Return of The Dragons

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
This story takes place after Savage Storm and somehow was not posted before, so here it is now.
A secondary villain from the previous story becomes the main focus as he tries to take hold of the city of Willoway Bay.

Submitted: August 20, 2019

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Submitted: August 20, 2019



Tetsu is working on his bike, attaching boosters and such. He torks a screw in place and wipes away some sweat. "Looks pretty good, Mr. Namamoto." Tetsu drops his head, he never wanted to hear that voice again, he turned to the man "What do you want Zackiria?" "I find it strange that after the way you left, you would choose to do exactly the thing you complained about. But, I digress, I need you to make a sword." Tetsu stood and put his tool away, he stared at his former mentor, he hated that he had to point out his fact but of course, he was right "There are still a few people who can do forgery like that." "Yes, but I want you to do it. I need something big and strong." Tetsu continues to think about it, Zackiria reaches into his pocket and pulls out a large wad of money, he places it on a steel drum "This is for taking the time to listen. I need you to do this." Tetsu was more than a little shocked but he succeeded in hiding it. Zackiria left and Tetsu stood there, looking at the drum where the money was.

In Duldo Penitentiary, or Dulpen as many of the prisoners called it, Tsung is being pestered by some thugs who don’t know better. Hector, Dean and Justin, formally with the Raging Zombies watch as the last five members of Shadow are nearly killed before the guards are able to pull Tsung away. Other members of the Purple Dragons were only surprised he allowed them to talk shit about Yan for so long. Fights like this happened far too often, especially since they kept so many different gangs in one place. It was no wonder warden Sanders was stressed. They brought Shadow to the infirmary, one didn’t make it. Tsung would be kept in solitary for a while, not that he cared.

Chief Baker left the interrogation room where M T Grave sat. Delmar was in the next room, Baker joined him and shivered as if he needed a shower after being in the same room as Grave. Everything he said was offensive, racist and disgusting but none of it was incriminating. He’d likely use this time as inspiration for a new terrible song that would make him a small fortune. They still had no choice but to let him go.

That night, Chuck and his team look over a body at a strip club. The man, Tom Pallok was a well known criminal. What wasn’t known, other then what killed him, was that he was involved in the Demingez kidnaping. He was reckless and was close to being captured by police. He had to be eliminated so he couldn’t talk. Everyone at the club was questioned. But no one knew anything.

Kevin and Gabriel watch their trainees do push-ups. But not just regular push-ups. Their hands on one platform and their feet on another with a five foot drop in between. They also had eighty pound sacks on their backs. Gabriel thought about adding spikes as added incentive to stay up but they decided that was too much. They had also done the same balance training with the water jugs and meditation. That

night, they went to Rick’s bar where Matthew worked to celebrate Brian’s birthday. He was ecstatic that anyone knew and more than happy to get the day off from the training as a gift.

At Jean Valcon’s restaurant, his legitimate business flourished as usual. Some people were even slightly surprised to see an Asian man there, but he seemed to be there as a guest. Paul Knight, a slick haired man who is under the employment of Devin, who is under the employment of Kosh Lyson tells Jinsay about the Tekezi family. They have run their organization very well for years but Kosh found out about them anyway and feels their time is up. "Your boss seems to have many enemies, this will be the second job I have done." Jinsay tells him annoyed "I know, and I understand. One assassin should never do multiple jobs but that’s what the boss want’s." Paul slips him an envelope, he takes it but doesn’t open it. "Can you use a different poison? We don’t want it connected to the Pallok job." Jinsay seemed almost insulted and said nothing. Paul stood up with his plate untouched, Jinsay actually smiled and drank his own drink. Paul slapped a fifty on the table for the bill and left.

The Dragons were in the cafeteria, the rest of the prisoners keeping their distance. The siren started to wail and guards grabbed weapons, getting the prisoners up. The wall smashed down before they could be moved anywhere. The wreckage was flaming, a guard from outside ran in on fire before he dropped. A demonic figure slowly dropped down, his wings causing the guards to back away. The Dragon’s barely recognized Yan who blew fire at the guards. He looked at the prisoners, all of them taking notice. "You are free as long as you join me." He tells them all. A few of the Dragons stepped forward "Tsung has been taken to solitary." One informed Yan. Hector, Dean and Justin look at each other. There was no way they were passing this up. Even if they were being led by a freak, they stepped forward "We want to join." Justin spoke for all of them. Yan nodded and returned attention to his gang "Where is solitary?" They point out the west end. Many other prisoners came over to the group, looking to get out as well. Yan looked at the rest, spotting three Dragons who were not standing with him. He burnt them without a thought. The newbies gave each other a frightened look. Yan points to the opening "Go on, I’ll be behind you." They all run out, the other prisoners backed against a wall.

Franchesca called Delmar to yet another murder scene. Andrew was not to upset to see M T with several bullets in him, a page with some lyrics stapled to his head. Andrew wanted to crumple it up but it was evidence, he let the team get all their prints and everything, he questioned neibours who, of course, saw nothing.

Yan goes down the hall, burning more guards dumb enough to challenge him until he finds Tsung’s cell. He pulls the door off the wall, giving Tsung a start, he freaked out even more seeing what freed him. "It’s me Tsung." Yan insisted "Yan? What happened to you?" "An evolution my friend, now come." Tsung keeps back, still fearful but obeys his master.

The siren is heard a mile away, the escapees look back to see the dragon-man carrying another man, they land near the group and continue on their way. Lucky for them, Yan had a place for them to hide. In a long abandoned subway tunnel, even the homeless people had fled after the dragon came. "Now the Purple Dragon’s will be stronger than ever." Yan said "We know now this Tekezi family is our biggest threat. But there are two other gangs who must also be eliminated." A few of the old Dragon’s look at each other, they remember the Tekezi’s, they had been surprised by them before from lack of knowledge. Which was their leader’s fault. But they sure as hell were not going to fuss about it now.

A collision at the intersection caused the typical traffic jam, mostly people gawking at the wreck and the two men cursing and swearing at each other. A medium build chocolate coloured man sits three cars back, he just wants to get past this block. He places his hand to his head and sighs "So glad to be back in this city." He says sarcastically. Dan Rath, on the radio warns people to stay away from the accident, the man gives a ‘now you tell me’ look to the radio. He takes a calming breath, there is nothing he can do about it. There was no point in trying to play peace maker between these two, the few police on the scene where already trying there best. He puts his seat back and switches to some calming music.

"Why have you recruited outsiders?" Tsung asked Yan "Evolution, my friend." Tsung looks over at Dean, Justin and Henry who are now dressed in Renegades colours, one of the rival gangs. They don’t appear happy either as they jump into a van and drive off. Yan seems to guess what Tsung is thinking "They are posing as Renegades and going into Powerhouse territory to sell ammunition." Tsung was furious but quickly calmed himself, he looked away from Yan, he couldn’t face his new appearance "Those two gangs will go to war with each other and we’ll pick off the rest, leaving the Tekezi’s to deal with." Yan continued and held Tsung by the chin, making him look at him. Tsung slapped the clawed hand away and shuddered "Are you with me or not Tsung?" Tsung paced, his arms moving about as if he’s thinking over the scenarios. He finally turns and slowly nods.

The trio in the van set up where they were told, this was the worst plan they ever heard, which is saying a lot. They knew they could easily be killed as soon as they were spotted by Powerhouse. Justin goes into seller mode and draws a crowed, Hector shows off a piece of merchandise and they try to act the part. Not many people were buying but that wasn’t the point, they just wanted them to get word out that this crew was in Powerhouse territory. A teenager came up and asked to see a glock, Dean shooed him away "Go back to school kid." Hector gave him a look as if asking ‘what was that about?’ "Fuck this man." Dean said "Powerhouse has to know Renegades have been here by now. Let’s get the hell out of here." The other two were more than happy to go along with that plan.

As they get in the van and drive off, the man who was stuck in traffic earlier sees them. Even with his time away, he knew whose territory this was, he waited and four cars drove up three minutes later. He gets low in his seat as the cars unload, every man fully loaded. He sees the man he’s looking for, the gang leader Darren. The gang is much bigger than he expected and it was highly unlikely that Darren was ever alone. He would need a plan or some help to take him down. Darren slaps the car hood and waves

everyone back to the cars. They drive off in separate directions, looking for the gang that didn’t belong there. The man in the car sighed in relief and sat back up. He waited another minute before driving off.

As planed a feud had started between Powerhouse and the Renegades, who rightfully claimed they were never in Powerhouses crappy territory. Tsung was divided, he was glad they two opposing sides were against each other but he didn’t like how it happened. The gang should have been strong enough to take them both down one by one. Yan had changed so much from the last time he saw him. The Renegades ended up successfully defending themselves. Warren, their leader suspected this conflict was caused by someone else. His numbers were down now though so he could do little to challenge an unknown opponent. Tsung looked around at all the new faces but did not see Yan. He went to one of the old crew, he wasn’t too happy about the new members either. "Where is he?" Tsung asked "He is out." the dragon said.

Yan was indeed out, causing a panic, people still feared the D.O.D. even though it was just one of them. Matthew quickly arrives on scene, though not in any particular gear. He fights off the urge to attack long enough for the task force to arrive. Frank positions the men around Yan, many with ropes to try to bring him down but he flies off easily enough. They hear a call on the radio about a jewelry heist several blocks away, this was a diversion. They rush back in their vehicles and drive off. They’ll get there too late.

Tsung sees Hector and Justin and a small crew of outsiders come back in a van, all giddy. Soon after Yan flies in. They show him the haul, many of them scared to get too close. They had robbed the store that was a Tekezi front as asked. It was a good amount but it was more for the act then the payout. Yan gathers everyone around and lets them in on the next plan, Tsung doesn’t like it but doesn’t speak back for long.

Andrew Delmar questioned everyone involved in his case again, trying to link them or find new suspects. He had three. The father of a former addict, a rival dealer and now a retired officer who had spent some time trying to bring that old crew in until the Rising Star captured their new leader Jason. He ruled out the officer, thinking he would also have a grudge against that training academy. He was happily retired now though, there were no signs he thought about that case or any other at his place or old office. Frank Robertson, the father. Hated the dealer, the sons friend who got him into drugs and wasn’t that big of a fan of the police either. Delmar made notes as the man tried to hide his anger. The police seemed to care more about the dealer than his son and that pissed him off more. More pieces were fitting into place and a picture was forming. Frank was put on top of the suspect list but he had an alibi for the first killing.

The Marcus brothers train their men, leaving them in handstand positon for some time. The man who had watched the gang walked in and smiled. The Marcus brothers smiled back "Jacob!" Kevin called out.

The two men went over and damn near bear hugged him to death. The group returned to their feet. Within seconds Gabriel turned back "Who said you guys were done." Suddenly the lights went out. Kevin looked outside and saw the entire area was out. Maybe a good chunk of the city. "Never a dull moment in this city." Jacob Lord joked. The task force was on high alert, this might bring on looting, like last time. It was also very likely someone had planed this. The Purple Dragons and the left over Renegades went to war. Well, not much of one. The Dragons win easily, a few bystanders get caught in the crossfire. The police come and Yan strikes, then the Dragons escape. It wouldn’t take long for word to get out that the half man half dragon was indeed not with D.O.D. now but that didn’t matter any more.

The lights restored and Jacob blew out the candle the brothers had set out. "Now, I’d like to borrow a few of the trainees." The brothers looked at him for a second. "You’ve been gone a while. Is this for training?" Gabriel asked. "Something like that, I just need some back up. I’ll be fine with Donna and one other." The brothers seemed to want to talk to their friend some more. Obviously his rehabilitation had been over long ago but he only came back now. "What’s this about Jacob?" Jacob took a breath "I’m sorry, that’s personal." He said. They looked at him for a moment then each other. They conversed in whispers and eventually came to a decision. They stood and turned to the trainees who were still standing on their heads, many looking like all the blood was in their heads "You guys are done now." Gabriel informed them. They gladly obliged. "Donna." Kevin called and waved over "And Edward." The two came over, Edward was another very young trainee. He had a lot of heart for someone his age. "You guys are going with Jacob here, watch his back and do what he says."

Zackiria and Joseph Alexander sit in a nice but not too fancy restaurant, they have both ordered a steak and wine and talk about the old days. Things were much easier. "I must admit, Jack isn’t doing too badly but these gangs seem to be multiplying." Joseph said. Their drinks arrive and Zackiria sniffs at it, swirls it around and sniffs again. "I never took you for such a wine connasour." Joseph joked, he reached for his glass. Zackiria noticed a man watching them a little too carefully. Zackiria reached for Josephs hand, takes the wine and pours it on a plant "Wha…" Joseph tries to object but Zackiria gets up, the man watching them gets up as well, looking nervous and tries to leave. Zackiria quickly blocks his path and brings him to their table. "This man just tried to poison us Joseph, call Chief Baker." Joseph was no longer stunned, he picked up his phone and did what he was told. He knew to trust Zackiria’s instincts.

Tony leaves a bar, thanking the owner. He walks to his car and sees a shadow, he hears something and draws his gun. The claws grabbed his neck before he saw who they belonged to. Yan drove his other clawed hand into Tony’s chest. Tony vainly fired his pistol several times before his heart was removed. Late that night, after a patrolman had brought in Jinsay, Jack questioned him. He proved to be very tight lipped, all he gave was his name.

After hearing about what happened, Andrew killed the man who was supposed to be guarding his brother and makes sure everyone has the Dragons in their hit list. He picks up his phone, dials and it’s

answered. "I need your skills again Jack." "Black Jack." Jack Malone reminds him "I don’t give a shit right now, I need you to take out that dragon leader. Now." Andrew said. The line was silent for a moment then "Sounds like fun." Malone said. Yan returns to the hideout and shows everyone the heart of his advisory. Tsung is actually discussed by this display. He had had to do many vicious things in the past but he never displayed his victim or anything like that. There was no honor in what The Dragons were doing now. All the rest of the gang are very uneasy about the situation as well but they didn’t want to imagine what would happen to them if they tried to get out.

The next day, Joseph pays a visit to Jack "Have you been able to get anything from our attacker?" he asks "Not yet, I’m letting him stew for a while." Joseph sat on the other side of what used to be his desk "You’re letting things get out of hand out there." Jack didn’t like the criticism. "I’m doing my best. We’re getting out numbered though." Joseph leaned back, he seemed to want to criticise more, or give advice. "Your problem is you’re trying to clean the whole city and that’s impossible." Jack didn’t seem very happy about that statement but didn’t respond "Sometimes you have to accept a little dirt." Joseph said. "Nice seeing you Joseph." Joseph didn’t believe that at all but he said his peace, he got up and left. He walked down the hall till he found Dallas’s office. Maybe he would listen to reason. But Joseph knew he would have to choose wiser words.

Jacob, Donna and Edward drive up to a club, the two trainees look worried "We’re in Powerhouse territory, this is their club." Donna said. Jacob looked at her as if asking her to make a point. She had none so they all got out. "I don’t want you guys to start anything unless we are attacked." Jacob said and led the way in. Everyone looks at the unfamiliar faces coming in, they glare and watch carefully as the three make their way to a table. Darren looks up and sees them. The room is waiting for his word, Jacob sits. "Brother." He says. "You got balls coming in here, bro." Darren says and smirks "What you want?" everyone continues watching, Edward starts to sweat bullets but remains as still as he can. "I found him." He says and places a card on the table. All it had was a hand written name and address. "Found who?" Darren asked "You know who." They sat and stared at each other for a while and suddenly it seemed Darren did indeed know who he was taking about. "And what do you plan to do to him?" Darren asked "I want to bring him down but I need your help." Darren smirked again "You and me?" Jacob nodded "I can’t say I haven’t dreamt of finding him and squeezing the life from him." "No. We do it my way." Darren sighed but nodded. No one seemed to know what was going on between these two but apparently some kind of deal was made.

The sun rose the next day and the few people who were up were greeted with the vision of Yan Wa on their TV’s. Word had gotten out quickly that they had called out the Rising Star. It didn’t really make sense to anyone but Gabriel woke Brian and Ethan "Are you clowns ready for a real fight?" he asked them. "Are you serious?!" Brian said, with the biggest smile on his face. Ethan tried to act a little more casual but Gabriel could still see his excitement as well. "Take it easy. This is going to be a real fight, if your head isn’t in the right space, bad things will happen." They both took a deep breath and grabbed some bats.

Matthew picks up his ringing phone to see Kevin’s name, Rick gives him a look and Matthew hits ignore. He serves the next three people their drinks, pulls out his phone again and turns it off just in case. He sighs "Sorry Rick, forgot it was on." Rick moves a few empty glasses away "You can hang out with your friends after work. You’re a good employee and I need you here." Matthew nodded and conversed with customers. The Dragons made their attack, at City Hall. Mayor Hamilton came out with an entourage of men to try to make them leave. Hamilton is a flustered mess but is relieved to see Rising Star arrive. "Please." He said "I hereby give you permission to do whatever you have to do to get these men out of here." That was all Gabriel needed to hear, he grins at Kevin who had joined them. Hector, Dean and Justin were some of the first to step forward. Tsung begrudgingly stood by them and five other dragons.

Brian and Ethan took the first swing and two dragons. Dean circled Brian as another dragon circled Ethan. Gabriel grabbed the dragon trying to get behind Ethan and tossed him to a nearby car. Dean made contact with Brian who defended himself with the bat. Kevin hit Hector with a back spin kick and a dragon member with a three hit combo. Tsung tried to give orders in Japanese, those who understood got in position, and two of them were still holding their heads. Justin and Hector tried to go after Kevin but he got them with a flurry of hits. Tsung yelled at them again "Get your act together!" Kevin and Gabriel grabbed them and cracked them together. Then Gabriel did something like a powerbomb and Kevin drove his knee into Hector. At the same time Dean shoved Brian into a car and punched him several times, he took the bat but Ethan grabbed it from him. Ethan and Brian took turns trading punches until he was down.

Tsung starts freaking out even more, the men with him look worried, and they try to calm him. The quartet from Rising Star collect together and start to approach, Kevin looks at Tsung who looks ready to snap. Yan firebombs the area, he hits four cops in one hit but when he ties to take out the Star group, they dodge. Two of the dragons are hit instead and Yan simply laughs about it. Tsung looks up at his former friend as if he is a demon. Delgado pulls a firehose from the hall which just barely reaches and tries to hit Yan with it. He dodges playfully "You think you can stop me with that?" Yan says. A loud bang is heard and most everyone looks around. Blood drips down near Kevin, he checks himself but finds no whole, he checks the others quickly as well then Yan drops from the sky. The Dragons who are left raise their hands but the officers are more concerned with finding the shooter than arresting them. Several miles away, Black Jack makes his way off the roof, very proud to have taken out a dragon-man.

Jacob and Darren make their way out of the city. Of course the address led them to Castle Brook, one of the most corrupt and violent cities in the country. Even Darren wouldn’t have gone there if it wasn’t to find the man they were looking for. The one who killed their father all those years ago.

Detective Andrew Delmar had all the photos of crime scenes and suspects laid out. He looked them over, he knew much like his last case, the killer was targeting gang members but in this case they were also drug dealers. He knew who had motives for wanting them gone, and in all honesty, no one was going to be upset that they were. None the less, he had to salve this crime. He held up the photo of the

arresting officer and tore it. That suspect had been eliminated a while ago. He took out photos of dealers who worked with the victims in the past. A few of them could have done it to secure a higher position for themselves. He looked at the rival dealer. Then he looked at Frank Robertson. The father of an addict who had often threatened the dead dealer. Four suspects in all. He remembered Frank’s anger, the rival dealer was too calm, like he could care less about his competition. He didn’t even seem to care that he was being questioned at all, like he had done nothing illegal. The more he thought about it, the pieces all seemed to point to Frank, except for that first murder. The murder of M T also seemed unconnected. Delmar looked over the table of evidence and looked at the bullets found in some of the cases. It was all from the same gun. The first murder and MT were definitely connected. It could be that Frank is working with another distraught father Andrew hadn’t interviewed yet. Or someone else entirely did them.

Two days later, Frank Dallas knocks on the door of the Tekezi compound. Joey answers but isn’t happy to see the officer. "I need to see your boss." Frank said. Joey turned the toothpick in his mouth with his tongue as he thought about it and led him in. Andrew sat in the library with Janet as the officer walked in. Janet put her book down, she was suppressed by this visit. Andrew put his drink down and glared at Joey "You’ll be happy to know the…man who killed your brother has himself been killed." Frank said. Andrew gulped back the rest of his drink. "Do you know who did it? Because I’d like to thank that man." Andrew said "So would I." Frank said honestly. Andrew shooed Joey away but still didn’t offer Frank a seat or a drink. "Groups like these Dragons are too noisy, all of them fighting each other, attacking the city. We don’t need it. We need control, you know?" Frank said. Andrew poured himself another drink and sat holding it for a while, measuring the officer in front of him. "You’ll also be happy to know we will no longer be investigating you, we’ve wasted enough time with that." Frank said. Andrew finally poured another glass and offered it to Frank, who took and drank it. He nodded, it was a very good scotch. "So, I’ll finally be able to run my business?" Andrew asked. "Yes, I realise you love this city as much as I and unlike those real criminals, you would never do anything to harm it." Andrew sat and thought about the line of talk, trying to figure out what Frank was actually saying. If he knew. Frank returned the glass, nodded and made his way out. Janet looked at Andrew "Interesting conversation." She said.

Somewhere else in an undisclosed underground location, Jace Axel wanders into a trashed science lab. All his tracking and searching led him here and the place was only full of corpses. Jace was pretty suppressed that the place wasn’t leveled. He saw weird creatures that had been shot, just about everyone else was slashed or torn. It was like something out of a horror film. Jace cursed and decided to leave, for all he knew they were still going to bomb the place or something. What a waste. All this work and now he reached a dead end, literally. Maybe this was everyone who was involved with the project. That would make things easy for him but be far too convenient.

© Copyright 2020 Mathew Nicol. All rights reserved.

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