Solentville Tales

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Sexy,Sassy "Solentville Tales" is a story set in a south coast English marina village where gossip,sex,affairs,scandal and adventure are never too far away.

It features a boat yard,a charming pub and a cast of people which might make you laugh,envy or want to loathe.

With different scenes and characters emerging throughout this story you will be left gripped to your seat,so sit back and enjoy the ride.

The plots are as thick as a pea soup fog,ambiguous and full of imaginative scenes which will take your breath away.

It will take the reader to places like The Arctic Circle where two of the cast view and experience an unusual natural phenomenon called "The Aurora Borealis" aka "Northern Lights".

Then there are unexplained events which occur during a Halloween party and on Bonfire night when a body is discovered.

There are the usual power struggles at boardroom level and plenty of lusty,sexy scenes as affairs become as common as a night out on the tiles.

Look out for lusty Mylene Meyers who is the flame haired Femme Fatale,she will do anything to get her claws into the men who have all of the power.Like any sex goddess she uses her powers of
seduction and sex appeal to always get what she wants.

The characters in the story will really start to emerge once you get past the opening chapter and like any good yarn it will feed your imagination in glorious technicolour.

Chapter 13 (v.1) - Results of the post-mortem

Submitted: September 03, 2019

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Submitted: September 03, 2019



Solentville Tales Chapter 13 - Results of the post-mortem

After composing herself Polly returned to the police station to find that there were no officers on duty at the main reception and there was no sign of Jan.

Where had she been taken thought Polly,would she be charged and need to seek police bail?.Meanwhile Gerard was making his way towards the police station at some some rate of knots driving flat out to aid his wife's best friend.

It was now midday and the post-Mortem test results were due,this would confirm the true identity of the deceased and how the victim had died.

Polly was convinced it wasn't Tom who lay in the morgue and she couldn't think of one reason why her friend Jan would be implicated in this crime.

Meanwhile the detective in charge of this case suddenly appeared from behind a door at the front of the police station,he seemed to have a rather perplexed expression etched upon his face.

Did he have fresh news on the case or was he just starting to feel the strain of having to put in so many man hours without a rest?.

It was only a short while later when Gerald arrived like a fresh breeze on a windy day appearing to fly through the main door entrance and presenting himself to the duty officer who had now returned from his previous location.


Gerald- Good day to you sir,I'm here to represent Mrs Devereaux in the recent case of the bonfire  body.I believe you will find all of the paperwork in order.Now I would appreciate it if you would allow me to speak with my client.

Duty Officer- One moment sir I just need to speak with my superior officer and I will get right back to you.

Gerald- Really !! this is just what I need after a stressful morning come on man get to it chop chop.

Duty Officer- Ok sir my boss will show you the way,I'm sorry you will have to remain here Madame as only the brief is aloud to see Mrs Devereaux at this time.

Polly- Really this is outrageous !!!,I don't suppose you have a coffee machine here,my tongue is hanging out of my mouth.


Gerald followed Detective Singleton to an interview room located towards the rear of the building where he was afforded the time to spend with his client alone.

Meanwhile there was an unexpected surprise when Jan greeted Gerald on arriving in the room.She was alerted by a text message on her mobile phone.

It wasn't normal procedure to allow a suspect to retain the use of their phone, normally all personal property would be surrendered prior to the interviewing stage and also in case the person needed to be placed in one of the cells.

Perhaps it was due to the latter scenario that she had retained all of her property.
In any case Jan viewed the text and was somewhat surprised to see who the sender was.


Jan- It's from Tom he's just sent me a text from the local hospital where he and my mother have been visiting Leo our son.

Gerald- You're kidding !!!!, let me take a look at it,by jove  !!! you're right.Well this does place a completely different complexion on the whole matter just wait here I'll see if I can speak to the detective in charge.

I say sir I've just had some rather surprising news in this case,you might want to look at this text.

Detective - Let me see what is it all about sir?,you say this text message was received from Mrs Devereaux's mobile phone,but how can this be ?,if that is correct it puts a new angle on the case and we might have to make fresh enquiries.

Gerald- Does this mean that Mrs Devereaux can go home?.

Detective- Not so fast,firstly we have to confirm that her husband is still alive,he will need to present himself to the station immediately.

If that can be sorted out then she will be allowed time to build up her own defence.However I agree that her involvement in this murder looks more and more unlikely.

Gerald- Right sir I'll just pass on that information to my client and hopefully we can move on from here.


After informing Jan of this late breaking news Gerald quickly accessed her mobile phone and began to call Tom but alas there was no reply.

However suddenly there was another voice that picked up the call,it was Kate,what was she doing answering Tom's phone?.

Gerald began to speak but the signal wasn't great and contact could not be established from his location.

This was a bit frustrating and there wasn't much more he could do aside from making contact in person with Tom.

Meanwhile Polly had decided that she had served her purpose at the station and was now heading home.

She was about to pull up towards her front driveway when out of the blue she spotted a red Mercedes Benz car travelling at some speed towards her.

She didn't quite catch the driver's face but he looked vaguely familiar,was that Tom? she thought to herself,no that can't possibly be as she assured herself parking up on the gravel driveway outside her front door.

It was only a few seconds later when her home phone began to ring,she quickly ran in to the house and answered it quickly.


Polly- Hello Solentville 606257 this is Mrs Polly Du Pont here how can I help you?.

Detective- Hello Madame I just thought I would make a brief call to let you know that your friend is in the clear we have managed to establish contact with her husband.

He has promised to make a formal visit to the station in about an hours time,oh and you might like to know that the pathologists report had indicated that the bonfire victim was strangled and then hit over the head with a blunt instrument.

It would appear that the use of such excessive force could not have been performed by a lady such as your friend,we are looking for a well built individual who is stocky and wears size 10 shoes.

Polly- Oh I say that is gripping news sir wow !!!!,who was the unfortunate victim,has that been established yet?.

Detective- Yes the victim's identity had been established and there is no mistake.His name is Kevin Brown who was a local vagrant who owed money to several local drug dealers.

We think he was a targeted murder but you will have to leave it with us as the investigation continues,we are fairly confident of apprehending the suspect but don't have a time frame of when that will be,I'll bid you a good day for now.

Polly- Yes the same to you too.


This was indeed cause for celebration she thought to herself as she quickly made her way to the fridge where she poured herself a rather large glass of Mercier champagne,nothing but the best for Polly she thought as she grinned to herself.

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