Introspective Series: 'All I Ever Wanted'

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In the next entry of my "Introspective Series", where we look at my past works and reflect on them. We are looking into one of my poems from a period of my life that I now call, "Heartbreak Poets Society" period.

Submitted: August 19, 2019

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Submitted: August 19, 2019



"Introspective Series: 'All I Ever Wanted'

By Christian Taylor 


Its no secret that many people know me as the poet that talks about heartbreak.  In some ways, I like to think of myself as the male poet's version of Kelly Clarkson when it comes to heartbreak.  Many of my works have dealt with breakups and heartbreak.  "Barely Breathing" anyone???  However, perhaps, another one of my more hidden gems is "All I Ever Wanted".  


I wrote this poem so many years ago that when I look back, it amazes me how I come across as a sad puppy. Believe me that I wasn't always a sad puppy; in fact, I'm actually a happy person most of the time.  At the time, I was dealing with a bad breakup and needless to say, my best works were created during times of sadness.  Convenient right?  


This poem along with many of my other works, gives some insight that what a breakup or even just a struggle in dating can affect someone.  You always hear about how women get depressed about dating or when a breakup happens, but we never hear from a male's point of view.  Sometimes men are just as sensitive about these things, but handle it in their own way.  Some drink, some get violent, and my personal favorite...."In order to get over the last, get under a new one."  Or you write poetry as a way of letting your feelings out in a healthy way.  


Poetry helped me get through the tough times and I learned alot from it.  One of the biggest things I learned is that sometimes being yourself and focusing on yourself can lead to good things.  I've accomplished so much in the last 7 years that I wish I was single and not dating during my younger years.  The only downside is that my creative writing is not the greatest when I am happy.  Granted, "I Love You" is a good poem to check out.  Perhaps, "All I Ever Wanted" was just someone to show that love is not always about being committed in a relationship, but knowing that there is someone who cares and wishes you best.



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