The Moonlit Corridor

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Chapter 70 (v.1) - the simple things

Submitted: September 05, 2019

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Submitted: September 05, 2019



“O-hai-yo Go-zai-masu’ (Good morning),” hailed Asuka excitedly when she saw the samurai and his entourage climbing the steps that led to the shrine.

“O-hai-yo!” Sky and Ice responded in unison.

Kwai smiled. “Perhaps the clouds prevented us from viewing the sunrise, but I feel compensated when seeing such a bright face on a young girl who looked so weary and worn last night.”

“You truly appreciate the simple things in life,” Sung Ji said as he smiled in return.

“Of course,” he replied. “Those are the things that really matter.”

Chiharu and Jangmi were at the door of the shrine by the time Kwai’s group reached the landing.

“You’ve all returned,” Chiharu happily remarked.

“Dea,” Sung Ji replied. “You look tired.”

“Lack of sleep,” she said, “and too much stress. But now I’m relieved that everyone is safe.”

“Did you have trouble here?” Kwai asked.

“None,” said Chiharu, “with the exception of our guest’s occasional outbursts.”

“Fire…” mused the samurai. “We really can’t afford to waste any more time.”

“I’ve been thinking the same thing,” said Kwai. “A lot of time has passed. If the girl still lives, her condition may not be good.”

“Did any good come from your visit to Hawk’s abode?” Chiharu wondered.

“Yes…and no,” Kwai answered.

“The mirror is destroyed.” Sung Ji added. “I’m not certain what we should do next.”

“Chiharu and I have been studying the ancient scrolls,” said Water as she approached. “Go-men-sei…” she added with a bow. “I overheard your conversation.”

“No need to apologize,” said the samurai.

“Hai,” confirmed the nun. Then changing the subject she declared that…“We need to create another plan. Based on further study of those hidden documents I believe the answer may be found in the caverns beneath this mountain; in particular the one directly below Hawk’s building.”

At that moment the sun shone through the dark canopy overhead. They raised their eyes to the heavens and Chiharu smiled broadly as she heard the happy sounds and exclamations of the younger girls. As that celestial light dispelled the dark clouds above the shrine, she thanked Heaven. It was something they all needed to see at that moment. It brought with it the promise of hope.

Mifune turned his eyes from the sky and looked at Hu-noz with a confused expression. “I don’t understand,” he began. “Why are they so excited over a little sunshine?”

Hu-noz flinched, then squinted his eyes and glared at Mifune.

“Why are you asking him?” queried Kaji. “Are you trying to upset him?”

“Go-men-sei,” said Mifune. “I forgot myself…I know he doesn’t like questions. I was just wondering…”

“Who knows?” said Hu-noz with a casual shrug of his shoulders.

Speechless, Mifune studied him as if contemplating what to say. “I don’t know how you others feel,” he declared after a frustrated pause, “but I don’t see anything to be happy about. I dislike all this mystical mayhem. I wish we could return to those peaceful days following Sensei Hawk’s demise.”

“Wishful thinking won’t solve the present problem,” said Kaji. “At the moment we all need rest. Perhaps then we can devise a suitable solution.”

Mifune considered Kaji’s words a moment, then inquired… “When you say ‘we’, are you speaking about we ‘brothers’ or all of us?”

Kaji glared at him… “I know it bothers you to be subservient to Chiharu and Water because they’re women, but they are smarter than us. Regarding the present situation; if we decide to rebel we’ll have to deal with the Left Hand of God and that Chinese magician.”

“I may not know a lot,” said Hu-noz, “but I know better than to rebel against that samurai and the old man.”

“Hai,” Mifune agreed. “Since you put it that way, perhaps it’s best we all get some rest and let Chiharu and the others devise a suitable plan.”

Meanwhile, deep beneath the mountain, the evil, vexed and angry beyond endurance, designed a new poisonous plan against the denizens of the mountain retreat. In a desperate attempt to further its devious desires it created three more malignant minions, like the shadows, formed and shaped from its own essence.


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