'm certainly not alone here tonight I can feel the presence right now

feeling the physical presence and hearing the voice

there is somebody else here someone who can see me

but not the other way around

I guess I know the truth of this all too well


I just like to mince words a bit

even if it makes me feel more connected to my old life just a little

why not

when much of the time the truth of this

is like a blast

of cold wind in the face




It's almost midnight

I'm hearing Crystal's voice

in a very whispery manner right now

"you're distracting us from spiritual things" I just heard her say

yet I don't know

what these "spiritual things" are that she is referring to

maybe she is referring

to some other psychic attack

maybe she finds herself in a real quagmire with this one


it's getting late

my eyes are starting to feel heavy

I'm getting tired

Crystal is talking more and more

she doesn't get tired the same way I do

the late hours of the night that's her playground where she speaks out loud

her mind games and assorted trickery

though sometimes she just talks about nothing in particular

and sometimes she talks about things

that I could never understand




Another day goes by behind the wall of voices

is this something

with grand implications?

or is this something

that is mostly just personal?

do the voices

know any more about eternity than I do?

they are often very skilled with elaboration

and little points of detail

they often tell stories that contradict their previous stories

and the voices

are so often telling stories

it is a major characteristic of their very being

they always seem

to find something to say

they often repeat

the same material over and over and they do this

as if it comes natural to them

tonight......if I listened

I'm sure I'd hear a different story or two......or three

or maybe more




It's one in the morning

I just took another dose of sleep-aid afflicted with the spirit intrusion insomnia once again

the spirit voices are talking

not really being all that abusive or bullying

but rather.....they're just talking

mostly about themselves

it's hard to blockout all of the content

when it's one in the morning

and it's pretty much quiet all around with the occasional exception

of one of my neighbors who is still awake making some kind of noise

and I've got to make

another try for sleep very soon

timing is a very important factor here

timing doesn't matter so much to these spirit attachments I already know

what their plans are for tomorrow following me around essentially

but if I don't get to sleep soon I'm more likely

to wake up

in a dense fog of the mind late for work

and that would pretty much

just set the mood of the day right there




Haze of the brain fog of the mind

obscurity fragmented memories of last night floating around the room

this is what happens when I have to take

a good amount of sleep-aid to get to sleep

last night

the voices were speaking

in their own language of riddles once more

and then there was that feeling of something latched on


this time

it kept me awake

until two in the morning

which is bad

but it could have been worse

if it had gone

past three in the morning then I probably would have given up

on the hope for sleep

and would have made some coffee

it didn't go that far but almost




It's evening

on August 17, 2019

the dimensional barriers seem especially thin tonight

these intruding voices seem ever closer

only the thinnest veil of the hidden realms separates us

sometimes I wish that these spirits would appear before me fully materialized

and then we could face off battle this affair out to its conclusion

for all that I want

is some kind of conclusion

no matter how terrifying I have had enough

of this long drawn-out attrition of voices


this is not how

these spirit attachments seem to operate

they seem to want to avoid a final conclusion

which reveals more about their malevolent methods

it seems that they

will not settle this matter

in a reasonable way

and this is a most frustrating thing for I have sought to resolve things by speaking humbly with them countless times

yet so far

I am always left with the impression in the end

that though they may be hearing me they are not really listening




It's two o'clock in the morning August 18, 2019

this would be night number four

that I've been awake this late

I'm not sure what it is but definitely

a big part of it

is Crystal keeps talking which is actually nothing out of the ordinary

but for the past few nights she's been talking

in a constant but calmer manner


when she's just firing off insult after insult at me it actually helps me

to fall asleep faster because I know for certain there's nothing worth listening to there

maybe........maybe not

It's time for another emergency dose of sleep-aid

I'll expect to awaken in a mental fog

at least this is nothing unfamiliar to me now

and after all of my experiences I know that I can deal with it




Crystal accuses me of distracting her of distracting her from "spiritual things"

that may sound

like something benevolent on the surface

but knowing even what little I know about her

I seriously doubt

that "spiritual things"

is referring to anything good

she's probably referring

to some other "spiritual attack" or "psychic attack" somewhere

that she was asked to participate in

but now she's too distracted distracting me

the damn irony of all of this




Nightmarish audio distortions and voices

of an electric wind

overtook my senses

that Spring afternoon in 2015

intruding astral voices piercing

piercing my soul my memories

the once quiet mind was unquieted

by malign voices like a rain of arrows

it was as if I was thrown

into the visualized arena

and the masses

of fear-hungry voices sought to instill in me a thousand nightmares

the mind now like

a muddy horse-trampled field

the dread

the memory of the dread still as sharp as it was in those days




Yes......at times

I hear the voices now


I do not need to listen

I have separated the act of hearing

and listening

into two distinct things

I do not have to

receive the spoken message

I can dissolve

the message of the voices into dust

or inti vapor

and cast it all to the winds

to be scattered into oblivion




It's my day off from work

I'm just trying to savor

some quiet time


in true form

is trying to break in with diatribes of riddles

but I will

focus in my hearing

on the singing of the birds

this August morning under a bright blue sky




Last night

while attempting to sleep

I felt one of these entities moving around quite a bit on my legs

I was asking "what the hell are you doing?"

I knew

that this entity could understand me

it spoke something I don't remember now I often forget

the exact things that the voices say rather quickly

but I remember that it wouldn't answer my question

so I asked it again

"this movement I'm feeling on my legs....

what are you doing?"

a voice kept speaking

it was dodging the question that's what it seemed like to me

it kept on trying

to change the subject

and after repeating the question a few more times

I finally heard the voice

address my question by saying

"it's my right"




When I type these poems the voices

often say

that I'm "talking shit on them"

damn.....are they joking?

hypocrites hypocrites all each and every intrusive voice

that ever says that to me

since talking shit on me is literally how

they spend most of their time

yet....they never seem

to see something

from someone else's perspective

I suppose that this would require

too much consideration

but oh yeah.....

they're "superior life forms"

they just want

to be given praises and respect without doing

a damn thing to earn it




I was outside this afternoon

out on my back deck smoking my tobacco pipe looking up at the clouds

as they all seemed to me up there a kind of inviting kingdom

up in the azure sky

I could feel the physical presence of one of these entities

on my back

and there was a faint voice speaking to me

off to my left

trying to get me ti listen

I chose not to listen I chose instead

to keep looking up towards the clouds




© Copyright 2019 B.W. Edwards. All rights reserved.

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