Solentville Tales

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Sexy,Sassy "Solentville Tales" is a story set in a south coast English marina village where gossip,sex,affairs,scandal and adventure are never too far away.

It features a boat yard,a charming pub and a cast of people which might make you laugh,envy or want to loathe.

With different scenes and characters emerging throughout this story you will be left gripped to your seat,so sit back and enjoy the ride.

The plots are as thick as a pea soup fog,ambiguous and full of imaginative scenes which will take your breath away.

It will take the reader to places like The Arctic Circle where two of the cast view and experience an unusual natural phenomenon called "The Aurora Borealis" aka "Northern Lights".

Then there are unexplained events which occur during a Halloween party and on Bonfire night when a body is discovered.

There are the usual power struggles at boardroom level and plenty of lusty,sexy scenes as affairs become as common as a night out on the tiles.

Look out for lusty Mylene Meyers who is the flame haired Femme Fatale,she will do anything to get her claws into the men who have all of the power.Like any sex goddess she uses her powers of
seduction and sex appeal to always get what she wants.

The characters in the story will really start to emerge once you get past the opening chapter and like any good yarn it will feed your imagination in glorious technicolour.

Chapter 14 (v.1) - Family reunion proceeds ticking time bomb

Submitted: September 03, 2019

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Submitted: September 03, 2019



Solentville Tales Chapter 14 - Family reunion proceeds ticking time bomb

It was now a couple of hours after the dust has settled after the bonfire murder victim had been revealed and the subsequent news that Tom was not the dead person and that his wife had not been involved as he had handed himself in to the authorities.

Polly was just about to indulge in her third glass of Mercier Champagne when she was startled by a knock on her front door.

Who could it be?,she thought as she sneaked behind the living room curtains to take a peep,there was no evidence that anyone was at her front door.

She quickly made her way outside and around the back of her home until eventually she discovered that a parcel had been left.

This was indeed very mysterious as she she opened the door and looked up the road from her main driveway to see if there had been a van or a car from which the delivery person may have used as a means of transport.

The parcel was quite heavy and bulky in shape and interestingly it was addressed to Mr DuPont her husband.No doubt all would be revealed when he arrived back home from work in the early evening.

She decided it was high time that she took her afternoon nap but Sod's law suggested that she would be denied as she placed her head down on the duck feathered pillow.

Sure enough her phone started to ring luckily she was able to take the call in her bedroom,it was only Jan. 


Polly- Jan darling I was just thinking about you and your wonderful news is it true?.

Jan- Yes Tom is alive and well and we are all going out for a celebration meal tonight at The Yacht Club.I know you might enquire why are you still with him after what went on with that Mylene girl in his office.

However I still love him,also Leo gas just been released from hospital so that's a double piece of good news and if he's up for it then the whole family will be reunited.

Polly- Steady on Jan are you sure you haven't been drinking,mind you i can't judge others.i'm absolutely thrilled about your good news and that Leo is back on his feet again with his health intact.You must have been quite concerned about him these past few weeks.

Jan- now who's been drinking?,I can tell you have been having your afternoon tipple as you are beginning to slur your words dear ha ha.

Oh the other reason why we are celebrating with our little meal out tonight is that Lynn and Liam her new fiancé have just announced their engagement so a Wedding is on the cards soon.

Polly- Oh how absolutely gripping,I do love a good old fashioned white wedding,anyway I must grab some sleep now as this sordid business has really taken it's toll on me.Say hi to Tom and the children and pass on my regards tootle pip.

Jan replaced the handset on her phone and turned to Tom with a half smile on her face,perhaps that little twinkle had returned in his eye the one she had so badly missed since their return from Umea in Lapland.

Tom smiled back at her as both of them embraced each other with an almighty hug and holding on to each other for dear life.


Jan- We are going to be alright aren't we Tom? I mean us as a family?

Tom- Of course we will love,everything will be just as it was before this messy financial situation blew up in our faces,how could we have ever contemplated getting divorced?,it's so final.

Jan- Look Tom things will have to change around here,we need to sort out our finances and cut our cloth accordingly.I've almost convinced myself that I want a fresh start and if that means selling up al, of my boutiques then so be it.

Tom- You're joking !!!! surely not,wouldn't it be better if I just pulled my investment out of the boat yard and perhaps we could use the money to invest in a new project together?.

How about we open up a Bed & Breakfast hotel,what do you think of that idea?.

Jan- Yes well I can see you have been doing some thinking and planning yourself whilst you were away.

We will talk later about this Tom but I am serious about squaring up all of my debts and making a fresh start.

Tom- Ok love,oh look that's Leo getting out of a taxi with Kate and Jack,they must have travelled down from the hospital.I feel really awful for not picking him up myself but with my mind had been all over the place given the recent events.

Jan-Yes I know what you mean,just let me get to the door,hello darling how are you and mum?,that was really kind of you to pick up Leo do you fancy coming in for a coffee Jack?.

Kate- I really understand what you were going through Jan,don't worry I think Leo has put on a bit of weight since he had been in hospital ha ha.

Leo- Mum,Dad it's great to see you again and I'm looking forward to meeting up with Lynn and her new boyfriend Liam.

Jack- Thanks for the offer Jan but I think it's time I hit the road or should that be path as I will be on foot.I need to do some soul searching of my own none of us are getting any younger you know.

Jan- Right you are Jack,what do you think he meant by all of that Tom?.

Tom- I don't know love perhaps he might be thinking of making a fresh start himself anyway let's sort out some light refreshments and a few snacks.


The time was now fast approaching 7pm and still there was no word from Lynn and her boyfriend  Liam.A table had been booked for 7.30 pm so they were cutting it fine.

Meanwhile back at the Dupont home Polly was just starting to come round from her afternoon snooze when Gerald walked in to the bedroom somewhat unexpectedly looking rather puzzled by their parcel.

He had immediately spotted it when walking through to the lounge.After walking downstairs he started to scratch his head before fixing himself a large Gin and Tonic.

A few moments later Polly made her way to join her husband in the lounge and greeted him with a hug as she surprised him by coming from behind.

Polly- How was your day darling?,it's not like to work late and I wonder who sent us this parcel,I must say it had left me puzzled all day since it's arrival.

Gerald- Yes isn't it a puzzle,I can't think what it is,I haven't ordered anything recently and the postmark is Washington DC U.S.A.,didn't you have to sign for it?.

Polly- No honey as I said it was just left outside the door on the mat,well aren't you going to open it?.

Gerald- Yes I suppose so,well, there's only one way to find out what it is,blimey it's heavy.

Gerald carefully began to unravel the brown paper with a pair of scissors before he managed to remove all of the wrapping which left this rather large shoe box and it's contents.

Once again he began to scratch his head and then became alarmed by a ticking noise which seemed to be coming from the inside of the box.

He decided to exercise extreme caution and then turned to Polly with a rather pensive stare before placing the box back on to the dining room table.


Polly- What is it dear aren't you going to open it up,oh let me see.

Gerald- No stay away from it Polly I think it's a bomb don't ask me why I just have this awful feeling.

Polly- Oh come on Gerald surely not who would possibly send us a bomb and by mail delivery?.

Gerald- You don't know dear I have made quite a few enemies in my profession these past couple of decades when defending criminals who I knew were as guilty as sin and most of them were sent down.

Just let me handle it dear I'm going to call the police and perhaps they can arrange for the bomb disposal squad to take care of this.

Polly- Oh surely not let's take a look again,oh Gerald look there's a wire protruding out of the corner of this box,I think you might be right for once.Oh my goodness we could have both been killed here tonight.

The tension was becoming unbearable in the DuPont household and eventually after making his call to the police they arrived on the scene soon after to inspect the box and strange ticking sound from this device.

The officer in charge was a stocky chap in his late 50's.He began to examine the box carefully and was satisfied that it could be removed from the room and that a controlled explosion might be required.

Slowly it was placed on to a pair of wheelies and removed from the house.Outside there were 3 members of the bomb disposal team who were awaiting their orders.

It was decided that they would use a  controlled robot to inspect the contents to avoid human casualties.

Carefully the robot began to tear open the shoe box but nothing happened and the object was revealed as nothing more innocent and splendid than a Grand Central Station clock.These were popular with tourists who visited New York.

The question was who on earth had sent one to the DuPont family,all would be revealed.

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