Chapter 10: The morning after the night before

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Solentville  Tales Chapter 10 - The morning after the night before
It's the morning after the night before both Jan and Polly have been rushed to Southampton general hospital having both collapsed during their terrifying ordeal.

The doctor treating both ladies is more concerned with Jan than Polly as she appears to have a rather nasty rash on her neck,there are also two bite marks clearly visible on her left breast.

She struggles to recollect the events leading up to her collapsing but eventually recovers enough to inform the doctor she was indeed involved in a rather spell binding encounter with some supernatural force.

The doctor however is rather sceptical of her account and believes Jan is just a little worse for wear as he takes a blood sample which he hopes will conclude her current condition.

Polly finally comes round and notices that Gerald is sat by her bedside and eventually she begins to provide her account of the nights events which curiously tie up with Jan's.

The doctor meanwhile listens in with a vague curiosity as he begins to examine his second patient,it would appear that Polly is slightly concussed and is suffering from amnesia,she also has an irregular heartbeat.

After a short while the doctor returns with the results of the blood tests,he looks a little shocked and slightly pale before announcing the findings.

Firstly he announces that neither women had any traces of alcohol in their blood,surely there must be a mistake thought Jan as she now remembered drinking two glasses of punch the night before but there was no evidence of this.

He was beginning to doubt the results of the test especially when both ladies had given identical  accounts to the contrary prior to their collapse.

Meanwhile Jack had plenty of work to do back at the boat yard and was oblivious to the events of the night before as he began to put his plans together for a new boat design.

It was still in the rough draft stage but this new Barracuda class of yacht was now his most pressing need and the main project which he hoped would save the business and salvage the yard's reputation.

He hoped if successful that it would bring in much needed revenue during the chronic financial times in which the business was experiencing.

Tom was still at the hospital and had promised Jack his full support for this new project he would join him at the yard once Jan had been released from hospital.

They still needed a publicity marketing manageress who could help promote this new yacht in the local and national press,sailing journals etc.

Then there was the possibility of holding a regatta launching event to promote this new yacht in it's class,Jack thought of "Cowes week" but that was months off.

He then had an idea of approaching his good friend Gerald DuPont who knew of a influential client called Charles who had the finance to back such a prestigious race,it was still in the design stage.

Nothing could be decided until 'Relton' the parent company that owned the yard had arranged a boardroom meeting to lobby the shareholders of his proposals,hopefully it would be top of the agenda.

After spending an hour with Bill the chief foreman they decided to discuss the initial production schedule and what parts they would need to purchase over lunch at the local pub "The Jolly Sailor".
Jack- I don't know about you Bill but I could eat a scabby horse right now and I've got a mouth like Gandhi's flip flop.

Bill- Dry hey? Oh well let's get down to business you get me a pint in and we'll look at the schedules.

Jack- Ok Bill one step at a time,two pints of our usual love and two ploughman lunches to go.

Barmaid - Ok and what's your table number please?

Jack- Table number oh for a minute I thought you were asking me for my lottery numbers,right where are we Bill?.

Bill- In a pub I think.

Jack- I know that you idiot, but what's our table number?.  

Bill- 13 look here we are number 13

Jack- Oh no we're bloody not,I'll be damned if I have my lunch at table 13 it's bad luck,quick over here Bill take that one over there and what number is it?.

Bill- It's number 17 but !!!!!

Jack- No buts number 17 love and make it snappy we've got a boat to build.

Barmaid- Ok love I'm going as fast as I can,that's two pints of Royal Cowes best bitter and two ploughman lunches coming up.

Jack- Right where were we Bill?,ah yes the design of our new yacht,just a minute who the flaming heck has left their coat on my chair?.

Ken- Jack !!!!!!!, Bill !!!!! What an unexpected pleasure,fancy bumping into you two  chaps,I do hope I'm not disturbing anything.I say do you mind this is my table I had only just nipped out to the loo to spend a penny.

Jack- Oh right but you don't mind us joining you for lunch?.

Ken- Well actually I'm entertaining Avril so I don't want to be funny but I would rather hobnob with Roger Rabbit than the likes of you two so would you be good sports and push off.

Bill- I say Jack he's got no class that bloke,what about our lunch?,it's going to be sent to his table?

Jack- No worries I'll have a quiet word with Pam the barmaid we'll have it at the bar.Now let me see If I get this straight,completion of our new yacht could be achieved within 6 weeks you were saying now all we need to do is to market our new product.

Bill- Aye but first we need to test out the boat you know take her out to sea and then obtain a full report on her reliability to see if she passes the rigorous tests.

Maybe Tom might know of someone who can do this type of full evaluation assessment before we start marketing the yacht,what do you think?.

Jack- Yes that's a top idea I'll get on to it after we have had our lunch.Do you fancy coming for a sail down The Hamble this afternoon Bill?.

The weather forecast is set fair with plenty of wind but we'll take the Catamaran across The Needles and towards Yarmouth it's pretty sheltered there so we shouldn't get in to any bother.
The two colleagues continued their conversation and plan of action for their new yacht design before returning back to the yard after their hearty lunch and were now preparing for the sea trial.

Tom meanwhile was unaware of this meeting and subsequent discussion having attended the local hospital for the best part of the morning and was now just about to enter the boat yard to find that his office had been abandoned and that there was no sign of Jack.

Just then he noticed their boat which they were travelling in leave the open harbour heading towards 'Southampton water'.It was too late he would have to await their return unless radio contact could be established.

Then again no self respecting sailor would entertain the idea of leaving port without a radio or satellite navigation equipment on board.

Submitted: September 01, 2019

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