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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Silver Wolf

Submitted: November 08, 2019

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Silver Wolf

Silver Wolf sits on a stone slab. With the clouds beneath him. It looks to be the edge of the world from where he sits on the mountain with his legs folded over the other. With his eyes closed,

he opens his eyes after speaking with Trae. He stands to his feet wearing a wolf silver-gray pelt with the wolf's head over his. His long braided beard hangs down to his stomach it's a salt and pepper in color. His hair is long and braided in the back which is nearly all gray. He has steel-blue eyes with a strong stern face like the stone slab that he sits on. His face shows markings and creases that only time itself could add. His youth may be lacking, but wisdom makes up for it.

Silver Wolf's job is to find and gather all of the newcomers to the pack. And spot any newcomers that are part of The Brotherhood. Those werewolves are the hardest to find until they gain most of their abilities. Silver Wolf's main purpose is seeing into the future and seeing into the past letting The Brotherhood know of his visions.

“Speaking with another young and up and coming, Wolf? Asked, Flame

“Yes, but he's not a regular like I am. He's from the Brotherhood. It's always from the mother's side...He...You're going to run into him someday. I know why you are here. I'm sorry for your loss. Tara was a good woman,” said Silver Wolf

“Thanks, I feel that my father knows more than he’s letting on. Is there anything that you can tell me?” Asked Flame

“ I've seen visions of your mother walking into the sun. I can't tell you anymore. Your father cut ties with the Sprites in the woods and anything to do with the spirit world. Don't be too hard on him. He's grieving ... Flame. Give him time. He'll come around. You are so much like your mother,” said Silver Wolf

“ Thank you. I see her every time I look in the mirror,” replied Flame

“ the Key is your mother. And her death wasn't done out of selfishness. The answers will come, trust me,” Silver Wolf comforting Flame.

“ I remember my mother forcing me to practice my spells. I thought all vampires did such things, but as I got older; that's what made me unique. I knew that my mother had been turned, by my father. The Dark Council outlawed changelings for joining us. I never agreed with dividing our own, being a changeling or not,” said Flame

“I agree! Your father loved your mother very much. She gave up everything for him. Love either makes us do wonderful things or foolish things. Either way, we all have to choose our own path and play out our own journey. No one can do that for us but ourselves. Big changes are heading this way Flame, I have seen it in my visions. Your mother will help guide you,” said Silver Wolf.

“Thank you for being a great friend. My father is always so busy; thank for talking to me.”

“Anytime Flame. You had turned into a beautiful young lady. I'm so proud of you. Remember all the things you have learned from your parents. It will help you in making the right choices in life.

Flame gave Silver Wolf a kiss on the cheek and walked off. She walked away not knowing any more than she did when she spoke to Silver Wolf. But having a friend to talk to, helps greatly. Flame feels that her father is keeping something away from her, but she doesn't know what that could be.

The Sprites that lived in the forest became allies when father married mother. When she committed suicide father cut any ties to the Sprites. Flame thinking to herself. Around her neck is a white crystal pendent that her mother gave her when she turned ten. That was twelve years ago. She knows all to well that she must leave her father and brothers. She needs to speak to the Sprites. It's not going to be easy since they made themself harder to find due to the falling out with the Dark Council.

“ I must find Helda that lives in the woods. I wonder if she still eats turtle soup after all these years? She speaks with the fairies in the woods, yes! That's who I should talk to,” Flame said speaking to herself.

Silver Wolf walks down the mountain to the waterfall that spills into a deep gulf that fills the gulf. The water is deep and cold at the bottom. The waterfall covers an entrance to the den. Torches light the way at night in a spiral path down. The water is loud as it crashes to the bottom, with a breeze. These den of werewolves are called regulars. Any werewolf that isn’t of The BrotherHood are called regulars. They are either by birth or bitten no markings on their shoulders. 

Silver Wolf walks down the spiral pathway to the waterfall. He walks behind as lit torches lit the way down the cave. Sounds of water dripping echos down the dimly lit cave. Silver Wolf’s breath thickens while breathing out from his mouth. The darker spots are where bats sleep during the day and fly out in millions darkening the evening sky. There isn’t much to say to the chief and the chief likes it that way. No news is good news he would always say. Silver Wolf likes it that way as well.

He hears sounds of music being played and the warmth of a bond fire lit in the middle of the large room. Men and women dancing and drinking beer or wine, that’s brewed in the cave. Hunters bringing back their kill.

“Silver Wolf! You made it back! How’s the future looking these days?” Asked, Ty

“My brother! Ty if the future gets any better then I must retire. There are big changes, but I yet can’t see them clearly. But as for you my brother Ty… You, my friend I see another mug of beer and a very beautiful woman in your life,” said Silver Wolf laughing.

“ Hey, I’ll drink to that. At least, that part of your vision would be right,” Said Ty lifting his mug up high.

“Oh...What are you saying,  that … Me? Would lie such a thing? Bah, I wouldn’t do such a thing,” Silver Wolf laughing 

Ty places his hand on Silver Wolf’s shoulder

“ You know that I’m drunk. And you know that you’re full of shit,” Ty nearly spitting his beer on Silver Wolf.

“ Right you are my friend. Right you are. I must go now. I can’t leave the great Chief waiting,” said Silver Wolf.

They both hug and went to their separate ways.

Sliver Wolf walks through the crowed room up to the stairs. On top of the stairs is an opening that covered with crystal beads of all shapes and colors. Silver Wolf walks through them and sees the Chief with four beautiful women. Naked and pleasuring the Cheif and themselves. There are two brunettes and two redheads. The one is under the blanket with her head bobbing up and down.

“Ah, Silver Wolf! Come, come, don’t be shy!” Said, Cheif Ur

“Pardon me. I didn’t know,” said Silver Wolf bowing

Chief Ur claps his hands and the women leave him to his business at hand.

“Don’t be silly. Come now join me for a drink,” said Cheif Ur clapping his hands for his servant.

Silver Wolf takes the mug and thanks the servant.

“ Tell me, is there any good news today?” Asked the Cheif

“ I see something happening, but my visions aren’t clear for me to report on. I feel we need to air in caution,” said Silver Wolf putting down his mug.

The Chief places the mug down and looks with concern.

“Changes? You say?” 

“Yes Cheif, but I don’t know what the changes are. It’s possible that that timeline isn’t set yet. I feel it’s in a state of flux. Which is good. That means time hasn’t been set. I only can see into the future when time has been set but has not been revealed to us yet,” said Silver Wolf

Cheif Ur ponders on Silver Wolf’s words.

“ Keep me up to date on this. Until then drink, eat, and fuck!” Said Cheif Ur.

The Cheif claps his hands and the women came back and fell into Ur’s bed. Ur told the two redheads to be Silver Wolf’s companion for the night, and they did as they were told.

Silver Wolf took the two young women to his room, where he slept with them throughout the night.


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