If I Only Knew

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Posting about my current feeling during a relationship.

Submitted: August 22, 2019

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Submitted: August 22, 2019



Broken and battered

Fighting a war,

I see only you

The one I adore.


I have lost you

That much is clear,

Your feelings 

I’ll always hold dear.


I’m stuck in these bindings

Competing for love, 

With someone I care for

It’s never enough.


Im lost in these turbulent waters

Unable to breath,

My broken heart

Doesnt want you to leave.


The years have been hard;

Full of pain,

I remember a time,

When it used to rain.


Got down on one knee

Gave you my heart,

I’m scared every moment;

It has fallen apart.


You can’t trust me

My feelings to strong,

Believe me when I say;

I’ve been here all along.


Thick and thin

I gave you the best.

The hate,anger and pain...

I devoured the rest.


Forgive my wall;

I know it is hard,

To fly up there little bird

I know it’s tall.


I shed tears inside;

At who I used to be,

Iwish you would love me;

I wish you could see.


This life is full of stress

I want to see you smile,

Just so I can know

It was worth while.


Your the best thing

If you had a clue,

Your the best of me,

If you only knew.






© Copyright 2019 Christopher George. All rights reserved.

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